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Picture of Sanderr31 achievements

+11 1. Sanderr commented 14 years ago

Just epic, these guys got skills :)
Picture of Salem36 achievements

+8 2. Salem commented 14 years ago

Wow, just great camerawork! Now I want to do it too :D
Picture of NielsTreurniet28 achievements

+6 3. NielsTreurniet commented 14 years ago

This is just awesome! :O
just like these guys!
Picture of Jonsu22229 achievements

+7 4. Jonsu222 commented 14 years ago

i'd say that even tho these guys have serious skills, I think that the camerawork absolutely brilliant.
Picture of proatwork39 achievements

-3 5. proatwork commented 14 years ago

the pilot at 0:41 is the coolest
Picture of BMX_Tavi39 achievements

+1 6. BMX_Tavi commented 14 years ago

freeride :X
i love it
Picture of scratchy44 achievements

+1 7. scratchy commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment) I think they are called the COASTAL CREW
Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements

+1 8. AL-AIN commented 14 years ago

very very nice clip thanks DAIRE >:) >:) >:)
Picture of Marmalade15 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 9. Marmalade commented 14 years ago

Isn't it interesting, how very clever camera work, can make even the most mundane and boring events (adults riding downhill on little children's bikes) look quite exciting?
Picture of Daire36 achievements

-4 10. Daire commented 14 years ago

No problem, i just love to share what I love on this great site that i have been using for years. And to #9 if you actually did this sport like i do you would know that it is one of the most physically demanding sports around and the most ballsy
Picture of Marmalade15 achievements

-3 11. Marmalade commented 14 years ago

Hi #9. I didn't mean to upset you Daire. Yes, it does look very demanding. I imagine if I did that, I would be quite out of breath at the end.
Picture of Bianuz13 achievements

+2 12. Bianuz commented 14 years ago

This video makes me want to learn those skills xDD :D
Picture of kaleemsaudia14 achievements

-1 13. kaleemsaudia commented 14 years ago

wow this a awesome video who's that people give them 1 world cup :P :P
Picture of laughingscorpion38 achievements

+3 14. laughingscorpion commented 14 years ago

These guys ROCK! Still, I wouldn't want to be in an urban hospital emergency room the day after the film opens. :P
Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

0 15. Reaperdaddy commented 14 years ago

very dynamic montage, im looking forward to see the final video.
@ marmelade: from now you can try to avoid to make comments like "big boys on small bikes" for all biking video... we understand you dont like that, but when all u can do is say that u find it lame while the vid is cool, u can skip ur comment...
Picture of Marmalade15 achievements

-1 16. Marmalade commented 14 years ago

#15. Thanks for the advice Reaperdaddy. But here's the thing: I submit my comments based on my view of the video in question. If you don't like that, it's unfortunate, but I'm sure you'll get used to the idea of people having and expressing different opinions to yourself, if you give it a bit of thought.

You see, I understand that you and others feel compelled to scribble "Awesome!!!!!" at every video you see, especially the ones with big boys on little childrens' bikes, but that's OK by me. I'm perfectly comfortable with you almost wetting yourself with excitement over lame videos which you believe to be extremely cool. In any event, I expect you'll grow out of it as you mature.
Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

0 17. Reaperdaddy commented 14 years ago

#16 so being mature means remove all the fun from life, like for all kind of sports? no more biking, no more riding, no more surfing, so more football, soccer, running... because in the end, all of this is useless after all... there is no purpose, this wont make the humanity better...
So if being mature means removing all that from my life, yes i want to stay immature.
Picture of Marmalade15 achievements

+1 18. Marmalade commented 14 years ago

#17. It's possible that I didn't explain myself too well, so I'll give it one more shot shall I?

Take a look at what you wrote in your previous comment:

"we understand you dont like that, but when all u can do is say that u find it lame while the vid is cool, u can skip ur comment..."

Now try to grasp the concept that we are all entitled to our opinions, and entitled to not be intimidated into changing our views or modifying our behaviour to fit in with someone else's subjective view of things.

This is why I reacted the way I did to your attempt to prevent me from making my own comments, simply because they did not agree with your own.

It's possible that you have fallen into the trap that many people do on forums, most especially the ones who have been posting for a considerable time. Such people often believe that gives them some kind of special status, allowing them to make sweeping generalisations concerning the posts of newbies.

I think you may well have fallen into this kind of trap. But I just thought you might like to know that I don't think you deserve any special respect simply because you registered here a number of years before myself, and I shall certainly continue to post my comments as I see fit, with no thought whatsoever of whether or not you think I should.

Consider these points then Reaperdaddy, and then reflect on whether your last reply was a mature one, or the knee-jerk reply of a spoilt child who is not getting his way.

Oh, and do please, have fun. :D
Picture of scratchy44 achievements

0 19. scratchy commented 14 years ago

Well we have got a battle going on all very long 2 diferent points of view but alittle long to read :D
Picture of OneShot31 achievements

+1 20. OneShot commented 14 years ago

1 small thing marmalade the bikes are small so that they are light and agile if you like... ever seen any1 do tricks with a town bike? I know i didnt. These guys have skill and i think you'r missing the point this is what happens when years of dedication come together with an outcome very much worth advertising.
Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

-1 21. Reaperdaddy commented 14 years ago

umh... ok i just give up, im not an internet fighter anyway... i have no problem in letting other people having other opinion than mine, i face that everyday and most of the time i dont care. I just thought you were going to be one of those systematical haters that we see every now and then... but u defend ur point with solids arguments so i assume u have a brain and use it pretty well... but i just hope that i wont read a "big boys on toys" for every extreme sports videos on this site, cause there is quite a lot...
I mean... ok.. just imagine that i find videos about "fishing" stupid and boring... then i go to register to website mostly focused on fishing videos, i watch them and then i comment with "lame..." "boring..." , is it logical that i watch those videos of a thing i dont like and then say that it sucks?
Thats why i was allowing myself to comment your attitude, obviously you dont like biking, or whatever, so just dont watch it then to say that its lame... is that not logical ? maybe im wrong... whatever...
Picture of scratchy44 achievements

0 22. scratchy commented 14 years ago

I have one thing to say. Marmalade you said we are all entitled to an opinion wich means we schould have some tolerance when other people express an opinion difrent from ours. Well you schould show a little more tolerance for what you see and hear to. This does not mean you schould not express your feelings but just not so harschly. It's all a question of diplomati.
Forgive me for the spelling mistakes, I am triing to emprove. :)
Picture of MIRANDA--RULES1 achievements

0 23. MIRANDA--RULES commented 14 years ago

Picture of AshwinK4 achievements

0 24. AshwinK commented 5 years ago

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