Largest EOD detonation so far, Khost City Afghanistan

This is one of the largest detonations caught on camera of an IED device being disposed of so far in the Afghanistan war

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Picture of snotr_fan34 achievements

+80 1. snotr_fan commented 10 years ago

thats what she said >:)
Picture of lockandload57 achievements
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-18 2. lockandload commented 10 years ago

what game is this? call of duty? yep that was f*cking huge :O
Picture of NotFirst33 achievements

+50 3. NotFirst commented 10 years ago

I lived through one (many actually) that was bigger than this. I was about ten feet away from it in a stryker ( Destroyed the vehicle, but we all lived. We restored the citizens' control of their water and electric supply. They were glad that they didn't have to depend on a dictator to give them what they needed, but the citizens have control now, schools are opened up, and the people vote too! I am glad I was a part of the good stuff happening over there. (Iraq that is).
Sucks that innocent people get hurt :'(
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

0 4. irishgek commented 10 years ago

Is that the only thing americans know , OH MY GOD, sorry america but im so sick of hearing this on every clip with an explosion your god had nothing to do with that explosion.
Picture of Pizzathehutt2633 achievements

+32 5. Pizzathehutt26 commented 10 years ago

#(removed comment) Hollywood movie explosions won't send you home in a body bag.
Picture of rolighed9924 achievements

+17 6. rolighed99 commented 10 years ago

#(removed comment) if you read the headline you would see it says "largest EOD detonation..." and by EOD th uploader probably meant IED (improvised Explosive Device)

But never the less that is a big explotion, and unfortunately something that takes many lives, to often, both civillians and the military suffer from it.
Picture of zamuraii29 achievements

+6 7. zamuraii commented 10 years ago

wow! That was crazy!
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+9 8. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#6 The headline is correct as written because it is the largest detonation caught on camera of an EOD team blowing up a huge IED.
Picture of pizdalizac24 achievements

+6 9. pizdalizac commented 10 years ago

MAAASSSS RESPECT to #3 for risking his life to go over their and help those in need
Picture of sbrucecaboose40 achievements

+6 10. sbrucecaboose commented 10 years ago

#6, #8 meant to say EOD stands for: explosive ordinance disposal


lets just be thankful these things didn't hurt anyone.
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

+10 11. CrackrJak commented 10 years ago

#3 Thank You for serving in the military, It it can't be said enough. Putting your lives on the line to keep us safe here at home and freeing those that have been oppressed, It's too bad the good part of your job there isn't reported on, As it should be.

Veteran's Day is only 2 weeks away, I invite everyone to thank a vet for their freedom and go out to a veteran's day parade. God Bless All Veterans. :)
Picture of DaCostaPT31 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 12. DaCostaPT commented 10 years ago

Yes ! Thanks for protect America from the weapons of mass destruction… oh wait… Iraq freedom… Now let’s bomb/free the others countries that have dictatorship… here’s the list …
Picture of joeman74 achievements

+4 13. joeman commented 10 years ago

Isn't that the Irishman from Boston?
Shaun McGillicuddy...
Picture of huldu34 achievements

-4 14. huldu commented 10 years ago

Safe from what? Do you think the military has anything to say about organized terrorism? If someone wants you dead it will happen, period. Im sorry its the cold truth. The military exist to capture nations and protect your country from foreign attacking nations. Terrorism does neither. Terrorism is there to tell you you're not safe.

Right now the military protects the interest of the government, in this case its purely greed based, but is it ever not.

#3 Yeah, the same way you treated the vets from the Vietnam war. Give me a break, you people have no respect for the military. However the military is not at fault here, they are just puppets of your horrific government.

Id rather think about the loss of people on BOTH sides. How many civilians have not been caught between your army and the nation they are occupying. The military go to war knowing that they can perish. Civilians do not. Of course to call what is going on right now a 'war' is just saying there is a war between man and maggots.

Ill end this with a classic 'what goes around comes around' think about it for your future generations.
Picture of NotFirst33 achievements

+3 15. NotFirst commented 10 years ago

#12 If a dictator is a good person, then the people will be treated well. (I don't agree with everything that happened)
Do you have any idea what Iraq's old regime did to their own people? Some pretty freaking horrible things. It's not right, it's down right evil. I'm glad that there are some people that have the courage to stand up and do the right thing and stop people who willing kill people. Some people can't stand up for themselves, I will be that person to stop the bullies. Are you going to be the person that starts crying when the bully gets beat up and call me the bad guy??!!

Sure, there are always political agendas, and that part of war sucks! But I'm not going to talk about that part.

If you are in danger, and your family is facing death, I will come to your rescue and I will give you back the control of your life. Then you will tell me that I am the bad guy and I am in it for the greed. I face that attitude all the time, no sweat, I'll gladly do it again to save your sorry butt.

If anyone is offended at this message, let me guess: Your job does not include Law Enforcement, You are not a part of a Search and Rescue team, You do not believe in personal firearms, and you are not a history buff.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+3 16. ComentAtor commented 10 years ago

#15 i believe that the idea you had before going there was to help people, but don't say US went there to save people of Iraq, please. Even the official reason that they stated was allegedly the discovery of weapons of mass destruction (now, we know it was a lie), so US invades a country because of developing nuclear weapons which they have so much that that they can destroy the world 10 times and many other countries like Israel for example, and i have to trust you with so much power given to only one man - the President. It would be much better to dig a big hole and get rid of Your weapons of mass destruction.
It's just hard to believe that such a rich country would destroy it's own economy and spend more than 700 BILLION dollars (officially,and it is believed that the costs exceed 3 TRILLION $) to help people in iraq, o you great Samaritans, or..
let's see who controls the Iraqi oil now? to Who did the money for the war go? who produces bullets, firearms, bombs, planes and other equipment? and who owns those companies?
i'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but it's still not too late to stop your government killing more people around the world. read! inform yourself, and inform your friends. please.
It is us , the weak, in the rest of the world that are in fear of the bully - you.
Picture of clark5828 achievements

0 17. clark58 commented 10 years ago

#16 How many attacks should we have waited for before taking action? We have been atacked for decades. What war isn't fought without killing people? But who spends millions of dollars to use weapons that pinpoint the destruction to save lives, it would be far cheaper to use the type of dumb bombs used in WWII to carpet bomb a target. Do you think the people we are fighting give a crap about how many people they kill or who they kill. The rest of the world is not going to wake up until there is someone with a gun telling you who to worship and how to live. We are fighting people that believe you live how they live or die. Wake UP!
Picture of Taineract35 achievements

+1 18. Taineract commented 10 years ago

#16 - actually, the weapons of mass destruction thing was just ONE reason that was stated amongst dozens of others. It wasn't even the main one. The media just paraded the WMD thing, and eventually, it got the most publicity.

Also, the US does not control Iraqi oil. It is completely open on the world market. The vast majority of it ends up going to China, of all places. Even if the US DID get ALL of the oil from Iraq, it still wouldn't have made up for all the oil and $ used in the war.

Oh, and if you're actually afraid of the US invading your country, they your country must be either killing hundreds of thousands of people, or you're just completely paranoid.

Get your facts straight, then come back and try again.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 19. ComentAtor commented 10 years ago

#17 At least one, you weren't attacked by Iraq.

#18 name at least half a dozen reasons, you can skip the other half.
i know that your country doesn't profit from the war, i believe that was my point, it goes to private companies of course. and as long as those people (owners, shareholders...) do not have interest in my country i don't have to worry.
Picture of Taineract35 achievements

0 20. Taineract commented 10 years ago

#19 - very well. Took me 2 seconds to google it.

1) Saddam Hussein Violated United Nations Security Council Resolutions;
2) Patrolling The UN-Mandated No-Fly Zone, U.S. And Coalition Forces Were Regularly Attacked; 3) Saddam Hussein Brutalized Iraq's Civilian Population;
4) Saddam Hussein Supported And Harbored Terrorist Organizations;
5) Saddam Hussein Had A History Of Pursuing And Using WMD; and
6) Removing Saddam Hussein to Bring Freedom To The Heart Of The Middle East.
Picture of mgkg7 achievements

-1 21. mgkg commented 10 years ago

where is this #3 living. Are you trying to make your self believe you were useful in Iraq by posting an off topic 5 lines on snotr ? And how the heck are you protecting the US by bombing innocents 4 thousands miles away. In any case if you need a platform to feel good about your useless trip to Irak go for it..

As for #20:
-1 a number of countries violated UN resolutions: Israel, N. Korea...They didn't get invaded, either cause they are too tough to be bullied or they are friends with the bully.
2-the N-F-Z are not UN mandated, smarten up a bit.
3-true, but that's none of your business. I don't know where you come from, but from the way you write you must be American, so in that case, you have brutalized your own population too, enslaving them, exterminating them, putting them in internment camps...etc. So clean your backyard first.
4-so does the US (google it), Germany (teh hambourg cell), the UK (reed the shoe bomber)...etc
5-I thought the Us invented and used some WMD!
6-Ok, i am tired, are you a 10 years old wanna be republican?

Picture of NotFirst33 achievements

0 22. NotFirst commented 10 years ago

ok, #16 and #21, I didn't want to talk about political stuff, but whatever. I agree with you on the stupid reasons that the US went over there and it makes me sick to my stomach and very upset about the crap that goes on behind political doors, then what we hear are bold-face lies about the truth. In that respect, I agree with you, and wish that the government didn't have that much power. -Watch the movie "Green Zone"

LISTEN TO ME! I did not push any buttons and bomb anyone! We do not kill innocent people! That's called murder. I will have no part in it. If my government kills innocent people, it is the people's responsibility to bring that government down. (this is why citizens should have the right to bear arms-so the government fears the people!!!!!)

Anyways, alot of peoples lives were changed for the better over there. I saw many good things. So please don't call everyone that has gone to war an "evil person". There are still those of us who stand up for the rights of other people and ask for nothing in return. And, I am better than no one. So please refrain from commits that suggest that I think otherwise. Peace to you.

(FYI: It is people in the Car Bombs that kill many, many civilians, not the solders. It's very sad, I saw it many times. )
Picture of risetelo21 achievements

-1 23. risetelo commented 10 years ago

The fear ... the horror
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 24. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan over a million civilians were killed,and that is a conservative estimation. I think the US has done a good job of limiting civilian casualties by using surgical strikes with precision weapons.
And as far as WMD are concerned,it was well known that Sadam had VX gas and mustard gas in large quantities and had used them to try to exterminate the Kurds in northern Iraq. The British also still stand by their intelligence reports that Iraq had been trying to buy yellow cake uranium from Niger.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 25. ComentAtor commented 10 years ago

#20 21 said it all
#22 i didn't call you a bad person, just your government .. which is just as the one in my country, but small country means small money and small appetite (only washing dirty money of mafia through Hypo bank, and corruption and selling off national treasures to private companies, they are small fish compared to your guys) and i know that a few things changed to the better but you must know that all these reasons didn't bother your country when they helped Saddam with weapons supply only a few years ago when he attacked kuwait and saudi arabia.
One could even say You created him, by supporting him earlier(providing him with WMD).
i mean .. the Government, not you. and I believe you din't go on a murder spree just like my father didn't... but they killed him, just for his nationality in a dictator regime 30years ago or my brother, killed in a war ten years ago while defending my country .. from people like you, and i forgive him, it's not his fault he was filled with lies every day, filled with hate..and all this fighting for what? so that the politicians can sell it for a small profit? it is sad i admit, but ignorance isn't the solution. we have to know and understand who is the enemy so it doesn't happen again.

#24 i have almost no energy left for people who say "I think the US has done a good job of limiting civilian casualties by using surgical strikes with precision weapons." wow i'll bomb your country with a new bomb i developed that only kills black people? ok? WTF are you talking about ??? limiting civilian casualties??!?!?! are you defending your invasion of iraq with comparison to other invasions? as being less harmful? wow. what if i did that ? comparing bombing your town with hiroshima and nagasaki? saying it's not that bad.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! please put your head in the sand and be ashamed for a while.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-3 26. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#25 Since you choose not to reveal what country you are from (Italy or France maybe?) I can not figure out how your thinking became so skewed. Since the war IS happening and people are dying I do believe that doing our best to just kill the enemy while avoiding civilian deaths is important,and that is something no other country in previous wars was ever concerned with.
The enemy embraces death and looks forward to meeting with is the US Marine's job to arrange that meeting for as many of them as possible.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 27. ComentAtor commented 10 years ago

#26 italy is a democratic country since 1945 and france from , if i remember well, 1800 no (if i mentioned dictator regime) of course not , i'm from croatia
and mankind is doing everything for thousands of years to make weapons more precise, you are not the first. i believe you know what was the bombing precision in WW2 ,and i'm glad it moved on.. but you are missing the point.
United States of America invaded Iraq..period. they flew, they sailed, they conquered. If canada or mexico had moved their troops across your borders i would support you. do you understand? stop defending your terror (korea, vietnam, afganistan, iraq... what is next iran? )

"Until the philosophy which hold one race
Superior and another inferior
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
Everywhere is war"
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-2 28. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#27 Well at least I can now understand your position on the war,but we were attacked and are still being threatened and attacked by fanatical Islamists who have said their goal is to convert the Western world to Islam and Sharia law, and we are just not going to let that happen.Parts of London are already Muslim controlled and they demand rights for themselves. They do not try to assimilate into a new and different society,they try to make their new home into the same type of shithole they left behind.France is even worse-off than England with Muslims demanding special rights.They seem to only obey their own version of Islamic law and ignore the law of the country they move to.
This war is not just the US vs Iraq/ is the Free World vs fanaticism.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

+1 29. ComentAtor commented 10 years ago

#28 look, there are fanatical islamists just as there were fanatical christianists for hundreds of years. These 10 or 100 or 1000 people mustn't be a reason to invade a country. if you had sex before marriage a hundred years ago you would probably be dead, today we don't even think about it. Imposed rules make people behave aggressive and ununderstanding towards different opinions. Compare our banking system to theirs and you'll notice they are right we are the ones being enslaved, but feeling free. read ! please, read! inform yourself. Don't judge a nation/religion by it's fanatics, imagine what would they think of us./
Picture of Alessa27 achievements

+2 30. Alessa commented 10 years ago

Whatever those comments (almost30) said.... Those IDE are killing, every days, many people: civilians (most of the time) and military people.
We only can be proud of those man, who has guts enough to defuse those IED and bombs every days, and who risk their life for others :) !!

And, #27 : only to add, France was not a dictator regime before 1789 (Revolution), it was a monarchy, with adviser, with differents law to protect people, but with too much differences between "rich (privilege one ;)s) and poor" people... so that concluded on the Revolution.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 31. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#29 For sure the Christians of centuries ago were misguided and wrong for trying to force their religion on others . They were responsible for torture during the Inquisitions and witch burnings killed many innocents too......but that was long ago and right now we have to deal with the atrocities of the present.The fact that the oil rich Muslim countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia have a good banking system does not change the reality of human rights abuse that is part of Sharia law.
And the numbers of Muslim fanatics are in the many thousands,all brainwashed into believing they are doing Allah's bidding.The US did not "invade" a country by itself you know;it was a coalition of nations trying to stop Islamic terrorism.Canada and Mexico were a part of it. France and England are being warned of terror attacks right now. There is no other religion on earth that teaches to kill or enslave non-believers but Islam.Conversion by the sword they call it.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

-1 32. ComentAtor commented 10 years ago

#30 i was just saying that i couldn't been from italy nor from france, and those IDEs are a message to the US to go home, i do not approve it! don't get me wrong but it's a response to their situation.

#31 believe me, it hurts me to see men throwing acid to a beautiful girls face just for looking another man, and cutting of clitoris and all this other horrific stuff because of ignorance and blind readings of Kur'an but it is because of ignorance and when G.W.Bush says sth like : I am driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, 'George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan' and the audience goes wild i feel the same.

I repeat:
1.US wasn't attacked by Iraq, nor Afghanistan ...., US is attacking countries all around the world in the name of enforcing democracy but read between the lines, why didn't you save people of africa? google Mengistu Haile Mariam,Idi Amin Dada or Robert Mugabe?
the wars of US are not fought for a good cause, they are fought for private interests.

2.look at the old testament: eye for an eye tooth for a tooth? lol almost all religions have parts of hatred except maybe Buddhism and people like W. have misused it for their own causes for as long as we've inhabited this small blue dot.
Picture of Alessa27 achievements

+2 33. Alessa commented 10 years ago

#32 : no offense :), as I said, I do not care about "this debate" and just gave my opinion about this video and the men who risk their life for other people, where ever they come from, and whatever their religion are (sorry for my english).

Also, the explanation about France was there as an "add", but has nothing to do with this video or debate ;)
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

0 34. ComentAtor commented 10 years ago

#33 ;) i'll see you on Tuesday? i'm in Marseille :D (and you are probably from Arras)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 35. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#32 This war is not about one country vs another,it is about an ideology of repression vs the free peoples of this planet.The terrorists that are carrying out the suicide bombings against civilians at shopping areas and market places in many countries are adherents to a sick ideology and come from many different countries. If just one country were responsible for all the terrorist activity then the war would have been over very quickly and that country would be a smoking hole in the desert now.
The US sends billions in aid to African countries.Some of the ruthless despots who rule certain African nations should be taken out,but unless they start exporting their evil ways by attacking other nations the US will not directly intervene.The same goes for N.Korea,if they again make a move on S.Korea then the US will be involved.If Saddam had not invaded Kuwait the US probably would not have gone over there in 1990/1991.

Christians,by the way,do not adhere to the teachings of the Old Testament.The New Testament changed everything although the Ten Commandments are still worth living by.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

-1 36. ComentAtor commented 10 years ago

"Some of the ruthless despots who rule certain African nations should be taken out,but unless they start exporting their evil ways by attacking other nations the US will not directly intervene"
they are doing it all the time and US didn't intervene! (oil?)

i'm not talking about sending money, but responding to ideas of reacting to a dictator regime

US helped Saddam before he "betrayed" them.. come on .. read before you post ;)

i am Christian, it's the first time i heard the Church started selling only half of the Bible

this is my last post, i have to go. i am really sorry for trying to enlighten and educate, i know it can be felt as degrading, but it's the truth. US invades, because it can. World cops :) i understand that, but don't be a fool to believe to everything they say. it is sth like Stanford Prison Experiment but with 6 billion people. people change when they are en powered, and they use TV just like a gossip girl uses her friends. don't be a fool. help spreading peace, not anger.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 37. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

Your idea of enlighten and educate is more like ignoring reality. Sorry your position in the world does not allow you to see the big picture.
And yes,Christians do live by the New Covenant."Eye for an eye" was replaced by "turn the other cheek".
This discussion has reached an impasse it seems,so thanks and God Bless us all.
Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

-2 38. ComentAtor commented 10 years ago

if you consider the attitude towards spreading aids in africa and homosexuals and divorced women it isnt the "turn the other cheek" way