Getaway in Stockholm

Cameras inside a tuned Porsche 911 show a great race through Stockholm to get rid of the police.

Update: This video might be fake (more information here).

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Picture of hatchywatchy7 achievements

0 1. hatchywatchy commented 17 years ago

Nice camera positions. Especially like the one by the wheel.

Lets face it tho, the police didn't really stand a chance. Looks like s/he knows those streets too well!
Picture of Tidge27 achievements

+1 2. Tidge commented 17 years ago

Anyone who dusts the police deserves respect :)good job guys.
Picture of sofisticatedslob1 achievements

-1 3. sofisticatedslob commented 17 years ago

Total Wankers. I respect the law and what it stands for and people who blatently abuse it should be locked up and thier cars crushed along with thier driving liciences for minimum of 10yrs. Nothing anyone can say will change my mind.

sgt. n.bainbridge
Picture of Moron_Detector4 achievements

-1 4. Moron_Detector commented 17 years ago

Good chase. In england we would have had the helicopter on his ass, would have been game over.
Picture of Louis6665 achievements

-1 5. Louis666 commented 17 years ago

Ha Ha Ha to what no 3 comment put :*
I thought the driver was very skilled, This is how a Porsche should be driven like, not potering along with some old git behind the wheel.
Loved the sound of that engine reving out
Respect to the driver ;)
Picture of Jinxio2 achievements

-1 6. Jinxio commented 17 years ago

Damn right, nice driving... one question though why drive back to your house? Surely the cops arrested you, lol. Regardless though when you get outta jail & read this, damn good job. :)
Picture of DANNY_ROMAN4 achievements

-1 7. DANNY_ROMAN commented 17 years ago

Excellent Driving!! Nice car, to bad the police were blown off :'( Good Work!
Picture of WingofaFly5 achievements

-1 8. WingofaFly commented 17 years ago

Picture of Moron_Detector4 achievements

-1 9. Moron_Detector commented 17 years ago

Found this "In an interview with PB motorcycling magazine, Patrik Furstenhoff, Swedish Wheelie Team Member and widely accepted as the Ghost Rider himself, had this to say: "We saw a movie called 'Getaway in Stockholm', which is a car chase movie. But it's all made up. We couldn't believe the world was raving about it. The policeman was actually a body builder, he even had baggy pants on. It wasn't real. There's a hardcore group of riders and drivers in Stockholm who do this for real, but yet the "Getaway in Stockholm" movie was a rental car pretending to be a police car and it was all in the middle of the night with empty roads. You can print this; it was shit. And we made up the Ghostrider as a big 'you suck' to the car guys."
Picture of Jos34 achievements

-1 10. Jos (admin) commented 17 years ago

Thanks for the information. I updated the description of the video.
Picture of Agnarian1 achievements

-1 11. Agnarian commented 17 years ago

#3 ticketing people for speeding doesn't save lives. It doesn't prevent people from speeding. The only thing it does is give you a way to make money. Worse, instead of going after speeders, there are like real crimes to solve. You don't make any money though to catch a rapist, no one pays you anything when you do the right thing. So take your do the right thing attitude and swallow it with your donuts. Most laws are in place not to save lives or protect people but to make money... #9 gg to make yourself sound like you had something to do with this, you and #3 do make a wonderful couple.
Picture of suicidalkatt1 achievements

-1 12. suicidalkatt commented 17 years ago

what cop in their right mind would turn off their care when pulling over a sports car... i mean hello!?!?!
Picture of jamesmelbaustral9 achievements

-1 13. jamesmelbaustral commented 17 years ago

What nice driving? The roads were clear. Anybody can go fast in a straight line.
Picture of ezeliel31 achievements

-1 14. ezeliel commented 17 years ago

:| a little boring indeed.
Picture of TWeaK1 achievements

-1 15. TWeaK commented 17 years ago

Lol I thought this was probably a fake right from the start - what police force drives Volvo estates with no real markings?? Would probably not use cars that old either, and you don't usually see those old lights on the top, it's all about lights in the grills these days for the unmarked cars.

I thought moron detector was right on the mark and gg to him for giving relevant and useful information for the vid. Ty Jos for updating.

Lol @ sofisticatedsob, I've broken speed laws and a few other laws that I feel are even more rubbish (*cough*prohibition*cough*), and while speed laws have some purpose for safety, the reason the speed limits always go down and not up is because they make money. As long as you don't push the limits of your vehicle or the road conditions, and don't create much danger to other people or property, unless significantly necessary, I think people should do whatever they want. That sort of car was made to go fast, and that's what it did. The rules of the road make it organised and easier when there are lots of people on it, but they're general rules for all and some people and vehicles can push them more without as much danger.

Btw I loved the sound of the engine ticking as it cooled down at the end.
Picture of DotDot2 achievements

-1 16. DotDot commented 17 years ago

The rotation speed of the lighthouse at 6:00min is a little bit too fast...
Picture of bluppfisk2 achievements

-1 17. bluppfisk commented 17 years ago

Fake indeed, Swedish cop cars don't look like that at all. And in any case, still a danger to all people using the public roads.
Picture of TaTWOO2 achievements

-1 18. TaTWOO commented 17 years ago

Not really evading the police are they, some old shit estate pulls over. they had gotten away by 1:20min, and yet they thought the over 9 mins of video was worth putting in why?
Picture of closer1 achievements

-1 19. closer commented 17 years ago

This was one of the worst getaways IMO. As for being fake, How fake can it be speeding down the streets. Watch the other videos before you decide, they actually have multiple marked police.
Picture of scouse16 achievements

-1 20. scouse1 commented 17 years ago

Picture of aledujke2 achievements

-1 21. aledujke commented 16 years ago

@5:24-5:26 When there is a cut to the camera near the wheel you can see the sparks from brakes.
Picture of UrbanLoader2 achievements

-1 22. UrbanLoader commented 16 years ago

If you look carefully at 06:05 top screen you see a revolving light for air trafic, it turn very fast wich mean that they speed up the video.

Picture of myusername11 achievements

-1 23. myusername commented 16 years ago

did someone watched the whole video? its a bit boring dont ya think? oh look its a road. oh another road. hey hey what was that? ithink it was a road. soooo innovator :O (this isnt an impressed smile, its a sleepy one)
Picture of myusername11 achievements

-1 24. myusername commented 16 years ago

by the way
Picture of RandurSource56 achievements

-1 25. RandurSource commented 14 years ago

#22 very good observation, lol

It looks (and sounds) like a game of Need for Speed Underground 2
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+1 26. imagic commented 14 years ago

so why qould he run for the cop's ? must be a criminal an i really hope he kills himself before this asshole kills someone else with his recless driving.
Picture of iShine29 achievements

0 27. iShine commented 14 years ago

so so so fake!!!
Picture of SunshineEddy42 achievements

0 28. SunshineEddy commented 13 years ago

#25 Burnout Takedown is where I know it from.