CMA Mental Arithmetic Demo

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Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+52 1. DarkiKun commented 14 years ago

that is amazing =O
Picture of joka23244 achievements

+38 2. joka232 commented 14 years ago

OMG he/she is smarter then me or everyone eles on snotr!
Picture of RandomPixels25 achievements

+67 3. RandomPixels commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment) so that one day she can say to her boyfriend "you bastard, you lied for the 389745872nd and last time!"
Picture of chronic39 achievements

+58 4. chronic commented 14 years ago

She seems perfect for Sheldon in the future
Picture of joeman74 achievements

+17 5. joeman commented 14 years ago

My God, how is that possible... :O
Picture of Excellence45 achievements

+9 6. Excellence (admin) commented 14 years ago

woow wish i can have kids like that :)
Picture of codenamegizmo37 achievements

+78 7. codenamegizmo commented 14 years ago

couldn't even wipe my own ass at age of 5...
Picture of andrer99941 achievements

+35 8. andrer999 commented 14 years ago

Picture of Dubsteppah35 achievements

+29 9. Dubsteppah commented 14 years ago

They do it by manipulating an imaginary abucus it's incredible! It's almost visual in your mind's eye rather than just working it out!
Picture of NygerCBR900rr26 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-13 10. NygerCBR900rr commented 14 years ago

ova klinka bi trebala zamijeniti našeg ministra financja Šukera i garantirano se izvla?imo iz krize >:)

Sorry on Croatian coment..., little girl is amazing..., high, high, high level of intelligence...
Picture of Xeromyr24 achievements

+11 11. Xeromyr commented 14 years ago

Those hand movements she is using indicates that she learned how to calculate on an Abacus, and is now using an abacus in her mind. (Also, that giant thing behind her is an abacus, so that should be the dead giveaway).

In most schools in Japan, I believe it is a requirement for all students, starting at a young age, to learn how to use an abacus.

Oh whoops. Suppose I should have read #9.
Picture of hedosean39 achievements

+26 12. hedosean commented 14 years ago

The answer is......42.
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 13. Chrisofskjern commented 14 years ago

This is why asians will rule the world. I'm not asian so i might as well just start sucking up to them.
Picture of pire35 achievements

+5 14. pire commented 14 years ago

hmmmm strange is, that it is taking her longer to divide by 65 that by 2841...
would love so see whats going on in that brain with all those numbers
Picture of le_glaude33 achievements

+15 15. le_glaude commented 14 years ago

she's so cute when she moves her hand for calculating. Her parents can be vrey proud of this smart angel :)
Picture of Tidge27 achievements

+2 16. Tidge commented 14 years ago

They left out the part where the teacher marked them and she scored a big 0
Picture of Malinar33 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 17. Malinar commented 14 years ago

She smoking to much. :D
Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements

+10 18. cincodemayo commented 14 years ago

so that what's inside a Casio calculator. A young Chinese girl.'
Picture of Ritty541 achievements

-3 19. Ritty5 commented 14 years ago

WARNING: Side Effects include Shaking of the hands and being a smart ass and making us all feel dumb.
Picture of w333zy131 achievements

+5 20. w333zy1 commented 14 years ago

Can I bring her to my math test?
Picture of MSandD36 achievements

+3 21. MSandD commented 14 years ago

why is the video in the weird category?
Picture of zevvv15 achievements

+4 22. zevvv commented 14 years ago

They left out the part where they beat the shit out of her during the time she should have had a proper youth.
Picture of JaeMarie37 achievements

+7 23. JaeMarie commented 14 years ago

While I won't discount that some genius kid is using a mental abacus, months ago I checked out the Brainetics DVDs that teach this type of thing. Here's the catch that they DON'T tell you...


You spend hundreds of dollars on the DVDs to find that YES you can add a list of 7 numbers whether they be in the tens, hundreds or thousands, AS LONG AS the list follows a Fibonacci series and you know which digits of which number in the series to add. These are not random numbers that you might come across and be helpful in everyday life like say, when grocery shopping? I made it through about half the DVDs before chalking it up to parlor tricks.
Picture of trancetunes48 achievements

+3 24. trancetunes (moderator) commented 14 years ago


it's taking her longer for that problem because there are more steps in the division since its dividing by a smaller number than the others. if she pictures an abacus that means she has to picture move movements basically..
Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

+1 25. prankphonecall commented 14 years ago

#2 speak for yourself... ;)
Picture of gcleffff29 achievements

+2 26. gcleffff commented 14 years ago

Shes Cute i wish shes my daughter... and yes #2 shes waaaaaaaaay smarter than us i cant even solve 1 of that question on the paper by just looking at it... another evolution of human thinking..
Picture of demilune6739 achievements

+5 27. demilune67 commented 14 years ago

come with daddy at the casino >:)
Picture of GhostInShell42 achievements

+2 28. GhostInShell commented 14 years ago

what a marvellous brilliant child, I hope they keep challenging her brain so we might have our next Einstein among us :) keep up the good work kid!
Picture of joka23244 achievements

+3 29. joka232 commented 14 years ago

i could work all the questions she did in the same time easily!
(with a calculator)
Picture of woodhatch50 achievements

0 30. woodhatch commented 14 years ago

Wow, she can write! better than most in the UK at age 5 :D
Maths bit is easy, though :P
Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements

+1 31. Deblaauwn commented 14 years ago

Unfortunately this kind of knowledge is now superseded by computers.
Picture of mistermark22 achievements

+5 32. mistermark commented 14 years ago

All credit to the little girl but she got quite a few wrong. 1), 5), 12 and 13) were all wrong but, to be honest, not by much. I'm saying this as a 34 yo engineer with a calculator so even though she got a few wrong I'm still really impressed.
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

-2 33. LightAng3l commented 14 years ago

She has the making of a savant :)
Picture of iovnzu38 achievements

+1 34. iovnzu commented 14 years ago

when i was 5 years old i studied numbers :D
Picture of max200035 achievements

+1 35. max2000 commented 14 years ago

the method seems to lack a counter-measure, or so called double-checkin of those results: it's dangerous to believe it should spread and adopt, it's not mathematics, scientifically. as long as it's only for the kids, looks impressive, none the less. yet people should sight for an alternative to paper and pencil, max.
Picture of nearen27 achievements

+1 36. nearen commented 14 years ago

The girl deserves all the respect a one can give. Our world should take a really good care of these young talents. She's adorable :)
Picture of syapik33 achievements

+3 37. syapik commented 14 years ago

#(removed comment) well at least, she can answer faster than you may think. if the teacher ask you the same question, I bet it will take years for you to answer it.

Singapore is full with intelligent peoples. even though I am from Malaysia, but Singaporean have a 15 years old brain at the age of 6..
Picture of elcrack15 achievements

+1 38. elcrack commented 14 years ago

she is a savant. I recommend born on a blue day by Daniel Tammet, he is a savant (for example learned Icelandic in a week). In his book he explain that we all have this "machinery", but we use it for languish, not for numbers, but if we think about our own skill with languish then we should all be amassed by our brains. Nature is the shit
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

+1 39. Urmensch commented 14 years ago

I was always jealous of this skill when I heard of it. I so wish I had learnt to calculate with an abacus when young.
Picture of Nixniz17 achievements

+1 40. Nixniz commented 14 years ago

#18 not Chinese she is singaporen ;)
Picture of kutsuke24 achievements

+2 41. kutsuke commented 14 years ago

#23 the program was available for $15 on the advertisement I saw about less than 24 hours ago, even free shipping. You're right that the shortcuts for those only work during certain circumstances, but you can do all sorts of crazy things with an abacus and regardless the numbers.
Picture of Oddi50 achievements

+1 42. Oddi commented 14 years ago

omfg her hands trebling show the calculations per sec in her brain...water cooling ftw
Picture of JaeMarie37 achievements

+1 43. JaeMarie commented 14 years ago


If you go to the website, you see the $14.99 is a 14 day trial price, after which they charge you the $149.99. If you search the internet for scams related to Brainetics, you'll see cases where they charge BOTH the trial fee AND the full payment of $149.99 at the time of order, then suddenly have difficulties refunding the money if you call them on it.
Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements

+1 44. cincodemayo commented 14 years ago

#32 nice observation.
Picture of Woolf200036 achievements

0 45. Woolf2000 commented 14 years ago

poor poor math teacher in school. little bastard wont stand a chance against this girl
Picture of acrutch13 achievements

0 46. acrutch commented 14 years ago

This is what kids are doing outside of the US. Meanwhile, in the US we need to "buy my baby can read".
Picture of richardleed23 achievements

+1 47. richardleed commented 13 years ago

Calculator. Calculator. Where is my calculator???
Picture of ridebmxx329 achievements

0 48. ridebmxx3 commented 13 years ago

either she's not human, she's part machine or she's nano chipped with this intelligence