Incredible parcours skills

From a guy named Damien Walters.

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Picture of laughingscorpion38 achievements

+52 1. laughingscorpion commented 12 years ago

If only he could use his powers for good, instead of evil.
Picture of Acim46 achievements

+41 2. Acim commented 12 years ago

That guy... is an alien.... that's the only reasonable explanation i've got.. :(|)

Picture of Vypestattoo28 achievements

-4 3. Vypestattoo commented 12 years ago

Damn... this guy made of rubber... Hey spiderman eat my shorts!!!
Picture of Ritty541 achievements

+9 4. Ritty5 commented 12 years ago

I wish I had accuracy and skills like him... There are so many things I'd do with those mad skills...
Picture of PaterSin42 achievements

+5 5. PaterSin commented 12 years ago

awesome skills but then again we dont see any out takes a lot of them probably didn't work on the first try
Picture of 25028 achievements

+6 6. 250 commented 12 years ago

1:45 Too bad he couldn't flip into the toilets for a minute >:) Seriously though, mind blowing stuff. Hats off to you.
Picture of 25028 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 7. 250 commented 12 years ago

1:45 Too bad he couldn't flip into the toilets for a minute >:) Seriously though, mind blowing stuff. Hats off to you.
Picture of Dokandre40 achievements

+10 8. Dokandre commented 12 years ago

#5 he has some outtakes in other videos... check this one:
Picture of Gmastershief41 achievements

+5 9. Gmastershief commented 12 years ago

The future actor of Assassin's creed the movie. :D
Picture of gringo40 achievements

-3 10. gringo commented 12 years ago

It's like some asian kung-fu movie :)
Picture of karol25 achievements

+2 11. karol commented 12 years ago

Picture of djole38135 achievements

+4 12. djole381 commented 12 years ago

This guy is a parkour God :D :D :D
Picture of peacinu34 achievements

+11 13. peacinu commented 12 years ago

I think it supposed to be "parkour", instead of :D parcours :D .
Plus the video shows more acrobatic skills than parkour skills, which are a few in this video.
Picture of lalafafak32 achievements

+3 14. lalafafak commented 12 years ago

#13 yes, I've never seen a long parkour sequence from this guy. His clips are always 1-2 second flips / tricks. Vids like out of time ( are more what true parkour is about.
Picture of mrsafari1 achievements

-4 15. mrsafari commented 12 years ago

At least this ist not a FAKE like:
Picture of loscohones39 achievements

0 16. loscohones commented 12 years ago

this guy has tiberium for muscle tissue :P
Picture of NielsTreurniet28 achievements

+2 17. NielsTreurniet commented 12 years ago

Wh000t that must be the best parcour guy in the world!! :O
I wanna see moooooorrreeee!!!! :D Respect!
Picture of DabbooG25 achievements

+5 18. DabbooG commented 12 years ago

why dont they join in the Olympics :| ????
Picture of ibrahimde35 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 19. ibrahimde commented 12 years ago

...I like...
Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 20. cincodemayo commented 12 years ago

I am sick of seeing all this parcour shit videos. sure it takes skill but we got the idea. enough
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

-1 21. banzemanga commented 12 years ago

Awesome! Now, let's fly! :P
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+2 22. Sizzlik (admin) commented 12 years ago

Gravity? Whats that? :P

btw you can search him on youtube..really crazy skills
Picture of pizdalizac24 achievements

+3 23. pizdalizac commented 12 years ago

anyone know the name of the song?
Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

+3 24. prankphonecall commented 12 years ago

Has this guy had a movie deal? A double as a stunt man or anything like that?
Picture of sirval35 achievements

+3 25. sirval commented 12 years ago

he will be a hell of a good cop. and then we can all hate him... :D
Picture of Supersnail24 achievements

+3 26. Supersnail commented 12 years ago

If I never see another parkour video on snotr again... it'll be too soon.

Seriously.. Same shit, different guy.

And before you flame me about how much of an athlete he is and how I couldn't do it, you're right, I can't. I bet I could though if I wasn't 53 years old with a bum ankle from a bullet I picked up in Grenada back in '83.
Picture of asemanden29 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 27. asemanden commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment) Yes I agree, I can't wait either til this dumb buttfuck snaps his thick neck, I'll be the first to be around to rip the rest of his tiny head off and shit down his throat.
Picture of Dokandre40 achievements

+6 28. Dokandre commented 12 years ago

damn, theres so much hate in these last posts.... ok, while i agree that lots of people do and make videos of parkour just to show off, i think that this guy in the video does this because he actually ENJOYS doing it, like people enjoy playing football or basketball. he's even been in world championships.

btw im well aware you guys are probably just trolling around
Picture of smar2117 achievements

+4 29. smar21 commented 12 years ago

how sexy is that!!!! ;)
Picture of hyperion16 achievements

+3 30. hyperion commented 12 years ago

Omg this dude is amazing!!! Does anyone know what is the name of that song in the background?
Picture of alucard696poland35 achievements

+3 31. alucard696poland commented 12 years ago

awesome skills and nice version of one winged angel song from final fantasy 7
Picture of Dokandre40 achievements

+3 32. Dokandre commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment) absolutely not! :*
Picture of RaMoZ16 achievements

+1 33. RaMoZ commented 12 years ago

I don't understand why they don't make a superhero movie about guys with skills like these instead all those bullshit-fake-ass fightscenes with men in spandex. This guy owns the entire marvel universe.
Picture of boka0131 achievements

+1 34. boka01 commented 12 years ago

Prince Of Persia is now impressed :D
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

-1 35. badboy007 commented 12 years ago

1:49 is a different guy
he has hair
Picture of RaMoZ16 achievements

-1 36. RaMoZ commented 12 years ago

#35 that's not hair
Picture of Grammashoop7 achievements

-1 37. Grammashoop commented 12 years ago

Dude, One Winged Angel remix FTW... makes the video even more epic...
Picture of VerityBlack16 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 38. VerityBlack commented 10 years ago

It's a running and jumping boy.
I was so excited I thought I would wet myself. :S
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+2 39. loadrunner commented 10 years ago

They still need a stuntman, in Assasins creed "the movie" . he could be good enough.
Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements

+1 40. cyberdevil commented 10 years ago

I keep confusing this guy with Cyril Raffaelli. Both great athletes, both in a bunch of great movies, both bald. Would be interesting to see Damien in a leading role sometime...