Dubai cars

A compilation of car photos taken in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Picture of Paul196825 achievements

+8 1. Paul1968 commented 16 years ago

Nice vid........ stinks of money
Picture of missybo6 achievements

+5 2. missybo commented 16 years ago

nice i wil take one of each in black plz lollll :D 8-)
Picture of jamesmelbaustral9 achievements

+3 3. jamesmelbaustral commented 16 years ago

Yeah, yeah. We know you arabs are filthy rich. We also know you got rich because of your oil cos it certainly ain't your intelligence.
Picture of Xionbox45 achievements

+5 4. Xionbox (moderator) commented 16 years ago

Actually jamesmelbaustral, the Arabs invented the numbers, math, and found Pi. Oh, also, it's our stupid Christan pope that said Math was from the Devil in the fifteenth century because the a-hole didn't know how to add numbers... It took about two centuries for us morons to get it though our sick head that math wasn't from devil... Imagine just how technologically advanced we would have been if there wasn't stupid people directing a religion based on the dude that first had a coma...
Picture of jamesmelbaustral9 achievements

+1 5. jamesmelbaustral commented 16 years ago

Yeah yeah. Those were the days eh?
Picture of Zoologist1 achievements

+2 6. Zoologist commented 16 years ago

What's the song?
Picture of M1nt13 achievements

+1 7. M1nt commented 16 years ago

someone say song plz
Picture of M1nt13 achievements

+2 8. M1nt commented 16 years ago

cool vid
Picture of cosminb37 achievements

+2 9. cosminb commented 16 years ago

jamesmelbaustral, who was the stupid that made them rich? and is still making them rich? me, you, we all are... we can't come up with a better solution than oil to make our cars run... right? and when we do, we don't apply it, because still, of oil giants. Stupid US!!!
Picture of golddigger5 achievements

+2 10. golddigger commented 16 years ago

song is called "abdullahachmachallambro" :D
Picture of phenom3 achievements

+3 11. phenom commented 16 years ago

man i live in uae, jamesmelbaustral is rite and wrong, the emaratians (some...k many) think that they're better than us because they found the earth's shit, but some like the x president (Allah yir7amo) was the best, he cared about everyone, he helped Palestine wen it got attacked and Iraq, now, his son, Shei5 Khalifa is the leader, and his generosity is a proof that he is Shei5 Zayed's son
Picture of cdrwin3 achievements

-2 12. cdrwin commented 16 years ago

Who gives a shit
Picture of sandman66722 achievements

+3 13. sandman6672 commented 16 years ago

My My such tension. Actually cosminb is partially correct. I lived their and trained their Air force on 80 brand new F-16's that they bought from guess who? The USA. You know I didn't see one oil well while I lived their. In fact we get over 50% of our oil from Norweigh. But it is close minded people that think all our oil comes from the Middle East. Their rich because there Sheik Zayed and others before him took care of his people. Not because of their export. Does your government give you money when you get married. Does your Government give you money to have kids how about a house or land? You poor close minded individual. You pay when you get married, have kids , want land. They don't. You pay taxes every year or at least every payday. They don't have tax over in the UAE. Are you getting the picture now. That country 25 years ago was a fishing village with dirt roads and very few people. Now look at it. Do you know why, well you probably dont care, but they know how to network to get things done. They hire cheap laborers who make 100 bucks a month from Pakistan and India to do the jobs that you don't do, just like we hire mexicans to do the jobs that you are to lazy or stupid to do. Ok I am done.
PS. Did you know that some of those license plates cost as much as their cars? You can order them out of magazines. It shows their status. Weird but true.
Picture of sandman66722 achievements

+2 14. sandman6672 commented 16 years ago

Here i'll make it easier for you.

Revenues from petroleum and natural gas contribute less than 6% (2006)[6] of Dubai's US$ 37 billion economy (2005).[7] A majority of the emirate's revenues are from the Jebel Ali free zone authority (JAFZA)[8] and, increasingly, from tourism and other service-oriented businesses. Dubai has attracted world-wide attention through innovative real estate projects [9] and sports events. This increased attention, coinciding with its emergence as a world business hub, has also highlighted human rights issues concerning its largely foreign workforce.
Picture of Dex113 achievements

+1 15. Dex11 commented 16 years ago

i dont understand that i alwais think that is poor countrie(not so poor)but if you look in the background you will sea very cheap cars. But ferrari,porche and more its ok :) :) :) :)
Picture of vlad3 achievements

-3 16. vlad commented 16 years ago

now u know how all those terrorists git funded
Picture of keltix7 achievements

+3 17. keltix commented 16 years ago

Nice cars.
Picture of milo3 achievements

+2 18. milo commented 16 years ago

agreed with Xionbox..

nice cars.. :D
Picture of holavercetti3 achievements

-2 19. holavercetti commented 16 years ago

man they only get money by selling oil nothn else.....wen oil is going to finish they will starve to see a dolar note :D :D
Picture of 3moor952 achievements

+3 20. 3moor95 commented 16 years ago

hey stop making comments about dubai im from dubai and i know we waste money its because the other emaratees think they r rich and they dont care about the poor but thank god i care :) :D
Picture of unknownuser5 achievements

-2 21. unknownuser commented 16 years ago

hmm.. upgraded the camels eh?
Picture of theKonstapeln5 achievements

-3 22. theKonstapeln commented 16 years ago

and the point of this vido is?
Picture of kmodek6 achievements

+2 23. kmodek commented 16 years ago

WHY is there a car in a living room??? LOVE the metallic silver...would be cool in gold or copper too! Why don't we have cool cars like this here???
Goes to show how well the oil pays, eh?
Picture of bynenss6 achievements

+2 24. bynenss commented 16 years ago

The point of this video is to make you weep you little jealous wanker full of invy.

Great taste of cars. Did anyone notice they only have european cars besides a couple of US hummers? I think I don't have to explane.
Picture of popmariacarmen2 achievements

+1 25. popmariacarmen commented 16 years ago

Picture of maven1016 achievements

-2 26. maven101 commented 16 years ago

Big deal..I live in Palm Springs, California and the car scene is the same...I didn't notice any Arab made cars...I guess they just drive 'em...or their 100 dollar a month Pakistani does...and, man, does that screeching music suck..big time.
Picture of xmadxxx40 achievements

+2 27. xmadxxx commented 14 years ago

I love us and uae and ....
Picture of kickthedonkey13 achievements

+2 28. kickthedonkey commented 13 years ago

wow, i just noticed how many german cars are in the video. then i counted and there were 47 pictures with a german car in focus and 37 from all the other countries. well, we just build the best cars! you cant deny it! :D