Alien vs. Human Intelligence

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Picture of nokster57 achievements

+45 1. nokster commented 14 years ago

Ok, I'm going to a corner and cry... :'(
Picture of PaterSin42 achievements

+26 2. PaterSin commented 14 years ago

awesome man he is^^ monkey for that :(|)
Picture of permafrost39 achievements

+30 3. permafrost commented 14 years ago

Neil Tyson is great. If you liked him in this video and haven't seen other videos featuring him, you can start here:
Picture of MiNo40 achievements

+35 4. MiNo commented 14 years ago

Genetic information isn't limited to just DNA. Chimps and humans have RNA differences, DNA structural differences, and genetic expressional differences (epigenetics) that are all separate from DNA sequences. Simply put, we're not just 2% different genetically from chimps.
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+25 5. dushan commented 14 years ago

#4 that was not the point and you know it, don't get offended, he was not talking about you :D

#3 i agree neil tyson is one of the best :)
Picture of BraddockBulldog18 achievements

+16 6. BraddockBulldog commented 14 years ago

I could hear this guy for hours, he's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+10 7. irishgek commented 14 years ago

#4 ya his point is about something thing other than dna but hes used it as a point a person of average intelligence can comprehend.

He makes a bloody good point thought , Often I have thought what would an alien look at us like now I know Blithering idiots.
Picture of ImprsdBySmartVid29 achievements

+2 8. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 14 years ago

Maybe the small differences resides in communication/exchange abilities, so every one could be more specialized it its domain and very skilled, then we trade the results of our works, it's why we go so far.
Much better said in this:
Picture of OmiCron25 achievements

-2 9. OmiCron commented 14 years ago

So like, what does intelligence have to do with our DNA? It may be so that :) has 99% the same DNA as a :(|) or even 2 ::(|) , but DNA aint brainpower nor intelligence last i checked. My hair is a bird, your arguement is invalid
Picture of Urihep40 achievements

+5 10. Urihep commented 14 years ago

Well, maybe we find the aliens and discover that they are the drooling idiots.
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+7 11. huldu commented 14 years ago

I have meaningful conversations with worms all the time :( - I feel like a moron now.
Picture of karl_os23 achievements

+2 12. karl_os commented 14 years ago

I am drooling now... brilliantly suggested. Brings more questions to mind than we ever thought.
Picture of JamMan31 achievements

+3 13. JamMan commented 14 years ago

Talk about dumbing down science, why do you all think this guy is so awesome?
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

+1 14. Usdevildoggmc commented 14 years ago

I'm a star trek fan, and one of their Prime Directive dictates that there can be no interference with the internal development of pre-warp civilizations, to say that we can't have a conversation with aliens is just stupid, because we definitely can.

I believe that any sentient beings out there exploring the cosmos have rid themselves of characteristics such us killing their own, raping, murder, slavery,theft, HATE etc.

And I think that they would be aware of this fact as well the reason why we haven't been visited... but then again the star trek no interference rule might just be a good idea... who knows we might have already been visited by them before and is a factor in how our world is being shaped for the better... We will know one day though ;)
Picture of NotFirst33 achievements

+1 15. NotFirst commented 14 years ago

2% of 3 billion (base pairs on DNA) is 60 million. That's 60 million differences in base pairs. That's not "closely related" at all.
As a matter of fact, Tobacco has 48 chromosomes as does the chimp. (That is more closely related)

some say 1.5% difference, that's 45 million.

Just food for thought, not making an argument here :|

It is philosophy and ideology to discuss aliens (all good things of course), but it is not classified as science.

This guy does propose provocative thoughts :(|) :(|)
Picture of gendarme44 achievements

+1 16. gendarme commented 14 years ago

#11 - LOL

Our DNA may be the same but there is something more to our difference from monkeys and a whole science - epigenetics - studies it.
Picture of angrytattedguy18 achievements

+1 17. angrytattedguy commented 14 years ago

I love to listen to this guy he cameo's on the history channel and im hooked. I think it's not so much that other life forms don't want to visit us as the fact that the space between stars and solar systems is so damn vast that it would take generations to reach us even at near light speed. We're a desert island in the vast of the ocean of space.
Picture of kutsuke24 achievements

-3 18. kutsuke commented 14 years ago

comedy and wit don't equate to logical conclusions
Picture of InfiniteBoredom19 achievements

+1 19. InfiniteBoredom commented 14 years ago

ohh science stand up. did you hear the one about the 9th electron in the outer electron field? no your lucky cause it wasn't funny
Picture of ridebmxx329 achievements

0 20. ridebmxx3 commented 13 years ago

hes a smart monkey