Russian army blows up its inflatable weapons

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Picture of Xer51 achievements

+62 1. Xer commented 11 years ago

next they will bomb you with inflatable atomic bombs, and you will crap your pants and die!
Picture of hafa33 achievements

+38 2. hafa commented 11 years ago

back to the poker table eh ?
Picture of Baboon39 achievements

+38 3. Baboon commented 11 years ago

#1 no you will inflate and fly :)
Picture of Herrminator62 achievements

+35 4. Herrminator commented 11 years ago

Less scary than those: ;)
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+54 5. dushan commented 11 years ago

very dangerous weapon, when the enemy soldiers see it they will all die, laughing :D
Picture of Nuntchakou24 achievements

+46 6. Nuntchakou commented 11 years ago

Gotta admit that it is a good strategy...
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

+29 7. lockandload commented 11 years ago

theres normally drones and other technology which spots thermal whats the deal with these? one laser guided bullet and its game over for the inflatable..
Picture of kazannova44 achievements

+28 8. kazannova commented 11 years ago

The Americans used them as well on world war 2
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+31 9. Chrisofskjern commented 11 years ago

So what they're saying is... The russian army blows?
Picture of PaterSin42 achievements

+27 10. PaterSin commented 11 years ago

#7 there are more advanced ones that also simulate heat signatures
Picture of kragus27 achievements

+25 11. kragus commented 11 years ago

How can you say it is a secret if now everybody knows. Where's the secret? B.S.
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

+31 12. zerorain commented 11 years ago

4.3million of a real tank. 100 times cheaper? so its $43,000 for a inflatable? wtf
Picture of Or3n32 achievements

+26 13. Or3n commented 11 years ago

not so secret now is it?
Picture of sinduda30 achievements

+25 14. sinduda commented 11 years ago

old news, inflatable tanks have been used by Iraqis since dessert shield..
Picture of Diarmaid29 achievements

+23 15. Diarmaid commented 11 years ago

Two points to make,

1 - It's not a secret weapon if you are telling everyone.

2 - I would rather have 1 real tank, than have 100 fake tanks.
Picture of Jabafara56 achievements

+22 16. Jabafara commented 11 years ago

"Best of all, is the price tag. They are 100 times cheaper than the real thing"

Example: Russian T-90 tank $2,23million/unit..
So that kind of Wacky Inflateable Arm Waving Tube Man Tank is still gonna cost you more than 20 grand :|
I Think in this case fooling the enemy is the best thing.. NOT the price tag :D

And that "special material".. Metallic spray coating perhaps? 2,99 from yours local hardware store >:)
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+23 17. Maffis commented 11 years ago

"A 100 times cheaper", but more than a thousand times useless in actual warfare.
Picture of drewsutton36 achievements

+17 18. drewsutton commented 11 years ago

I was gonna make the point that 100x cheaper didn't sound like it was very cheap to me, but #12 beat me to it.
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

+17 19. Usdevildoggmc commented 11 years ago

They are called decoys they used strategies like this in WWII but now they are inflatable with real accurate dimensions and they show up on radar as the real thing....holy shit.... just have 1 real one in the middle of 10 of these and have it fire and we'll see who wants to stay for the show.
Picture of motoraxel25 achievements

+18 20. motoraxel commented 11 years ago

They could have an inflatable girlfriend in camoflauge riding it!
Picture of defade30 achievements

+23 21. defade commented 11 years ago

I can see some amusing misunderstanding coming from this.

Soldier1: "The enemy is coming. Quick, blow up our tanks!"
Soldier2: "Yes, sir!"
Soldier1: "WTF dude!"
Picture of BarraMacAnna29 achievements

+26 22. BarraMacAnna commented 11 years ago

"They're a 100 times cheaper than the real thing"..War tanks apparently cost in excess of at least 10 million each..divided by 100 equals: 100 grand! That's an expensive bouncy castle!

(oh sorry just realised AFTER I typed the above that #12 and #16 have pointed this out already, aw man I'm gona be downgraded aren't I? Please have mercy, I realised my mistake!! :'( haha :D
Picture of Humes17 achievements

+19 23. Humes commented 11 years ago

@ #15

But you wouldn't attack 100 tanks with one tank would you? Unless you were absolutly sure they were all fake, and you can't really know that...
Picture of Taineract35 achievements

+18 24. Taineract commented 11 years ago

I could be mistaken, but I don't think these would fool thermal vision - which is what most air-based scouts are equipped with, and how they spot things. I could only see this fooling low-tech militia or insurgents.
Picture of c2quad30 achievements

+21 25. c2quad commented 11 years ago

Revealing the war secrets purposly....

I believe there is a reason which is maybe to fool the enemy or maybe to make the enemy think whether I am being made fool or its really fake so he gets confused.
This is a really intelligent trick to confuse enemy
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+3 26. loadrunner commented 9 years ago

I would do the opposite, let them think there are no weapons, and hit the enemy hard.
Picture of Kytyzow40 achievements

+2 27. Kytyzow commented 9 years ago

Modern era

During the Kosovo War, the Yugoslav Army regularly placed dummy tanks in Kosovo which misled NATO forces into thinking that they were destroying far more real tanks than actually occurred.[15]

The United States Army has developed a modern dummy tank. It imitates the M1 Abrams tank not only in appearance, but also in its heat signature, in order to appear real to infrared detectors. One of these decoys can take fire from the enemy and still appear to be operational, thus delaying the enemy by as much as an hour, as they are forced to destroy the decoy. These M1 decoys cost only $3,300,[16] compared to $4.35 million for a real M1.[17] The decoy is also practical: when disassembled, it weighs only fifty pounds, and is roughly the same size as a duffel bag. Its generator—about the size of a 12 inch television—facilitates inflation, so that two people can erect the decoy in a few minutes.[16] Occasionally, real tanks carry a dummy on board, to deploy when needed.[18]

Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+2 28. loadrunner commented 9 years ago

But you cant win a battle with dummies, if they come and get you.
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

0 29. buckleg08 commented 1 year ago

that has more use than current social 2020 settings with people full of hot air...;)
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 30. Judge-Jake commented 1 year ago

If these dummy tanks are 100 times cheaper than the real thing, then they need to get the dummy tank price down to $100 then the real things will only cost $10000 8-)
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

0 31. buckleg08 commented 1 year ago

blow up have conflicting
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 32. Judge-Jake commented 1 year ago

if there is a heavy wind they will blow all over the battle field. :squirrel: