"I have three PS3s"

Also, I have this cake.

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Picture of XXgr33n3 achievements

+4 1. XXgr33n commented 15 years ago

You are such a loser.. i have a ps3.. and im bored with it..
if anyone wants to buy it i will sell it for $500 its a 60GB, have 2 wireless Controllers, Bluetooth Head set and Raibnow six Vegas..
one controller is still in original packaging..

BTW LOSER get a girl....
Picture of eromes192 achievements

+2 2. eromes19 commented 15 years ago

you are a loser. only someone who is a virgin would do some ridiculous video like that. i now feel dumber for watching that video. at no time did you make a reasonable point in that video besides you have three. congratulations, you own three consoles that are absolutely brutal. that ps3 sucks balls. you are bragging about getting ripped off, nice one. i hope you didnt spend all your money on those consoles, maybe you can buy a clue in the video game world. may god have mercy on your soul.
Picture of SixaxisDualshock20 achievements

+1 3. SixaxisDualshock commented 15 years ago

OK, I try to stay objective everywhere I surf, but dude.. :O

I maybe only have one PS3, but at least I have a fiancée, a god job and a nice car. :)
Picture of osmark901 achievements

+3 4. osmark90 commented 15 years ago

Hahahaha, damn right you are! And having three nipples of my own I feel like I can enjoy them as much as you enjoy your 3 PS3s, after all three is the magic number.
Hooray for us!
Picture of osmark901 achievements

+1 5. osmark90 commented 15 years ago

btw someone who has a cake can't be a virgin... that's fools reasoning!!! With 3 PS3s and that cake he has the sex appeal of an ox... an ox content with his paycheck.
Picture of Rinaldo5 achievements

+2 6. Rinaldo commented 15 years ago

Picture of FreDDy5 achievements

+1 7. FreDDy commented 15 years ago

Haha all you ps3 haters... don't let this boil your blood, he has 3 ps3's... whoopdeedoo. PS3 ain't that bad anyways. but three?
Picture of scouse16 achievements

0 8. scouse1 commented 15 years ago

i hope u liked getting ripped off with ur 3 ps3's so stick ur cake and ur 3 ps3's were the sun dont shine u boring, lack of sex appeal nerd. i bet he has a cast on from masterbating too much.
Picture of demonking2 achievements

0 9. demonking commented 15 years ago

WHAT A NOB!!!! So f%#@ing what, I drive a Saab 9000CDE, a wife and 3 kids, does that make me a better man? Get a Life......
Picture of Splat7 achievements

+4 10. Splat commented 15 years ago

What's up with all of you guys taking this so seriously?

I mean.. yeah, it wasn't all that funny because it was a bit redundant after about a minute... but getting all butthurt about it and starting to list reasons why you're better than him despite him having three PS3's?

Wow... just, wow.
Picture of x3style17 achievements

+2 11. x3style commented 15 years ago

:D :D :D
Lawl ya morrons ya didnt even get the point of this video.
Its a joke!
3 PS3's!!!! That's so hilarious!
Some of ya guys have yer E-Peen larger then your sense of humour.
Picture of mr_spangles1 achievements

0 12. mr_spangles commented 15 years ago

OMG @9 and your Saab 9000CDE! I have a 10 inch penis, so I win!
Picture of scouse16 achievements

0 13. scouse1 commented 15 years ago

neva wot the fu@kr u on shut up x3style
Picture of missybo6 achievements

0 14. missybo commented 15 years ago

:( he has 3 playstations ,3 playstations ,3 playstations. he needs 1 life
Picture of DANNY_ROMAN4 achievements

0 15. DANNY_ROMAN commented 15 years ago

Ive never in all my life seen an ass hole like this? where did he come from? what an ungratefull tw@t.
he may have 3 pS3 but no life the geeky little shit bag. I hope he reads this and thinks i have 3 options 1 look at all the bad comments about me!!! 2 turn the PC off and go kill my self as no one likes me!!! 3 FUCK OFF! and i will leave you with something to think of... im going to hunt you down and smash all 3 :)
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

0 16. Paul1968 commented 15 years ago

A PS3 = $600
3 PS3's = $1800
a beautiful wife and a loving family = PRICELESS
Picture of voodoochannel2 achievements

+3 17. voodoochannel commented 15 years ago

why so angry, go for a walk or something jesus.
Picture of CadpigLover4 achievements

+1 18. CadpigLover commented 15 years ago

I hope your hand will not heal and will be amputated and you cannot play your PS3
Picture of jypny38 achievements

+1 19. jypny3 commented 15 years ago

this is funny
Picture of Hellblazer11210 achievements

+1 20. Hellblazer112 commented 15 years ago

Thats somewhat funny but he is a douche-bag. 'nuff said.
Picture of czarnian10 achievements

+1 21. czarnian commented 15 years ago

obviously, you have:

- no girlfriend
- no dog or cat
- no peanut butter ( or cat or dog to go with the lickin')
- no car
- no self respect
- no life outside your cubicle
- no taste for decoration
- caffeine inmunity
- mythosis-like reproduction abilities
- aquaphobia
- absolutely no fighting skills
- definetly a gay friend

...and 3 PS3's
(that you'll be paying in your AMEX for the next 12 years)

cheers to the PS1 DualShock!!!
best console ever!!
Picture of vlad3 achievements

+1 22. vlad commented 15 years ago

hes married to them ps3 guy needs a woman but dont think any women would want him .. also think he went crazy... no humor
Picture of phucmaster10 achievements

+1 23. phucmaster commented 15 years ago

I laughed at the cake part. Pretty funny, but I bet when he made this, he didn't realize that the PS3 was going to be the least desirable console of the season.
Picture of foobarbaz1 achievements

+1 24. foobarbaz commented 15 years ago

I laughed more than 3 times.

Hillarious! :)
Picture of tretle1 achievements

+3 25. tretle commented 15 years ago

The people commenting here have no sense of humor... Not the greatest video but he was obviously taking the piss. He probably lives with flatmate's who also own ps3's which would explain why he has three ps3's.
Picture of eternalw1 achievements

+1 26. eternalw commented 15 years ago

Nice acting I don't now how he can say such stupidities. and I don't want is PS3s nor is shit taste looking cake.
geatfully if it's not some acting he kinda looks like he enjoy living in his world... and its not really funny...
Picture of solo1 achievements

+2 27. solo commented 15 years ago

:D ;) hahahahahahahahahhahahah this is the sh!t most of u should just chill the f..kout...cause this guy is having ablast.... hahahahahaahah hilarious sh!t......hahahahah omg...this is off the hook men...."i have two nippels...but...i have three ps3's..." hahahahahah
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+2 28. Noobeater commented 15 years ago

Haha! That guy so owns all of you losers with no, one or only two ps3's.

I ofcourse.......have three ps3's.

I also have this cake.
Picture of luca4 achievements

0 29. luca commented 15 years ago

where do I get a refund for the last 3 minutes of my life and all the brain cells this video just killed?
Picture of codybasham2 achievements

+1 30. codybasham commented 15 years ago

luca if you find out let me know
Picture of ohayitsme2 achievements

+2 31. ohayitsme commented 15 years ago

...i thought it was funny...for i, too, have 3 ps3s
Picture of dominions3 achievements

0 32. dominions commented 15 years ago

eeew what a pathetic video.
Picture of griffin8311 achievements

+2 33. griffin831 commented 15 years ago

funny that even though this guy sucks, hes more famous than any of you.
Picture of bananawoman5 achievements

+1 34. bananawoman commented 15 years ago

Picture of smartpatrol8 achievements

+1 35. smartpatrol commented 15 years ago

I have a PS1 a PS@ and a PSP no PS# no cake and 2 nipples

I think I will kill myself

Great Vid LOL
Picture of yourmum35 achievements

+1 36. yourmum commented 15 years ago

This guy rocks!
What's even funnier than the video is all the comments by wankers who didn't get the joke and got all upset.

Are there really that many stupid people out there?

Yes, there are. :(|)
Picture of snowblazer122 achievements

0 37. snowblazer12 commented 15 years ago

for all those ppl calling him a virgin.
wow you guys are smart
does it look like he even came close to losing his virginity
thought he even had cyber sex
well maybe with him self =/
Picture of snowblazer122 achievements

+1 38. snowblazer12 commented 15 years ago

also he has to buy three time the amount of the game so like a call of duty game that is 60$ maybe multiply that by 3 and he spent 180$ on games =/ half an xbox there haha
Picture of Bahamaut7 achievements

+3 39. Bahamaut commented 15 years ago

Awesome video. Guess u make a lot of no lifers, fat bastards, gankers, zitters very very mad >:)
Picture of OnetimeX36 achievements

-1 40. OnetimeX commented 15 years ago

Smug prick
Picture of lilone20012 achievements

0 41. lilone2001 commented 15 years ago

Two words, PATHETIC LOOSER!!!!!
Picture of Nutsicle3 achievements

+1 42. Nutsicle commented 15 years ago

He is the *John Holmes* of PS3's. I bet his Nutsicles itch.
Picture of mice21 achievements

0 43. mice commented 15 years ago

he has 3 ps3... and i have 3 dick for him. one to his ass in the bathroom, one to his mouth in the dining room, and one to his mother in the bedroom...
oh, what a bad guy i am...
Picture of DigitNSM7 achievements

0 44. DigitNSM commented 15 years ago

i hate this guy, he isnt cool. i doubt he's ever had a girlfriend. someone needs to make a video: "I have 3 girlfriends. I have 0 PS3s. You have 0 girlfriends. You have 3 PS3s. Who is having more fun?"
Picture of DeLiero33 achievements

+1 45. DeLiero commented 14 years ago

oh come on people :D don't take it that personal :D I do want a PS3, and I don't have a PS3, and he does have a PS3, three of them....but still I laughed my ass off because it's well made video :P loved the cake comparison :D
Besides, don't you think it's possible that the video is made as a joke? for those who really are jealous to the idea of someone having 3 PS3's like you x)
As "yourmum" said :D

Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+5 46. Maffis commented 14 years ago

Wow you're all retards. This is a satirical joke...
Picture of Tefkros17 achievements

+1 47. Tefkros commented 14 years ago

Picture of andanother13 achievements

0 48. andanother commented 14 years ago

I think he has three PS3s :|
Picture of ArmlessSoldier31 achievements

+1 49. ArmlessSoldier commented 14 years ago

no way u have 3 ps3? oh well i prefer the xbox 360 anyways LOL
Picture of rubi46 achievements

+2 50. rubi commented 14 years ago

#39 #(removed comment)
yes, nice video :(|)
Picture of vgsr31 achievements

+3 51. vgsr commented 14 years ago

Sarcasm is the greatest form of humor in this world. And actually everybody saying "loser" "prick" or whatever, simply didnt get it.
Picture of BelgianEvo8 achievements

0 52. BelgianEvo commented 14 years ago

Now some decent kitchen furniture and you can cook a nice meal for your imaginary girlfriend :-D

p.s. : Nice movie (great sarcasm ;)
Picture of zsir15 achievements

+1 53. zsir commented 13 years ago

3 ps3-s and a broken thumb.. lol or hand
Picture of Cvejic44 achievements

+2 54. Cvejic commented 13 years ago

I'm waiting for the sequel with three PS3 slim consoles. :)
Picture of cheesewire26 achievements

+2 55. cheesewire commented 13 years ago

HOLY SH*T!! this pissed a LOT of people off!

i thought it was hilarious
Picture of rascha35 achievements

-2 56. rascha commented 12 years ago

Get a life man
Picture of Dauntless48 achievements

+1 57. Dauntless commented 12 years ago

He has 3 PS3's,I have 1 Xbox. I win! >:)
Picture of kole6 achievements

0 58. kole commented 11 years ago

Koja selja?ina nemoš vjerovat?!?!?!?!
Picture of ninocka37 achievements

-1 59. ninocka commented 7 years ago

what a bunch of pussies all of you. it's a joke you retards.
i think you all need a ps3 in your life..and you all need to get laid to loosen up a bit. losers.