Using proper english

The many uses of the word "F**k"
*warning foul language*

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Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements

+6 1. PortugaL26 commented 13 years ago

Fuck yeah, this video was fucking cool! :)
Picture of firetwister38 achievements

+4 2. firetwister commented 13 years ago

Picture of kmmde41 achievements

+52 3. kmmde commented 13 years ago

This video is older than the internet.
Picture of CarCrash14 achievements

+19 4. CarCrash commented 13 years ago

"..... every word in the centence."


Stupid fuckin' cunt.
Picture of soultanos52 achievements

+18 5. soultanos commented 13 years ago

It reminded me of this video
It's partly the same...

nice video ;)
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+9 6. dushan commented 13 years ago

and my comment was removed for one such innocent word as "balls", :| in no offensive context

well, you know what?
:D i don't even need to say it :D
Picture of Dubsteppah35 achievements

+1 7. Dubsteppah commented 13 years ago

I remember seeing this when i was like 10 on funnyjunk at school hahaha
Picture of dave919145 achievements

+10 8. dave9191 commented 13 years ago

An old classic that never gets old. >:)
Picture of samxgx54 achievements

+4 9. samxgx commented 13 years ago

Probably your own fault dushan, who know's what goes in your sick mind, it could have been Bascketballs, it could have been Baseball(s), it could have been chocolate salty balls...
ow wait, that's my sick mind, never mind :D
after my bro, shayangx, you are my favorite here dushan :)

and finaly an aproperiate video to which i can say:

Fuck Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck
Picture of atomikpt26 achievements

+3 10. atomikpt commented 13 years ago

thumbs up if you think the voice of the narrator is mesmerizing!
Picture of Diana8629 achievements

+1 11. Diana86 commented 13 years ago

i´m very happy for learning more about fuck... >:)
Picture of Rigel36 achievements

+4 12. Rigel commented 13 years ago

dont thumb down #3, i remember this video from when google was still second to yahoo
Picture of elbun22 achievements

+2 13. elbun commented 13 years ago

very useful for us non english speakers :P
mow i can comment on every video i don' like >:)
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+3 14. dushan commented 13 years ago

#9 "chocolate salty balls" :D you sick man :D
chef from "south park" has the recipe :D
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+3 15. banzemanga commented 13 years ago

Picture of makbeth36 achievements

+2 16. makbeth commented 13 years ago

Wow, this was like the third vid ever uploaded to youtube...
10 year anniversary or something like that?
Picture of Shploink21 achievements

+1 17. Shploink commented 13 years ago

1:55 "Incompitance" should be incompetence. Fucking typos.
Picture of bartwoo39 achievements

+2 18. bartwoo commented 13 years ago

I dont fucking know what to say right now :S
Picture of paaspatoo9 achievements

+4 19. paaspatoo commented 13 years ago

This is a dumb video. Fuck does not come from the German Frichen / to strike. Fuck comes from the German word Ficken.

Interestingly, the words for anus & vagina become interchangable when traveling across water with sailors. The Dutch "Kont" (back) become "Cunt" (front) and "Fanny" is back in the states and front in the UK.

Also, "Flicker" is a Dutch word for homosexual but means girl in sweden. Again, the Dutch and Swedes were big sailors.
Picture of go2030 achievements

+2 20. go20 commented 13 years ago

#19 actually the meaning of the german word "ficken" as the german use it today comes "fuck" and not the opposite. Although the german did exist before, but didn't have the same meaning. If you have studied the german language or if you are evn german, you should know that "ficken" meant, back in the days, a quick back and forth movement but not meaning "fucking" even though that same kind of movement is involved. It was used in a more general way, without exclusively meaning "to fuck".

I hope you are not german cause that would explain your ignorance and therefore, pardon you from talking without knowing what you are talking about, even though that is not acceptable wherever you come from.
Picture of mescaline41 achievements

-1 21. mescaline commented 13 years ago

George Carlin?
Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements

+3 22. AL-AIN commented 13 years ago

what the fuck is this ;) :D
Picture of Oxydous38 achievements

-1 23. Oxydous commented 13 years ago

F.U.C.K. = F ornication U nder C ommand of the K ing

This is the origin ^^.
Picture of paaspatoo9 achievements

+3 24. paaspatoo commented 13 years ago

go20 @ 20 -

There is a difference between the original regional German dialects and the standard German imposed by hitler. They have common roots, found in Dutch, Swedish and English.

Because the internet is a store of annoying knowitall sex starved queens and despite your snidy prattle, I will give you some sound insight.

Sometimes, words change meaning. From the above sentence, I will give you an example of such words.

'Because' - Italian/Roman 'Causa' (Reason)
'Store' - Norse 'Stor' (big), as in stor-ruum (bigroom)
'Annoying' - French 'Ennuyer' (to bore)
'despite' - Dutch 'Spijt' (regret)
'Starved' - Dutch 'Sterven' (to die)
'Queen' - Norse 'Kvinner' (Woman)
'Snidy' - Dutch 'Snijden' (to cut)
'Prattle' - Dutch 'Praten' (to speak)
'Will' - Germanic 'Willen' (to want)
'Sound' - Germanic 'Gesund' (Healthy)
Picture of go2030 achievements

-2 25. go20 commented 13 years ago

#24 Despite the fact that your comment seems well written and profound, it sadly brings no argument to the conversation. However, if I may complete my last comment, the word fuck does have germanic roots, but it is still unknown to where it comes from. It may have come from very old dialects because a lot of those languages (germanic ones I mean) have sound-a-like words with close meanings relative to copulation or breeding. Even though I may have been cocky in my last comment, I didn't pretend to know the origins of the word "fuck", but I did know it didn't come from "ficken" as you may have thought.
Picture of paaspatoo9 achievements

+4 26. paaspatoo commented 13 years ago

go20 @ 25

Sorry mate, you are pretentious and very, very boring.
Picture of Calvinius52 achievements

+3 27. Calvinius commented 13 years ago

I thought that this was a f***ing family site!!! :P
Picture of mihkel123036 achievements

+3 28. mihkel1230 commented 13 years ago

Here's the same thing only with some guild wars :D
Picture of go2030 achievements

0 29. go20 commented 13 years ago

#26 ah well...can't please everyone can you? have a nice one fella! But if you say I'm boring, I still appreciate the time you took to read what I had to say! Ain't gonna start any flame war, peace out bud.