crazy ninja girl


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Picture of xarfaxus31 achievements

+81 1. xarfaxus commented 12 years ago

Parents: ''Kid you're grounded''
Kid: ''Am i?''
(blood everywhere)
Parents: ''Aaahhhhh''

Picture of Atmo29 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 2. Atmo commented 12 years ago

if she was my daughter i would buy her every not be beaten up :D
Picture of _MidNight_32 achievements

+13 3. _MidNight_ commented 12 years ago

haha those guys got beaten by a 5 years old girl :))
Picture of stevend171138 achievements

-4 4. stevend1711 commented 12 years ago

Ten years from now the boys will be lining up. Just hope they remember the line "No it's not you, it's me!" when they get too scared to come out of their rooms :)
Picture of Oddi50 achievements

+5 5. Oddi commented 12 years ago

she should to fight vs bam bam
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

-1 6. Usdevildoggmc commented 12 years ago

Meet the real Chloe Grace Moretz (HITGIRL)
Picture of dragonon38 achievements

+1 7. dragonon commented 12 years ago

Perfect Start, music synchronized , fast, agile, perfect control over sticks.... beautiful tempo... ah.. !

U know, i can feel it, i can ... I wonder how many boys would try to cheat her or dump her..!
Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements

+4 8. PortugaL26 commented 12 years ago

:| So young and already so skilled
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+8 9. Chrisofskjern commented 12 years ago

It's the Kindergarten Killer!!! RUUNN!!
Picture of riverside8921 achievements

0 10. riverside89 commented 12 years ago

Good stuff, Girl! Yeah!
Picture of Kytyzow40 achievements

0 11. Kytyzow commented 12 years ago

the new candidate for KARATE KID 2 :D
Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements

+15 12. c0mmanderKeen commented 12 years ago

Nice perfomance. But also wins the dumb unfitting music award.
Picture of jojotin31 achievements

0 13. jojotin commented 12 years ago

holy shit :O i dont know how old she is but definately alot more younger than i am but i must admit id be dead if she got mad at me for some reason =D i wouldnt stand a chance >:)
Picture of Baboon39 achievements

+3 14. Baboon commented 12 years ago

Very talented Kid
Picture of samxgx54 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 15. samxgx commented 12 years ago

always makes me wonder, these karate kids, ninja kids... which ever kinda fighting kids... could they possibly do ANY damage ( except the family jules ofcourse )

i mean i've been in fights with beginner martial arts fighters, and they never even impressed me
Picture of katanalex24 achievements

0 16. katanalex commented 12 years ago

When she will grow up...she will Kill Bill!
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+5 17. sux2bu commented 12 years ago

The martial arts that emphasize katas and use of weapons (that would never really be used on the street) are great for exibition and performaces in front of an audience,but put a guy with years of ONLY that type of training in the ring with a boxer/kickboxer and they get annihilated very quickly.I have seen 4th degree Tae Kwon Do black belts get in the ring with semi-pro ISKA kickboxers and the TKD fighter could not go one 3 minute round.
My son fought in the ring for 5 years up until he was 17 and the guys who were easiest to beat were the ones with all katas and weapons/forms training. The first time they would take a full- power kick to the head they would just cover up and try to quit.
Picture of PaterSin42 achievements

+5 18. PaterSin commented 12 years ago

so if she gets attacked on the street she'll say "wait let me switch on my iPod so I can beat your ass up"
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+3 19. Noobeater commented 12 years ago

A Ninja would never use a Nunchaku. Its a very ineffective weapon made for show. he would use something known as a Doll, which is a weight, usually a hook attached by a long chain to a longer stick.
Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements

+5 20. YetiGrowl commented 12 years ago

the little girl is cool but i had to hit mute. i hate that shitty music.
Picture of Alessa27 achievements

+3 21. Alessa commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment) totally agree with you ;) most of the moves were only gymnastic, and not fighting at all

i prefer watch again and again iron monnkey with the fight and demonstration of the little "wong fei hung" (8:06) :
Picture of badboy00748 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 22. badboy007 commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment) Why dont you post a video of your self thats better then
Picture of JimineyJilickers31 achievements

+3 23. JimineyJilickers commented 12 years ago

Looked more like a dance routine than martial arts. I guess I was doing it all wrong when I was I kid in karate class.
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

0 24. lockandload commented 12 years ago

i bet she can kick ask!
Picture of TheRealTsL30 achievements

+3 25. TheRealTsL commented 12 years ago

the lame music ruined it for me
Picture of mrdogtail2 achievements

0 26. mrdogtail commented 12 years ago

A daughter that makes Dad proud!!!
Picture of jaymelu30 achievements

0 27. jaymelu commented 12 years ago

while the arabs train young talibans we train ninjas.
Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements

+3 28. eNdEmiOn06463 commented 12 years ago

Why are these kids always called Savanah?
Picture of Infamous76012 achievements

0 29. Infamous760 commented 12 years ago

9 years old my bad
Picture of nawazkhan4 achievements

+3 30. nawazkhan commented 12 years ago

they put music to encourage the girl :D
Picture of medicino30 achievements

+3 31. medicino commented 12 years ago

Only those with no balls can be as dare devils with Nunchucks as she is.
Picture of InfiniteBoredom19 achievements

+1 32. InfiniteBoredom commented 12 years ago

The makings of a great cheerleader
Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements

0 33. Highmeadow commented 12 years ago

That girl will never get a date in high school if the boys have seen this video...
Picture of elbun22 achievements

0 34. elbun commented 12 years ago

reminds me of that girl in Kick ass!
Picture of danieloleinad16 achievements

0 35. danieloleinad commented 12 years ago

she have the control total the music is mmmmmmmm :P