Angry British Telecom Customer

Dont we all love this unwanted telemarketer calls?
Warning: Extremely foul language

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Picture of djole38135 achievements

+106 1. djole381 commented 14 years ago

Telemarketers deserve nothing less than this >:)
Picture of gazh40 achievements

+24 2. gazh commented 14 years ago

i get this all the time from my wife....but still, chill out man
Picture of chronic39 achievements

+60 3. chronic commented 14 years ago

WOW just wow!!

sometimes i feel like doing that myself.
Picture of Baboon39 achievements

+20 4. Baboon commented 14 years ago

Boiling British
Picture of SmajlicekCZ38 achievements

+24 5. SmajlicekCZ commented 14 years ago

His voice sounds little like the Carson Beckett from SG:Atlantis :)
Anyways, I kinda understand his reaction, I hate when operators call and clobber you with useless questions.
Picture of kaleemyork38 achievements

+28 6. kaleemyork commented 14 years ago

hahaha yes sir OK sir thank you sir no problem sir :D :D
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+37 7. Noobeater commented 14 years ago

What an idiot. Why ask for some seconds when its absolutely clear that the customer doesnt want to give it? And also, most annoying voice ever.
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+14 8. DarkiKun commented 14 years ago

they can seriously be annoying can't they? tho i surely never reacted this way xD
Picture of monkeyboy51 achievements

-1 9. monkeyboy commented 14 years ago

sounds like the guy that went mental at alex zane on balls of steel! (best copy i could find)
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+10 10. Chrisofskjern commented 14 years ago

I should record stuff like this myself. These punks call me all the time. We're talking 2-3 times a week. All from the same company. Even though it make it perfectly clear that i do not want anything from them and to never call me again. With lots of profanity and porovocative remarks.

Man thats gotta be a tough job. And they don't even get paid very well. They could at least make some prank calls once in a while... But this is just downright stupid and monotonous.
Picture of mxmbulat39 achievements

+6 11. mxmbulat commented 14 years ago

that's why I avoid all telemarketing jobs. less stress to both sides.
Picture of MrCarrots25 achievements

+18 12. MrCarrots commented 14 years ago

Picture of c2quad30 achievements

+8 13. c2quad commented 14 years ago

Great Words of Insult :P ;)
Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements

+7 14. YetiGrowl commented 14 years ago

my roommate and i play a game who can say the funniest shit to telemarketers when they call. try it sometime. it makes those annoying bastards not so annoying.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+5 15. irishgek commented 14 years ago

I dont think this is a Telemarketer this is a survey , they just want to know if your happy with your phone service , I for one love keeping them on the line as long as possible as they more calls they make ..... they get a bloody bonus , keeping them on the line as long as you can asking loads of bullshit questions actually pisses them off more :P
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

-4 16. ringmaster commented 14 years ago

1166 is funnier
Picture of badboy00748 achievements

+3 17. badboy007 commented 14 years ago

I hate BT
if you have a choice guys NEVER GET BT

They will rob you for all your money
Picture of Calvinius52 achievements

+4 18. Calvinius commented 14 years ago

Picture of justforcomment23 achievements

+2 19. justforcomment commented 14 years ago

remains me hitler's voice :D
Picture of dashmagnus28 achievements

+3 20. dashmagnus commented 14 years ago

It's much easier (and funnier) to tell the telemarketer you will listen to their speech if they will listen to you tell them about Jesus. They won't be able to get off the phone fast enough. Works every time.
Picture of 4string8622 achievements

+2 21. 4string86 commented 14 years ago

"I told you to go and f... off"
"No problem"
this one killed me :))))
Picture of Tuxmania18 achievements

+2 22. Tuxmania commented 14 years ago

Being a telemarketer or just about any job where your work involves lots of phone calls makes you come across some pretty angry people.

Personally i prefer jerking them around or pretend to be very interested and keep them blabbering about their services while i do something else.
Picture of richxdeath22 achievements

+2 23. richxdeath commented 14 years ago

lol, I bet they called this guy everyday for like a month, no wonder he got pissed. :D
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+2 24. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 14 years ago

A good way to piss off telemarketers is to only answer yes and no (mostly no). It usually really throws them of.
Picture of draxenn31 achievements

+1 25. draxenn commented 14 years ago

I feel bad for telemarketers because they're just doing their job just like you or I. (at least, those of us employed).
The way the caller was talking, it sounded like Mr Yelling was a customer of BT, which generally gives them the right to call their customers, like it or not.
Well, I don't live in Britain so I can't be sure of the laws there.
Picture of Dennyboy38 achievements

+1 26. Dennyboy commented 13 years ago

The cold caller was a total *anker!!....He was, after all, told to *uck off, but refused to listen to the 'paying customer' and continued to irritate him with his braindead and persistant *hite!
Picture of IanW6 achievements

+1 27. IanW commented 12 years ago

Vodaphone have been calling me. 8 times in the last 5 days.
I answer the phone and say nothing, just leave it on.
My record is 22 minutes of holding up their line.
I ask everyone to do this.
It wastes their time and blocks their lines.
Fight back!
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+1 28. cameramaster commented 12 years ago

The ones I hate the most come from Indian call centres ....HOWEVER, if you adopt an Indian accent and tell them " excuse me please, but I think you are dialling the wrong number" confuses the hell out of them ! :-) BTW the UK there is the telephone preference service...similar to opting out of getting junk mail.....since I signed up to that i don't get many of these "cold calls".
Picture of Wotty127 achievements

0 29. Wotty1 commented 8 years ago

I used one reply once, I copied it from a comedian and modified it a bit:-
It went like this:-

Them: Hello
Me: Police
Them: someone called us from this phone
Me: No one called you from this phone
Them: we're just calling you..
Me: interrupting. Who are you?
Them: We are..
Me: interrupting. No what is your name
Them: Michael
Me: Michael Who? Aside: Trace call on Green...
Them:We're not allowed to give out our surnames
Me: Aside..Got a caller on green refuses to give his name.... OK.....
Me: What's the address of the company are you calling from
Them: We're not allowed to give out the Address
Me: Aside Refuses the Address, what should I do with them, OK, Pass it on to security, OK
Them: Sorry we have the wrong number
Me: Hold on. we will have someone with you shortly, this number has been traced, stay by your phone.
They: hung up