Bmx fall

Brain damage?

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Picture of ICdevil32 achievements

+33 1. ICdevil commented 14 years ago

should i call 911??ahhhhhhhh.......
Picture of Srchak52 achievements

+26 2. Srchak commented 14 years ago

Now he can show this video to his friends and say: Me got drain bamage here :)
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

+65 3. CrackrJak commented 14 years ago

I think he had Drain Brammage before he made the decision to attempt the jump.
Picture of Vaithan29 achievements

+5 4. Vaithan commented 14 years ago

I had a flashback of Steve Mcqueen tangled in barbed wire then >:)
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+26 5. Chrisofskjern commented 14 years ago

The guy is in shock. In the state of shock he is in, he will think that up is down and east is black. He will feel no pain and be unable to recognize anyone he knows for a good while. Also time will feel like its moving sloooooooowly. It's an eerie feeling. I tried it too. I imagine its kinda like a trip.
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+6 6. badboy007 commented 14 years ago

These kind of videos never get old.
And these kind of retards never learn.
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+31 7. dushan commented 14 years ago

"shall i call 911?"
"i think that is yes" :|
Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements

+4 8. prankphonecall commented 14 years ago

#4 the only difference is that McQueen was cool!

(and he was on a motobike being chased by germans while trying to jump over a higher fence into another country after which he got caught and shot)
Picture of MiNo40 achievements

+39 9. MiNo commented 14 years ago

Can he still say "Helmet"?
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+5 10. fjwjr commented 14 years ago

Oh, no. I never saw that coming....................DUH!
Picture of Jerry_Fkn_Maguir42 achievements

+1 11. Jerry_Fkn_Maguir commented 14 years ago

#8 He wasnt shot. He was caught and put back in the cooler
Picture of ranmar42012 achievements

-4 12. ranmar420 commented 14 years ago

He should have lost his...manhood. Might be a good thing to get him out of the gene pool!
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

+14 13. Usdevildoggmc commented 14 years ago

I accidentally thumbed up #12...

#5 I'm 100% sure ur not a doctor or a psychologist :S though your answer looked legit.... but actually being in the state of SHOCK is actually a psychological thing when someone goes through a very traumatic event and "sees their life flash before your eyes" kind of thing....
Believe me guys this kid's Photo projection slide show was fucked up immediately and he didn't get that privilege.

You are witnessing a really bad Concussion, the brain banged up against his inside of his cranium pretty hard, it happened so fast but it's a heavy impact, there are cases where a person can actually walk and be fairly conscious but will have the symptoms for as long as 3 weeks.. when it's really bad... this is what happens... if he was wearing a damn helmet he would just be complaining about his lower body injures...

This is him: Compare it to you computer, unplug EVERY cable you have off of your computer... the computer is still running but nothing is connect.

Sorry I can't just comment something stupid like saying he should of lost his balls instead, ironically he had a little too much of them though.. Poor kid I feel bad for him I hope he's okay...

Worst case scenario: He's a Veggie.

Best case scenario: (Oh believe me) He became a Savant.

When you guys watch videos like this don't just entertain yourselves.. it's some serious shit... you'll be out with your friends doing something similar but if your 3rd eye is open.. you can prevent stuff like this from happening.
Picture of loscohones39 achievements

+2 14. loscohones commented 14 years ago

that's gonna leave a mark :P
Picture of Austin42 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 15. Austin commented 14 years ago

No helmet is dumb - agreed - but it is secondary to the decision to try the jump in the first place.

This is Darwin award material. Lets hope that he hasn't procreated yet so his idiot genes end with him. On the pavement somewhere.
Picture of kaney29 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 16. kaney commented 14 years ago

Common it was an awesome jump i'd like to try it too, well he just didn't make it. I feel sorry or him aswel and before you say he's darwin award candidate ask yourself: am i better than him? Apparently not because all you do is sit before computer masturbating your ego thanks to fact than internet is anonymous. You guys suck.
Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

+3 17. Reaperdaddy commented 14 years ago

@ #6 so why is this guy a retard? because he is doing some bmx? or because he tries to do a jump where he fails? for none of those cases he is a retard. If he had landed it the same video could have had some comments like "wow awesome jump" ... extreme sports are a matter of trying to do always better, sometime to impress the camera but when it succeed we we are happy to see the result. Of course there are some fails and its no problem to laugh at it when there are no bad consequences, but i dont see the point of calling the guy a retard, especially in this case where he almost made it, was not too greedy, was just bad luck.
Picture of kaney29 achievements

+2 18. kaney commented 14 years ago

#17 speaking from my heart
Picture of Calvinius52 achievements

-1 19. Calvinius commented 14 years ago

Helmet! What helmet?! Men don´t use helmets!! :S
Picture of iShine29 achievements

+7 20. iShine commented 14 years ago's a b!tch!!!
Picture of kmmde41 achievements

+3 21. kmmde commented 14 years ago

I guess its not really his head, that is damaged. He is in shock because his right shoulder and arm might be dislocated and/or broken. Look how his right shoulder is hanging...
Picture of sbrucecaboose40 achievements

0 22. sbrucecaboose commented 14 years ago

#13 you're right about this injury, not shock though...

this idiot is NOT in shock, this is what happens when you suffer a serious head injury and your brain has been turned to jelly.

to put it simply, shock is a state of imbalance in the fluids distributed in the body intended for certain tissues, and the only ways it be caused by trauma are if there is significant blood loss (internal or external) or if the cervical spine is damaged. neither of those cases would present this person mumbling--his skin would turn cool and clammy and he'd be obviously sweating. his blood pressure would be higher than normal and his heart would be overcompensating to get the blood back to the organs/tissues/cells affected. but it takes time. you don't just go into shock after you hit the ground unless you damaged the 'neck portion' of your spine in some way.

i would say trust me, i'm with ems...but then again you could just look it up if you want to learn something.
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

+4 23. Urmensch commented 14 years ago

That was horrible. I felt sick to the stomach.
Hope he recovered.
Picture of asemanden29 achievements

+1 24. asemanden commented 14 years ago

I feel bad for the guy that he diden't wear a helmet, I hope he is okay, it could be nice if the poster wrote some more background info in videos like this.
Picture of armageddon36 achievements

+2 25. armageddon commented 14 years ago

he jumped himself straight to the asylum :O
Picture of 2up23 achievements

+1 26. 2up commented 14 years ago

Bicyclists, skateboarders, and of course motorcyclists should be wearing not just helmets, but FULL FACE helmets. We've all seen the videos how guys land on their noses or teeth...
Picture of FistOfHell28 achievements

+1 27. FistOfHell commented 14 years ago

I think it was already damaged ...
Picture of asdfas39 achievements

+3 28. asdfas commented 14 years ago

#17 I'd say he's a retard for not wearing a helmet for a jump like this.
Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements

0 29. c0mmanderKeen commented 14 years ago

darwin award.
Picture of kaleemyork38 achievements

-1 30. kaleemyork commented 14 years ago

#13 what he want a say :P
Picture of johannsommer29 achievements

0 31. johannsommer commented 14 years ago

Don't need to see all those accidents.
Why didn't the guy wear a helmet when trying that stunt?
That could have had enhanced life quality after that disaster.
Brain damage ist the biggest danger for cyclists and no fun.
Picture of Gonw24 achievements

+1 32. Gonw commented 13 years ago

Loved the vid.
Helmet is for Noobss, Brain Damage FTW.