Tight Parking

Paralel Parking in such a small spot isnt that easy..

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Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

+54 1. prankphonecall commented 11 years ago

LOL that's ridiculous, both the driver and instructor don't have a clue. You could easily fit 2 cars in that spot.
Picture of atquestco31 achievements

+63 2. atquestco commented 11 years ago

This women shouldn't even ride a Bicycle.
thats a double digit IQ rite there.
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+35 3. banzemanga commented 11 years ago

lol, at the end they still needed a man to give the instructions. :D
Picture of eddie204242 achievements

+37 4. eddie2042 commented 11 years ago

lord help her when she tries to get out...
Picture of JavierJahve20 achievements

+21 5. JavierJahve commented 11 years ago

I can't believe it!
Picture of Stein38 achievements

+45 6. Stein commented 11 years ago

My question is : How did she get her license in the first place?!
Picture of riverside8921 achievements

+19 7. riverside89 commented 11 years ago

Now if she'd pull forward a couple more feet there'd be room to park another car.
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+33 8. Maffis commented 11 years ago

#1 That instructor was a kid. And the other man tried to help, but it's quite hard to help someone that doesn't understand what a wheel is.
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+17 9. huldu commented 11 years ago

That was just painful to watch. Knowing people who can squeeze in their car between what seems impossible. This just made me drop my jaw.
Picture of shayangx43 achievements

+18 10. shayangx commented 11 years ago

Im sorry, but this is just utterly ridiculous..how did she get her license lol?
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+6 11. imagic commented 11 years ago

i hope she never will park close to my car
Picture of plurft46 achievements

+15 12. plurft commented 11 years ago

#4:23 i forgot to tell you this space is reserved, i'm afraid you'll have to move your car. >:)
Picture of Calvinius52 achievements

+8 13. Calvinius commented 11 years ago

Oh my god ... who gave her freakin' drivers licence, I want one
Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

+7 14. Reaperdaddy commented 11 years ago

wow this one is really hopeless...
Picture of BrianDilori30 achievements

+5 15. BrianDilori commented 11 years ago

You could land a jumbo F****n jet in there Tyrone!!!
Picture of plurft46 achievements

+6 16. plurft commented 11 years ago

Great .. and when she finally "parked" she leaves enough space in front of her car to almost fit in another car. I hate people who waste parking space like that ..
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+4 17. irishgek commented 11 years ago

#1 2 Cars ...try 3 smart cars or fiat 500's This is the worst driving i have ever seen in my life and then to get out and analyse your shit driving how do people like this get a licience ?
Picture of iShine29 achievements

+3 18. iShine commented 11 years ago

i could park a frikin cruise ship in that spot with my eyes clossed....:D
Picture of gendarme44 achievements

+4 19. gendarme commented 11 years ago

Yes, it's a woman! And, yes, it's in Russia! (They speak in Russian in the end) So, who let her out of the kitchen?
Picture of EagleEyes33 achievements

-2 20. EagleEyes commented 11 years ago

I don't think you can park a kitchen!! :D
Picture of ZodiaC20 achievements

+6 21. ZodiaC commented 11 years ago

One handed blind man could park this car in 10 seconds
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+5 22. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 11 years ago

To bad the guy didn't tel the woman to get out and let him do it. Just like that other clip.
Picture of tega33 achievements

+10 23. tega commented 11 years ago

This should be in fastfoward and with the benny hill song
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+2 24. badboy007 commented 11 years ago

it had to be a women...
Picture of marx001234 achievements

+3 25. marx0012 commented 11 years ago

I could do better then that in half the time.
And i dont even HAVE a drivers license.......... >:)
Picture of Cuni28 achievements

+4 26. Cuni commented 11 years ago

So much macho around here
Picture of zeplin577 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 27. zeplin57 commented 11 years ago

FAAAAAKE !!!!!! :D
Picture of Bobloblaw31 achievements

+3 28. Bobloblaw commented 11 years ago

** cringe **
Picture of regata448 achievements

+5 29. regata4 commented 11 years ago

its a woman... that explains everything :|
Picture of masturbator18 achievements

-1 30. masturbator commented 11 years ago

retard bitch
Picture of stepanstas29 achievements

+2 31. stepanstas commented 11 years ago

I was expecting the car from across the street park there while she was parking there, :) . You could tell from the start the kind of driver she is if her own family stands way out of her reach, :P
Picture of JEDDS33 achievements

+3 32. JEDDS commented 11 years ago

WOWW . hahaha i can drift into that spot from the road that goes to the other road that she cant park on..
Picture of kaleemyork38 achievements

+3 33. kaleemyork commented 11 years ago

is this ladies driver
Picture of Vaithan29 achievements

+3 34. Vaithan commented 11 years ago

If I was that bloke I'd of become so agitated i'd of been like, "Look love, just get out of the car, I'll do it myself for you!" How she's ever going to get back out of that tight space is beyond me :O
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

+3 35. Usdevildoggmc commented 11 years ago

Its amazing how people have trouble parking like this because they are perplexed as to what happens to the back wheels when you turn the steering wheel in one direction and go in reverse.... they just can't do it! We boys have been training on how to operate machines like this since we were born... playing with our toy cars, big wheels, and not to mention Grand Theft Auto >:)
Picture of armageddon36 achievements

+3 36. armageddon commented 11 years ago

:| that is NOT tight parking unless there is a female driver. :|
Picture of TheGape24 achievements

+3 37. TheGape commented 11 years ago

From 3:30 to 4:15 another car parked closeby :)
Picture of cher-0027 achievements

+2 38. cher-00 commented 11 years ago

The kid tryed to show her another place where she could park her car more easely :)
Picture of misterno9419 achievements

+3 39. misterno94 commented 11 years ago

why simple if you can do it complicated :D :D :D
Picture of shittaco2 achievements

+2 40. shittaco commented 11 years ago

Must be an asian female :D O:)
Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements

+4 41. Highmeadow commented 11 years ago

"There. I did it!" :)
Picture of LUON32 achievements

+4 42. LUON commented 11 years ago

women drivers -.-
Picture of DutchNme6 achievements

+3 43. DutchNme commented 11 years ago

hope someone post the followup movie soon, when shes driving around in the city.

just wanna see her taking an turn to the right/left into another street.
Picture of Namron724 achievements

+3 44. Namron7 commented 11 years ago

Don't know why they just didn't park it forwards >:)
Picture of Sramos34 achievements

+1 45. Sramos commented 11 years ago

OMG go to kitchen pronto!!!!!!!!!! which IDIOT gave her driving license!!!!!
Picture of captaindudeson12 achievements

+1 46. captaindudeson commented 11 years ago

Motherfucker. :'(
Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements

+1 47. cyberdevil commented 10 years ago

She's got skills. I don't think I'll ever be able to take that long. :D