The loneliest animal on the planet

There is a $10,000 reward for anyone who finds a? female Pinta giant tortoise...

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Picture of ruhk30 achievements

+38 1. ruhk commented 13 years ago

pff im on it. google earth to the rescue ;o
Picture of Trooper26 achievements

+44 2. Trooper commented 13 years ago

Humans really are a form of virus. Why does anyone needs to settle on these islands? Why can't we let nature have a bit of space without us?

We are destroying our planet, soon enough we will cause our own extinction!
Picture of Kulgash52 achievements

+25 3. Kulgash commented 13 years ago

As the last member of his specie, maybe cloning a female out of his DNA may be the only option... 8-)
Even if it's illegal and barely possible... Better chances anyway than trying to find another one... :S :'(
Picture of IceIsIce30 achievements

+11 4. IceIsIce commented 13 years ago

Seems when they try get him to mate, poor oul George is more interested in catching 40 winks.

Think the poor guy is a little Rusty from being on his own:(
Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements

+28 5. PortugaL26 commented 13 years ago

#2 completely agree with you. a large number of animals and plants have become extinct since humans evolved with the number especially high in modern times.
It is very tragic what we have become, so detached from the world and just the butchers and murderers of life for our own personal gain. Honestly, we deserve extinction :(
Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements

+13 6. c0mmanderKeen commented 13 years ago

# Agent Smith was right all along.
Picture of mihkel123036 achievements

+5 7. mihkel1230 commented 13 years ago

If they have been suffering as long as humans have lived there then why do people live there? Like how hard could it be to gtfo from there.
Picture of samxgx54 achievements

+15 8. samxgx commented 13 years ago

well, #7 things sound easy when you don't have to actualy do it, and sometimes they are easier to do then to say when you have to do it...
like: getting out of there is easy to say hard to do
and: just building your house there and knowingly destroy some piece of land on which the animal depends, is easier to just do it without talking about consequences...
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

+24 9. makbeth commented 13 years ago

its interesting. humans have been on the island for twenty years and the animals are still tame to them. I think this is for two reasons. Firstly it doesnt seem to be very developed, industry etc is the mark of human territory, its danderous to animals and they are considered pests.
The second reason is that at the point that these species were introduced to humans, millions of years into our evolution, humans did not have to rely on the food chain. As long as we have no interest in killing them they will have no fear of us.
They dont have to be domesticaed because they have not yet developed the instinct that humans are dangerous.
Once those guys living there get hungry though, they are probably going to wipe out a lot of unwitting species:(
Picture of bennyz27 achievements

+8 10. bennyz commented 13 years ago

Picture of ermini50 achievements

+7 11. ermini commented 13 years ago

#10 that was my first thought :'( ....hope #1 is successful
Picture of kaketoe20 achievements

+16 13. kaketoe commented 13 years ago

Makes me feel a bit sad..
Let's hope for him he will have a wife and some children in the future!
They can go for more then 100 years(or is he already older then that?)
Picture of BabyJLE32 achievements

+10 14. BabyJLE commented 13 years ago

People of Ecuador, please dont get offended.
Its for the animals and the very nature they live in.
But please.

Picture of cretia27 achievements

+5 15. cretia commented 13 years ago

#2 because there is so many people on the earth its NUTS here is a eg of how many people there is right now and what we have done to the earth !

Visit Paris London NYC or mexico city its horrible
we are like a infestation of cockroaches
Picture of wongraven37 achievements

+7 16. wongraven commented 13 years ago

Were on a global mission to protect humanity
from our own survival....

...the parasite sucking the blood and all hope from this earth...

I am you...

In fear youre refusing to face this cruel reality.

PATHETIC creatures we TRULY are, forever doomed !!

Picture of TehChillinJuggal23 achievements

+3 17. TehChillinJuggal commented 13 years ago

humans are a plague,they kill and feed off everything they can tear down and rustle up all for the sake of "BUSINESS" money is the root of all things evil.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 18. sux2bu commented 13 years ago

#16 Great wisdom from a cross-eyed opossum? Get help quick.
Picture of LQoQK44 achievements

+3 19. LQoQK commented 13 years ago

#2 dont worry this is why we have wars,
Picture of binarybill19 achievements

-3 20. binarybill commented 12 years ago

His shell will make a nice coffee table someday.
Picture of TheBuG30 achievements

+2 21. TheBuG commented 9 years ago

I'm not saying its not us humans fault. but this turtle can probably live for 100+ years. and people have only lived on the island for the last 20. the conclusion must be that the turtle and his family allready was in trouble before humans got to the island?

But yeah, we people dont do much good. some people do but most of us live in ignorance and dont care as long as we fell good right now. we can deal with the consequences another time.

Im not much better then the rest of you so im guilty myself im sad to say :\