Copy machines, a security risk?


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Picture of justice-league24 achievements

+19 1. justice-league commented 12 years ago

CBS likes to blow things out of proportion! I just hate the way they create insecurity amongst the people. Let us LIVE in peace!!!! :S :S
Picture of nofreeusername27 achievements

+7 2. nofreeusername commented 12 years ago

Why would manufacturers install such a thing???
Picture of PaterSin42 achievements

+3 3. PaterSin commented 12 years ago

holy crap thats insanely stupid^^
why put a hdd in it?
Picture of Motanum30 achievements

-4 4. Motanum commented 12 years ago

0:45 looks like Toby from the office (US)

Really, over reacting. They wont even bother looking at it unless they have a search warrant or something similar. Plus, who will go through the trouble of looking at ALL of those harddrive? Is just a waste of time.
Picture of Urihep40 achievements

+82 5. Urihep commented 12 years ago

How many naked butts were stored in the hard drive? :D
Picture of edmund31 achievements

+5 6. edmund commented 12 years ago

Anyone know what that software at 2:08 is called?
Picture of nofreeusername27 achievements

+5 7. nofreeusername commented 12 years ago

I never knew tht!
Picture of dogfish37 achievements

+26 8. dogfish commented 12 years ago

#1 yeah, that's what the dumb americans want: no knowledge of anything but enough food and entertainment.
Picture of regata448 achievements

+5 9. regata4 commented 12 years ago

i submitted that link months ago :(
Picture of MoT29 achievements

+5 10. MoT commented 12 years ago

Don't see the point in it needing a hard drive, why does it need to store the images...

It will have RAM built into it - that's plenty for doing a simple photocopy. Storing them onto the hard drive is just ignorant from the manufactures!
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+5 11. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 12 years ago

On the + side most if not as good as all buyers don't know there's still data to be retrieved and or have no interest in doing so.
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+3 12. badboy007 commented 12 years ago

what most people will get is pictures of butts
and 50% of Americans are also fat.
Or wait is it 90%
Picture of NielsTreurniet28 achievements

+5 13. NielsTreurniet commented 12 years ago

That man should get a medal for his honesty, and that he warn the people... i thing he rescued a lot of company's with this! :)
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

+3 14. WildMonkey commented 12 years ago

The real question is why do they record all transactions and don't have an option to either delete them after a while or not record them at all?
Picture of samxgx54 achievements

+2 15. samxgx commented 12 years ago

for a good file recovery software lookup Recovery Studio. this program is amazing. i have even scanned newly bought hdd's with this program and found software remains on them.
Picture of ruhk30 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 16. ruhk commented 12 years ago

#8 why does it have to jump straight to stupid Americans? I some "dumb" American "accidentally" nukes you. Yea, i said it, i hope you get nuked.
Picture of heup30 achievements

+3 17. heup commented 12 years ago

Hahahahaha, good one CBS.
Picture of tree4free47 achievements

+6 18. tree4free commented 12 years ago

500 $ for a program who just format a hard drive or part of it in every few hours or days. I think even my windows has that kind of function. But this is some serious sh*t to lose that kind of informations to wrong peoples. Think about it, in this clip they showed us just a few mashines and they have found data from police departments, insurance companies,... lets say that some smart drug dealer find data from narcotic division and use the information in more terrifying ways.
Picture of stonecold27017 achievements

+2 19. stonecold270 commented 12 years ago

didnt knew that

could indeed be dangerous in the wrong hands

but as urihep said....How many naked butts were stored in the hard drive?:-)
Picture of stepanstas29 achievements

+3 20. stepanstas commented 12 years ago

Major corporations do have things in place that delete that stuff, not surprised that PD and small insurance companies don't.

I find that most of the time CBS airs something, its just giving ideas to people that never knew you could do those things. Practically spells it out. :D
Picture of 0x8013 achievements

+3 21. 0x80 commented 12 years ago

#6 It was most likely PhotoRec by CGSecuirty.

Its a very good bit of software, I have used it on a few 2nd HDD I have got of ebay just for curiosity :D
Picture of drevil29 achievements

+1 22. drevil commented 12 years ago

BP ---> that's a security risk !!
Picture of rontsi28 achievements

+2 23. rontsi commented 12 years ago

formating is not enough. you need to erase the magnetic trace as well.
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+3 24. cameramaster commented 12 years ago

I WONDER......could i get a 2nd hand copier from the M.O.D or even better from 10 Downing street !

Yee god's the the thought of such a HUGE security breach hardly bears thinking about !
Picture of LB18743 achievements

+6 25. LB187 commented 12 years ago

# 2 & # 3 The copiers are large office copiers designed to copy large documents that could potentially contain 500+ pages and the HDDs are for storing the temporary images. The companies that lease these machines what to track how many copies have been made as they charge for the copier per copy in some cases. Doesn't make this right but this the reason that the HDDs are there...
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+3 26. irishgek commented 12 years ago

#8 Totally agree , i dont call this blowing any thing out of proportion its a good news story and a huge security hole in many company's exposed , and they way #1 goes on about creating insecurity , i mean ya like telling the whole world sadam had WMD's was fine thow.

Ill say one thing shame on copyer manufactures for not encrypting the data i cant believe its just there to view as files and text docs utter disgrace

#25 ya my factory has a networked one if i scan a doc i can print out on about 40 machines all over the network/world , and each time thats done its saving in on the hdd and holding it while it sends it out but there is a format option but most people dont have a clue how to change the paper not alone format the drive
Picture of Poxyklyp14 achievements

+4 27. Poxyklyp commented 12 years ago

The reason for them having hard drives is so the motor doesn't die out while having to re-scan the document for every copy it makes. It's there for a reason.
Picture of Kreker37 achievements

+2 28. Kreker commented 12 years ago

Well, better not copy your ass on it anymore.
Picture of Marmalade15 achievements

+1 29. Marmalade commented 12 years ago

#23. It's far more difficult to completely erase data from a hard drive than most people realise. Formatting is simply the equivalent of tearing out the index pages of a book and leaving the contents as they were.

Overwriting with new data usually random strings of '0' and '1' is better, but even this approach can lead the unwary into a false sense of security, since the tolerances on disk writing are relatively high, meaning writes can be carried out on marginally adjacent tracks, thus leaving the original data intact, and readable by specialist disk recovery software.

Multiple passes of random data writes finally provides an acceptable level of security, but just think how long this would take on a 1TB drive?

This is my last post on SNOTR. Thanks for entertaining me for the past couple of weeks. I'm fit enough to leave hospital now, and work beckons.

Adios. :*
Picture of smodd23 achievements

-2 30. smodd commented 12 years ago

Since 2002? why add a HD if a ram can do the job, easy store the data and later sell it to usa goverment for terrorist activity plus insurance companies, u name it, they knew it and i bet lots of money by doing so...they should be sued..
Picture of Pizzathehutt2633 achievements

+3 31. Pizzathehutt26 commented 12 years ago

oh we will miss all of your negative feedback Miss Marmalade, lol.
Picture of mi7o21 achievements

-3 32. mi7o commented 12 years ago

total human control, big brother, police state, they know everything about us!
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+6 33. sux2bu commented 12 years ago

#8 & #26 The comment at #1 is from a Polynesian French island territory called Wallis and Futuna , not the US. How did you geniuses miss that?

And it took a "dumb American" to show you about the hard drive in the copier that you did not know about. How dumb are you guys? Never mind , I already know.
Picture of jferreira25 achievements

+5 34. jferreira commented 12 years ago

it would be easy for them to add a wipe feature to the machines, don't try to convince me it wouldn't be...
crappy companies, only see $$$$
Picture of Nateconq25 achievements

+4 35. Nateconq commented 12 years ago

great. now some identity thief just got a new idea
Picture of Tuxmania18 achievements

+3 36. Tuxmania commented 12 years ago

Photorec for the win! Excellent app for Linux that scans and saves anything from any harddrive.