Russian Systema hand to hand fighting masters

Systema, the most efficient martial art, from the ancient russian military Spetznas.

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Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+59 1. banzemanga commented 14 years ago

They know the human anatomy very well. Simple pressure points can be more effective than applying a punch on a bigger area.
Picture of beel37 achievements

+22 2. beel commented 14 years ago

what a crock of shit.. i want to see 1 fight that isnt staged
Picture of GOOSE4222 achievements

+8 3. GOOSE42 commented 14 years ago

Well I'm a lover not a fighter but after seeing how gotdam slow everybody in Russia is I am seriously thinking of moving there to fight crime.. Ooor just to beat up some slow ass Russians, they'll never see my patented NON choreographed fighting style coming!
Picture of ICdevil32 achievements

+9 4. ICdevil commented 14 years ago

Drink vodka is not the only thing that us russians are capable of :D
Picture of Taineract35 achievements

+39 5. Taineract commented 14 years ago

Insert favorite martial art name here: "______________: THE MOST EFFICIENT MARTIAL ART IN THE WORLD."
Picture of BabyJLE32 achievements

+1 6. BabyJLE commented 14 years ago

Picture of mvanveen8142 achievements

+12 7. mvanveen81 commented 14 years ago

I would like to see some real matches with this.
Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements

+13 8. c0mmanderKeen commented 14 years ago

Never seen someone as unimpressive as this fat guy :D seems to have them skills tho... luckily, you can just outrun him :D

I wonder why some of the techniques involve walking up behind someone, nice self defense :| , we dont learn these moves in TKD...
Picture of mikeaza36 achievements

+7 9. mikeaza commented 14 years ago

How can you call that martial art ? They totally miss the purpose of it.
Picture of sbrucecaboose40 achievements

+18 10. sbrucecaboose commented 14 years ago

i think the video should be titled 'russian solar plexus punches' instead
Picture of Kinslayer27 achievements

+14 11. Kinslayer commented 14 years ago

What I see here is like 5% jiujitsu, 5% aikido, 90% solar plexus punching... nonetheless note to self: don't get into a fight in Russia
Picture of Baboon39 achievements

+6 12. Baboon commented 14 years ago

ahhhhhhhh please give me a break of this, RULE N°1 = CARDIO
Picture of Digimatic17 achievements

+8 13. Digimatic commented 14 years ago

I wanna see this guys on UFC.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+8 14. Aliquantulus commented 14 years ago

I'm actually tempted to changing the description to "This is supposedly a martial art in Russia"
Picture of mwak48 achievements

0 15. mwak commented 14 years ago

hmm if you have ever done some kungfu or taichi, you know more than those simple points. They are known as pressure points or chi nodes (if you known chinese medecine or acupunctur). What those people show you in this video is stimulation of some of those points, on a non-reinforced (prepared) body.

It's right that when using specific techniques on specific points you can KO someone in just 2 pressures (one for experts). Some of them are also deadly or can paralyse a part or all the body.
When you are using those techniques, no matter what is you strengh or the strength of you opponent, you just have to be accurate and concentrated.

see this video :

When you learn those techniques you should also learn reinforcement ones :)
Picture of archis51 achievements

+6 16. archis commented 14 years ago

If those points are so effective, then why I dont see in box or MMA or other disciplines to use them un knock out your oppenent with one gentle touch. I am confused. Reminds me of this video a lot
Picture of mikeaza36 achievements

+6 17. mikeaza commented 14 years ago

Didn't we saw a ninjustsu video few weeks back that showed those point ? Saying it's a particularity of 1 martial art is false. Since most of them are a declination of an older martial art.

Still impressive and effective.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+5 18. sux2bu commented 14 years ago

The techniques used in the video looked more akin to Israeli Krav Maga where the goal is to incapacitate an attacker or opponent as quickly and effectively as possible so you can then face the next threat. It is more of a military style of fighting where killing the opponent is an option.
Picture of Taineract35 achievements

+6 19. Taineract commented 14 years ago

Basic anatomy, physiology, and physics... not "chi nodes" or "pressure points." Martial arts very simply (sometimes flamboyantly) exploit these for strengths and weaknesses.
Picture of c2quad30 achievements

+2 20. c2quad commented 14 years ago

Wish I had a chance to learn this unique art unknown until now
Picture of croclacrimae37 achievements

+6 21. croclacrimae commented 14 years ago

"ancient russian military Spetznas" lol
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+5 22. Aliquantulus commented 14 years ago

I just want the record to show that it wasn't me that changed the description, and that the submitter himself voted up my comment (#14) about changing the description.
Ancient russian spetznas? wtf? :P
I thought the Spetznas was just a term for Russian special forces.. The elite of the elite of the youknow..
Picture of kevlar26 achievements

0 23. kevlar commented 14 years ago

In soviet Russia u don't learn Systema, Systema learns u
Picture of Slap_chop_ninja36 achievements

+7 24. Slap_chop_ninja commented 14 years ago

The solar plexus punches you see, are thrown with a very particular technique.
"Ballistic striking" focuses on the use of the dead weight in your arm and fist in a looping arc. Hence the term "Ballistic Striking." It's great on soft tissue but you risk breaking your hand if you throw to the head. Fedor Emilianenko uses this punch all the time. (Incidentally, he breaks his hand all the time too.)
But if you're used to throwing punches in the traditional manner a la Boxing where your weight comes in behind the fist, you're gonna have a real hard time getting your head around this one.

As far as systema as a whole goes. It works, but it's not magic like they try to make out in this compilation of clips. Nothing is.
Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements

+2 25. YetiGrowl commented 14 years ago

thank shit they invented mute. cool vid though. some of those guys looked like they were falling kinda easily though.
Picture of cher-0027 achievements

0 26. cher-00 commented 14 years ago

#2 You want to see real fight? welcome to Russia and your ass'll be kicked
Picture of Kytyzow40 achievements

-4 27. Kytyzow commented 14 years ago

"what a crock of shit.. i want to see 1 fight that isnt staged"
You want to say that the american army play the russian game here??? -_-
Picture of elbartosos27 achievements

+4 28. elbartosos commented 14 years ago

wtf is up with the music ???????? just mute it and put on some thing heavier then the emo gayness
Picture of medicino30 achievements

+1 29. medicino commented 14 years ago

#28 can't agree with you more; you people can categorize it as you want but these guys would beat down any of us at any time, and probably they also know a little about firearms.
Picture of sbrucecaboose40 achievements

0 30. sbrucecaboose commented 14 years ago

#29, think a solar plexus punch can stop a bullet? martial arts is such a novelty
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

0 31. lockandload commented 14 years ago

mind, body and kick ass moves ;)
Picture of rashaba15 achievements

0 32. rashaba commented 14 years ago

It is Arkadi Renko!
Picture of deniedhost28 achievements

0 33. deniedhost commented 14 years ago

amazing i love CQC i kinda like akido ...
Picture of djemba11 achievements

0 34. djemba commented 14 years ago

I do say that's not martial arts just for self protection and dont spetznas use sambo or what it's called?
Picture of ionut84c9 achievements

0 35. ionut84c commented 14 years ago

ancient art of ju-jitsu,.... is the original, used in spetznatz military training and derived into Systema. There are a few hundred years between the 2 occurences