A homebrew trick called Lampuh!

Do you think you know much about electricity? Watch this!

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Picture of rustam56736 achievements

+23 1. rustam567 commented 11 years ago

whatever he did it to make it work, it involved some complex scheme. maybe the actual light switches were controlled by another person and the "switches" are just for show. maybe
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

+15 2. Usdevildoggmc commented 11 years ago

The guy is making me feel like a toddler again... :S I can understand the bulbs being changed but the frames of the switches was perplexing. :O
Picture of karol25 achievements
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-12 3. karol commented 11 years ago

Picture of MiNo40 achievements

+39 4. MiNo commented 11 years ago

I'm no genius but here's my 2 cents:

-Each switch sends current to each lamp socket; so there are four circuit connectors in each socket--hypothetically speaking, perhaps separately positioned, from top to bottom in the socket.
-Each bulb has a differently positioned circuit connectors.
-Let's say yellow switch's circuit connector was positioned at the very bottom, and the yellow bulb's circuit connect was also positioned at the very bottom. Then the two would connect, and the only bulb that turns on would be the yellow bulb--matter where you place it.
Picture of rohypnol18 achievements

+1 5. rohypnol commented 11 years ago

Think outside of the box ;)

You can see the wires from the switches going towards the "bottom" (the side nearest to the guy). It's simple! They go outside the box, where they are switched by someone else, while the guy in the movie switches the light bulbs. I wouldn't have believed it even if I would have seen the cable connecting to the socket - it could still have been a microcontroller inside the box, operated remotely by someone else or even by a small camera that matches the colors. There are a couple more ideas I came up with, but I won't lengthen the post, as I am sure there are at least a dozen easy ways to do this.
Picture of puffedkirby18 achievements

+10 6. puffedkirby commented 11 years ago

My classmate in highschool made one of these things.

The way it works is that there is some kind of magnet that changes the switches around inside of the box. The different color bulbs somehow interact with the magnet switches which changes the circuitry around to light up the corresponding light bulb. I don't remember it too well, but i remember it has to do with magnetic switches.
Picture of laughingscorpion38 achievements

+51 7. laughingscorpion commented 11 years ago

There's a monkey under the table switching the wires from the switches to the bulbs. Either a monkey, or a Leprechaun.
Picture of visituranus19 achievements

-3 8. visituranus commented 11 years ago

each lamp got own power source inside and lamps are radio controlled (no wires), so those sockets are just holding lamps in vertical state ;)
Picture of furopk31 achievements

+17 9. furopk commented 11 years ago

OK... it's far more complicated than you all think... the way it works... there is a chipset inside the machine. when all lights are turned on, it remembers which switch is for which light. when all lights are then switched off it takes 5 seconds for the cpu inside to forget which switch is for which light. it then moves to programming mode. so all that switching on and off that he does is carefully thought out! so that when he clicks a switch it turns on a specific blub. It's all about choreography and practice :)
Picture of Ritty541 achievements

+15 10. Ritty5 commented 11 years ago

#9 must have read the description of the vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E57-9sCFKl8
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

+4 11. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 11 years ago

I like how the music makes it sound like something really spectacular is going to happen....in retrospect: it's just turning on a light switch :P
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

-3 12. CrackrJak commented 11 years ago

This can be done digitally with special sensors that identify each bulb and each switch cover.

You could do the same trick, Inside a little computer game, And no one would be amazed.

You can change languages in windows and type different characters, Then switch back to type English, Again no one would be amazed.
Picture of primate197033 achievements

-2 13. primate1970 commented 11 years ago

no special remote controll bulbs etc... :)

Just a set of 4 switches on the floor operated by the feet... A teacher in My school built one of these about 25 years ago...!
Picture of marx001234 achievements

-2 14. marx0012 commented 11 years ago

ofcourse its a trick, you guys never watch mythbusters?
Out of view of the camara's there must be a guy with somekind of remote control( the lights could be switched on and off by remote)pressing the right buttons to make the roght lights go on and off
Picture of Slap_chop_ninja36 achievements

-2 15. Slap_chop_ninja commented 11 years ago

Video is improved when muted.
Picture of Edyy38 achievements

+9 16. Edyy commented 11 years ago

witchcraft, burn him :|
Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

-4 17. Reaperdaddy commented 11 years ago

pretty cool but the music makes me wanna kill someone
Picture of I_like_birds28 achievements

-1 18. I_like_birds commented 11 years ago

After switching the bulbs, he always touches the switch first and then the bulb. That must be some sort of programming. So I think #9 is right.
Picture of TheIsingGuy24 achievements

-2 19. TheIsingGuy commented 11 years ago

groove coverage... such a nice song, I have a simple way to replicate it, its based on the rotor cipher, a 4 way spindle sits on a switch, any alignment routes the circuit a differnt way, each colour then is set to require a specific path or paths to light, hence the show you see now
Picture of NielsTreurniet28 achievements

+2 20. NielsTreurniet commented 11 years ago

uhhm... Lampuh! (lampen) is the dutch word for Lamps... ;)
Picture of ktg_536 achievements

+3 21. ktg_5 commented 11 years ago

#20 "Lampen" is also the word for "the lamp" in Denmark?:)

Maybe you could have done it analog instead of digital with cpu... 4 different lamps, and then a system which only let a desired power through a chosen resistant?
Picture of Thanny37 achievements

+2 22. Thanny commented 11 years ago

Just go to the YouTube link in comment #10. It's explained pretty clearly exactly how the trick works in that video's description. It does not involve any confederates.
Picture of regata448 achievements

-2 23. regata4 commented 11 years ago

very confusing
Picture of kaleemsaudia14 achievements
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-5 24. kaleemsaudia commented 11 years ago

please send me link of this song
Picture of Urihep40 achievements

-2 25. Urihep commented 11 years ago

Think outside the box: It's magic.
Picture of RandomPixels25 achievements

+2 26. RandomPixels commented 11 years ago

Thumbs up for usage of techno-viking's favorite version of moonlight shadow
Picture of joka23244 achievements

+2 27. joka232 commented 11 years ago

thought the yellow bulb was gonna float at 0:32 LOL
other then that pretty Cool
Picture of Teqskater32 achievements

+8 28. Teqskater commented 11 years ago

Thanks for discussing this video. Well i made the machine and it's funny to hear the theory's about how it works here. #10 did get it right. I posted everything in a description on youtube.

This is how it works:
The lights go on from left to right. It does not matter wich switches you turn on. the lights go on from left to right. So that the circuit knows witch switch is for witch light bulb. this phase is called the programming phase. when it know witch light should turn on and off for each switch it enters the execute mode. you can then push the switches in any order so that you can operate the lights. when the light on the right goes off as last a counter starts counting. when 5 seconds are over it forgets witch switches are for witch light bulb and it goes to the programming mode. When the counter has started and hasnt reached 5 seconds (This happens when you press a switch)the counter resets to 0.

The hardware consist out of a 7805 home made power supply, a PicMicro 16f1630 microcontroller, 4 Solid state relay's a tumbler (SPDT), some wires, sockets, 4 modified SPST switches, 4 Colored Light bulbs and sockets, Home made MDF case, and the elektronics are soldered and conected on a euro 2.54mm pcb.

So the unit itself contains all that's needed. No External hidden switches or magnets or midgets or whatever.

When i decided to build it i didn't know anything of electronics at all. I only knew ohm's law and other related formulas. I was learning for electrician. From planning to finishing the device it did take 6 months and it cost's around 50 euro's in total. The paint was expensive.

If there is enough interest i can make a video soon to show you people how the inside is looking and how it works so that you can recreate the device too if you want. But i have enough time for that in 2 months or so. very busy these days. Anyway. Thanks for watching! And thanks Snotr to let me post this video. :)
Picture of andrer99941 achievements

+2 29. andrer999 commented 11 years ago

#4 that would only explain the bulb spot change not the switch color change!
good theory though. :)
Picture of sx-6450 achievements

+4 30. sx-64 commented 11 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to explain how you did this trick Teqskater :)
Picture of SirShade23 achievements

-1 31. SirShade commented 10 years ago

don't focus on the buttons there fake, there is another control for the each one, you just have to learn to coordinate the fake butons with the real ones, pretty simple
Picture of Teqskater32 achievements

0 32. Teqskater commented 8 years ago

#31 you sir, are just plain...stupid. Have a look at your own comments and then have a look at my comments in this tread.