Bugatti Veyron Supersport

431 km/h (267mph) with this car and speed comment are needless...

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Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+36 1. badboy007 commented 9 years ago

imagine having that parked outside your drive way...
Picture of rascha35 achievements

+25 2. rascha commented 9 years ago

when can we, ordinary people, enjoy in that beautiful car ?
26 century ? 8-)
Picture of refresh25 achievements

+59 3. refresh commented 9 years ago

'Slightly twitchy' at 410 km/h? ha-ha. My car starts getting nervous at 120. Speechless.
Picture of joeman74 achievements

+30 4. joeman commented 9 years ago

7:43 Orgasm? :O
Picture of m_otreborv38 achievements

+7 5. m_otreborv commented 9 years ago

Bugatti Veyron Supersport Car are fast... really fast.

Hope to have one... even in my dreams... hehehe
Picture of karol25 achievements

+10 6. karol commented 9 years ago

WERY NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Picture of paolo34 achievements

0 7. paolo commented 9 years ago

It is a road and a beautiful private plane that can fly because the air, but flying along the road ...
Picture of mant032 achievements

+8 8. mant0 commented 9 years ago

#2 you are so optimistic. :'(

i think in the year 3000 we will be able to by it as second hand. O:)
Picture of lockandload57 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 9. lockandload commented 9 years ago

270+ mph :O

national speed limit - 30 mph

i wonder what programs these boyracers / joyriders watch when thinking of these speeds..just trying to get a point across!
Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

+4 10. Reaperdaddy commented 9 years ago

still trying to stop dribbling at the view of this nice boy toy...
Picture of jaymelu30 achievements

+6 11. jaymelu commented 9 years ago

Im getting mine next week 8-)
Picture of syapik33 achievements

+3 12. syapik commented 9 years ago

imagine driving that, with 3 hot chicks inside, and a bag full of money. gosh..!! juz in your dreams..!!
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+4 13. fjwjr commented 9 years ago

I'm picking mine up tomorrow.
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

+11 14. silly_sy commented 9 years ago

id love to see a race against a hayabusa turbo, i think it is the fastest road bike. i do think the bike will loose but will still be good to watch
Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements

+4 15. AL-AIN commented 9 years ago

i want one before i change my mind:( :( :(
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+4 16. irishgek commented 9 years ago

#2 Start saving its only £795,000 ($1,246,718.99) its about 20 years of saving at around $1100 a week :P

or be a true american ..
(speicalists in auto finance)
Get it on credit :P
Picture of rascha35 achievements

+5 17. rascha commented 9 years ago

#16 thanks for advice, very nice from you :D
I think that i can save $ 246,718.99, but the rest of money will bee a little problem 8-)
Picture of xsephirothxx14 achievements

+4 18. xsephirothxx commented 9 years ago

the ultimate arero was said said to be able to do close to 270..but they had no where to get it that fast
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

0 19. CrackrJak commented 9 years ago

SSC Ultimate Aero: 257 mph, 1183 hp, base price is $654,400.

Buy American, Save yourself a $1 Million.
Picture of drewsutton36 achievements

0 20. drewsutton commented 9 years ago

#19 but crash and burn when you try to turn a corner?
Can't put a price on life ;]
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+12 21. huldu commented 9 years ago

The only reason id ever even want a car like this would be to outrun the po-lice for the fun of it!
Picture of MarekSax21 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 22. MarekSax commented 9 years ago

I saw only (?) 417 km/h. So where did you get 431 km/h in the description?
Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements

+11 23. MsZoomy commented 9 years ago

#22 the second driver (the professional test driver) did 431, pay attention, listen at the end.

Not only is it fast, this car is absolutely gorgeous!! I want one!!
Picture of medicino30 achievements

+7 24. medicino commented 9 years ago

Warp speed my ass this is insane; Mythbusters 1st and Top Gear host 2nd best job in the earth.
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+4 25. Tareim (admin) commented 9 years ago

#(removed comment) you wouldn't be able to fit 3 girls in there as its only a 2 seater...
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

+4 26. CrackrJak commented 9 years ago

#20 Shelby makes very safe cars and the SSC Ultimate Aero has a skidpad of 1.05G and better braking distance than this Bugati. So I believe you owe an apology.
Picture of kaleemyork38 achievements

+2 27. kaleemyork commented 9 years ago

very costly car :D
Picture of SmajlicekCZ38 achievements

+4 28. SmajlicekCZ commented 9 years ago

"It goes faster than I can speak!"
I dont care much for cars and car shows, but Top Gear somehow manages to hold my attention anytime :)
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+6 29. Sizzlik (admin) commented 9 years ago

#27 ..not only costly car...imagine a set of tires costs more then some people earn in one year
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

-2 30. irishgek commented 9 years ago

#19 it might be cheaper but its crap on the inside and well just so american no tech just brute force and well it lost again to the new veyron
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+3 31. LightAng3l commented 9 years ago

#29 allow me to make your comment more realistic :)

" #27 ..not only costly car...imagine a set of tires costs more then most people earn in one year "

Picture of BooTheGoose41 achievements

+2 32. BooTheGoose commented 9 years ago

Little boys.
Picture of mescaline41 achievements

+1 33. mescaline commented 9 years ago

That looked like a space pioneers documentary. :p
Picture of _Time_is_Money_14 achievements

+2 34. _Time_is_Money_ commented 9 years ago

#12 It only got 2 sit
Picture of Bobloblaw31 achievements

+2 35. Bobloblaw commented 9 years ago

Such a rush !!
Picture of bugattiboy25327 achievements

-1 36. bugattiboy253 commented 9 years ago

awwww yeeeaaa BEST CAR EVER
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 37. sux2bu commented 9 years ago

#30 Haha! I just read your comment. The Shelby is just "brute force"? The Veyron has a 487 16 cylinder engine using 100 octane gas with FOUR turbos compared to the SSC's V8 with 387 displacement and two turbos. Now how do YOU define Brute Force? The SSC is very hi-tech as it would have to be to get over 1180 HP out of such a small engine on 91 octane pump gas. It also gets much better fuel mileage (15 mpg city / 22 mpg highway) than the Veyron which only gets 8 mpg city and 13 highway. In any sort of long race the Bugatti would run out of fuel in under 15 minutes at high speed! (3 mpg at full throttle)
The Veyron is a fantastic auto and who wouldn't like to own one....but the SSC does everything better for much less money.
Picture of c2quad30 achievements

+2 38. c2quad commented 9 years ago

its a bird ! no its a shelby na na its Bugatti Veyron Supersport :D
Picture of BasmanT51 achievements

+3 39. BasmanT commented 9 years ago

why does a car like this even got mirrors? for watching out for planes?
Picture of captaindudeson12 achievements

+1 40. captaindudeson commented 8 years ago

#37 Everything better? er no. What you should have said is that the Veyron does everything better for several times the price. The Veyron is a much more drivable car and who cares about fuel mileage in a car like this?