200 beers, please !


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Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements

+25 1. AL7AIR commented 9 years ago

Looking at the "conveyor belt" technique they've got going, I'm guessing that's not the first large order of the day.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+19 2. irishgek commented 9 years ago

I dont care how fast it is , the amount of foam and wasted beer there is horrid , By the time you get it well its going to be flat and also its not beer its Larger , most people dont have a clue what real beer is.
Picture of pagan37 achievements

+9 3. pagan commented 9 years ago

wonder how big the tip was ::(|) ::(|)
Picture of BooTheGoose41 achievements

+56 4. BooTheGoose commented 9 years ago

Larger than what?
Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements

+20 5. YetiGrowl commented 9 years ago

holy shit that's a lot of foam. i'd prefer those to be rum and cokes.
Picture of kouzoukiz33 achievements

+5 6. kouzoukiz commented 9 years ago

i want one....
Picture of ACbrotherhood25 achievements

+17 7. ACbrotherhood commented 9 years ago

wow that looks so watered down what a waste of a beer
Picture of samxgx54 achievements

-3 8. samxgx commented 9 years ago

#4 larger than Beer would be my guess ;)
Picture of SeanzBeanz28 achievements

+7 9. SeanzBeanz commented 9 years ago

200 Beers please, and what are you having?
Picture of CELLryuu6 achievements

+15 10. CELLryuu commented 9 years ago

#2 you must be that guy in college that tells everyone that they arent cool unless they drink what you do. We used to beat those "im cooler than you" guys right out of the bar.

anyway....it looked like they had a 3 step fill station so that they would be full at the end of the line.

Id like the guy who filmed this to show part 2 of the film......the aftermath.
Picture of vgsr31 achievements

+7 11. vgsr commented 9 years ago

Someone´s thirsty...
Picture of Aenima16 achievements

+31 12. Aenima commented 9 years ago

Well that's not a 200 beers order, it is just a brief moment in time at the "schweizer haus" in Vienna. This madness continuous all day long in summer.
It's the only way how you can serve those insane quantities of beer. And yes, it is real beer. It is budweiser from Budvar, the real stuff not the kiddy stuff you drink in the US...
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+6 13. Fergus_Thedog commented 9 years ago

They need to pour them an hour in advance so the foam settles.... really bad pouring skills, tilt the glass you morons... :(
Picture of wilkinsun23 achievements

+10 14. wilkinsun commented 9 years ago

Half beer half foam.. Amazing
Picture of Bream7333 achievements

+2 15. Bream73 commented 9 years ago

They like a large head on their beer in Europe. I could never get my head around it.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

-2 16. sux2bu commented 9 years ago

#2 Well I am ready to be impressed with YOUR knowledge of what a REAL beer really is. Since Stouts,Pilsners,Lagers,IPA's,Ambers,Dunkles,Eisbocks,and many others are all styles of beer as I know it......please "clue us in" to your definition of a real beer.
If you get a chance try this one.

Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements

+7 17. mydixiewrecked commented 9 years ago

Could i get mine with a little less head on it plz?
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

0 18. Chrisofskjern commented 9 years ago

THIS IS ALCOHOL ABUSE! There is no way you can call that a beer!!
Picture of antrax1330 achievements

+6 19. antrax13 commented 9 years ago

Thats in czech and there most of the people love foam not like in UK where you have beer without foam
Picture of stupidbullshit23 achievements

+13 20. stupidbullshit commented 9 years ago

i´ve been there... great beer.. budvar!!!
looks like a usual day at schweizerhaus

aenima is right:
It is budweiser from Budvar, the real stuff not the kiddy stuff you drink in the US...

budweiser... first time i tasted that piss at the beach i nearly got arrested.. but thats another story
Picture of DaClayMoreKid17 achievements

+6 21. DaClayMoreKid commented 9 years ago

can i have some beer with my foam
Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements

+5 22. JimDunlop commented 9 years ago

I have no issue with WHAT they are pouring/drinking; I DO have a major issue with how they are doing it. I can't see how it could POSSIBLY be more efficient to fill those glasses with 90% foam, then have to wait for the foam to settle, then repeat it several more times.

They seem to be well-staffed -- but probably just lazy as all hell... But if each of those barmen used each of those 5 taps they have to fill each mug PROPERLY, the customers would get their drinks quicker and it would taste fresher too, rather than having it sit (and get warm) while all the foam settles.

I say it's bad bartending! :(
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

+3 23. zerorain commented 9 years ago

They should just pour it from the bottom. less foam and pour time. cant find the video cuz search engine here is shit.

Picture of GhostInShell42 achievements

+5 24. GhostInShell commented 9 years ago

nice flat foam beer... if u can call it beer. I wouldnt pay for those flat beers. yuk! :P
Picture of mescaline41 achievements

+6 25. mescaline commented 9 years ago

What an heresey.
Picture of sandos12 achievements

+6 26. sandos commented 9 years ago

haha i´m from czech and beer with foam is the only way :-) but most funny on this video is what the guy try to learn the cameraman thats clasic :D everybody doing the same learning faul language first :D i did te same here in edinburgh :D
Picture of kainim37 achievements

+3 27. kainim commented 9 years ago

horrible... how can you enjoy beer tapped like that :/
Picture of richardleed23 achievements

+3 28. richardleed commented 9 years ago

Where's the beer? All I see is head.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+3 29. sux2bu commented 9 years ago

#2 Has a cat got your tongue or did you look up the definition of beer?

#20 Bud in the US has the same alcohol content as Budvar Premium,5% ABV.
Picture of Skeesicks38 achievements

+4 30. Skeesicks commented 9 years ago

#19, yes he is speaking czech but this is really in vienna, #12 is right.

http://www.schweizerhaus.at/1024/video.html skip to 0:39 to see it!
Picture of WAYOFF18 achievements

+2 31. WAYOFF commented 9 years ago

I'd really want to try that beer after they serve it because I kinda doubt it is too good after laying on the counter for 1 hour.
Picture of 87648709820 achievements

+3 32. 876487098 commented 9 years ago

All froth and no beer. What a joke. I remember the first time I went to Holland and was served beer like this. I asked the barman to top it up properly and he looked at me as if I'd gone mad. Over-priced and under-measured. LOL.
Picture of peeps19 achievements

+3 33. peeps commented 9 years ago

I see noone noticed that Borat was filming..at 1:13 you can clearly hear him saying jagshemash!
Picture of herrkaleun28 achievements

+3 34. herrkaleun commented 9 years ago

Picture of Snapsa23 achievements

+3 35. Snapsa commented 8 years ago

Picture of patrick6719 achievements

+2 36. patrick67 commented 7 years ago

200 beers, please! that's only foam, no beer!