Storm Freerun

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Picture of Kendiana29 achievements

+8 1. Kendiana commented 12 years ago

those abilities are over the top..... both literally and figuratively >:)
Picture of codenamegizmo37 achievements

+41 2. codenamegizmo commented 12 years ago

I always feel like a fat lazy bastards after watching videos like this..
Picture of kaloudji24 achievements

+15 3. kaloudji commented 12 years ago

It will be funny to see the cops running after them :D :D
Picture of Th3Lurker33 achievements

+7 4. Th3Lurker commented 12 years ago

1:30 Noooooooo!!! The chicken....
Picture of s1nn0cence53 achievements

+4 5. s1nn0cence commented 12 years ago

#3 ..with Benny Hill theme music playing.. >:)
Picture of scratchy44 achievements

+6 6. scratchy commented 12 years ago

It seems like the laws of physics don't apply to them :S Nice skills ;)
Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements

+1 7. PortugaL26 commented 12 years ago

1:40 These skills will eventually get you laid..
.. with 2 hot blondes 8-)
Picture of cosminb37 achievements

-2 8. cosminb commented 12 years ago

With all that showing off at the beginning of the video, they should show also skills to match... not so. I don't dig this one, too much break dance. :S
Picture of cretia27 achievements

+4 9. cretia commented 12 years ago

i wish i could do this with water 2:10
Picture of zsombeeee15 achievements

+2 10. zsombeeee commented 12 years ago

is it glitch mob?.. music.. :O ;)
Picture of packagedeliverer20 achievements

+5 11. packagedeliverer commented 12 years ago

music is "Glitch Mob" indeed, album: "Drink the Sea", track: "Animus Vox"
Picture of thecamronmoore24 achievements

+2 12. thecamronmoore commented 12 years ago

I wish I could do that stuff :|
Picture of LiquiDnB30 achievements

+2 13. LiquiDnB commented 12 years ago

#12 you can... You have to be stubborn enough to get to that level though.
That applies to anything you do in your life. Keep focused and you'll reach the stars...
Picture of Cuni28 achievements

+4 14. Cuni commented 12 years ago

When the days come where free people will be pursued by cops and elites, this is gona be our messegers guys...runners, no one can get them :)
Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements

+3 15. YetiGrowl commented 12 years ago

that chicken made me hungry
Picture of domali18 achievements

+1 16. domali commented 12 years ago

as usual: point of attraction: 1:47
Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements

-1 17. AL-AIN commented 12 years ago

nice skills but bad music :S
Picture of ninocka37 achievements

+4 18. ninocka commented 12 years ago

what a nicely done video. awesome job both editor and producer. my fav is the black dude. kicking some serious ass.
Picture of CarCrash14 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 19. CarCrash commented 12 years ago

They look like adults.
But they act like little children showing off.

It's boring, except for the bit where the cunt eating his KFC does a flip and loses all his food on the deck. ROFLMFAO.

Oh, and also the bit where the nigger leaps over the car with the chicks in and then turns to bathe in their admiring looks, but he's too stupid to realise that they're just laughing at him because he's a cunt.
Picture of zon3r7 achievements

0 20. zon3r commented 12 years ago

what's the name of the tune?
Picture of NielsTreurniet28 achievements

+2 21. NielsTreurniet commented 12 years ago

Aaah such an entertaining video! Love It! <3
Picture of mmmendal46 achievements

+1 22. mmmendal commented 12 years ago

I know that this is a sports category but to me this is also awesome.
My nephew made me do some of those simple jumps once which was fun, but these guys are doing quite amazing athletic performance.

#20 I think #11 already mentioned it.
Picture of kutsuke24 achievements

+2 23. kutsuke commented 12 years ago

bad music and stupid break dancing ruin this video
Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements

+1 24. YetiGrowl commented 12 years ago

#19 did you seriously use the "n" word? yet you tell other users of this site they need to grow up? wow.
Picture of CarCrash14 achievements

0 25. CarCrash commented 12 years ago

#24. Yes. I used a word beginning with 'n'. I used only one word, which is how I know which you are referring to. Otherwise I might not be so sure. I feel sorry for you YetiGrowl. Society's relentless mission to indoctrinate, and control peoples' minds has obviously succeeded in your case. Please, start thinking for yourself, before it's too late.

Remember what Shakespeare said: "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so."
Picture of wtf91130 achievements

+1 26. wtf911 commented 12 years ago

Vote up if this is the best freerunning video you have seen! ...these guys are 100% skilled and 100% crazy.
Picture of CarCrash14 achievements

+1 27. CarCrash commented 12 years ago

... and 100% tediously boring. I voted the vid down.
Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements

0 28. c0mmanderKeen commented 12 years ago

I grew pretty bored of these vids but with a production value this high, those moves and that tune I like it :) Didnt watch it entirely though but 5 mins are quite enjoyable :)
Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements

0 29. YetiGrowl commented 12 years ago

#25 wow. you're not even worth bothering with. you're warped.
Picture of CarCrash14 achievements

+1 30. CarCrash commented 12 years ago

#29. You tell me I'm not worth bothering with, yet you feel compelled to keep replying to me. Now 'that' is warped. LOL. :D
Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements

+1 31. Reaperdaddy commented 12 years ago

Hehe I think we got a new troll named CarCrash.. Lets see how long you survive on Snotr...
Picture of CarCrash14 achievements

+1 32. CarCrash commented 12 years ago

Yeah. Let's see. But wait.... how will you know?
If the name CarCrash gets banned from Snotr will that mean the person behind the name cannot simply create another name and continue? And if that's the case, doesn't it mean that on Snotr a Troll can survive.... dare I say it... FOREVER????

Picture of enbrioiakonpent9 achievements

+1 33. enbrioiakonpent commented 12 years ago

FFS... Snotr should be about new ideas, this is pathetic dribble, seen before, MANY times. Let it go to a specific site for 'car jumping'.

Let us enjoy new videos, new events. I liked the music though, my C64 made the same sounds... so a reprise is on the rebound?