Amazing Underwater Swimming White Tiger

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Picture of ICdevil32 achievements

+8 1. ICdevil commented 11 years ago

didnt know cats could swim :O
Picture of twooper8 achievements

+27 2. twooper commented 11 years ago

Oh ya and they play the sitar too. So sad to see a magnificent animal made to play tricks for its food. Its as bad as laughing at someone getting hurt. Maybe worse. Many more people on this planet than these creatures.
Picture of ehcanadian35 achievements

+23 3. ehcanadian commented 11 years ago

It's swimming for food. Poor cat.
Picture of dredawg27 achievements

+10 4. dredawg commented 11 years ago

They should throw that cat in with a shark, now that would be an epic video. >:)
Picture of pizdalizac24 achievements

+1 5. pizdalizac commented 11 years ago

OMG! :O i want one as a pet, its such a beautiful creature
Picture of chmielu21 achievements

+49 6. chmielu commented 11 years ago

0:32 Is that a censored tiger penis? Seriously?
Picture of monkeyboy51 achievements

+5 7. monkeyboy commented 11 years ago

what would be more amazing is if this tiger was in the wild starting a family instead of performing circus tricks.. there's more tigers in private homes in America than there are left in the wild
Picture of Pyranthos41 achievements

+15 8. Pyranthos commented 11 years ago

Omfg #6.. Good catch. Too funny!! lmao
Picture of chance35 achievements

+2 9. chance commented 11 years ago

If anything I think the cat likes to chase it's food. Animals love games, and in this case I have no sympathy for the tiger... the cat is being spoiled. With that being said, humans are dominate over the earth. That's something all creatures have to live with.
Picture of vitaminkurvac34 achievements

+9 10. vitaminkurvac commented 11 years ago

What a beautiful pussy.
Picture of 87648709820 achievements

+16 11. 876487098 commented 11 years ago

Censoring a Tiger's cock. Unbelievable.
Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements

0 12. cincodemayo commented 11 years ago

holy... this thing is scarier than a great white shark under water
Picture of chance35 achievements

+5 13. chance commented 11 years ago

@12 I'm not so sure. Great whites get up to 20+ feet and can swim 25 mph... not to mention their jaw size :/
Picture of IceIsIce30 achievements

+9 14. IceIsIce commented 11 years ago

#11 just google image "tiger cock" if your that upset :D
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+9 15. irishgek commented 11 years ago

#14 Lol Tiger cock , your going to get pictures of tiger wood's or tiger's wood what ever comes up let me know :P
Picture of monkeyboy51 achievements

+5 16. monkeyboy commented 11 years ago

yes but dumbass (9) our species is smart enough to know better than to wipe other species out and that's what we have done to these animal. I know it's survival of the fittest but that doesn't mean we should go and wipe everything else that isn't human out !and you think it's happy in cages getting fed? I think it would be more happy in the wild hunting and finding some pusss (pun intended) it's just a shame these magnificent animals won't walk the face of the planet much longer! so yeah I have sympathy for these animals and feel sad for the generations of people to come that will never be able to appreciate a lot of animals that will soon be gone forever! animals that we could have co-existed peacefully with!!!!!!!
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+6 17. JerryD commented 11 years ago

Wonderful animal, and a very impressive powerful as well. - and then to the matter of 'survival of the fittest'. Hm!? Ebola, Dengue, AIDS, Chagas, Hanta ... and lots of others that one day may render human species extinct... or not!?
If it would happend then we are not the fittest ones :D ... but for many lifeforms on this planet there is a much more dangerous one that ultimately will put an end to them - the mother of all plagues; Humans
Picture of TarasFromLviv40 achievements

+2 18. TarasFromLviv commented 11 years ago

He doesn't look happy.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+5 19. sux2bu commented 11 years ago

At least these tigers will not be killed by poachers so that Asians can buy the male member to use as a sexual aid. Buy Viagra and leave the tigers alone.
Picture of mi7o21 achievements

+3 20. mi7o commented 11 years ago

damn! that fools still throwing my food into water!
Picture of Diana8629 achievements

+7 21. Diana86 commented 11 years ago

#6,#11 is kinda weird you notice that,but ok >:) jk ;)

Beautiful tiger...i love white ones ;)
Picture of YoArgentino36 achievements

+4 22. YoArgentino commented 11 years ago

Nice music. It keeps playing in my head, no matter I turn off my PC and unplug it.
Picture of Plecter28 achievements

+1 23. Plecter commented 11 years ago

Man, that Tiger looks pissed that he has to go under water for each piece of food!
Picture of stnucasu16 achievements

-3 24. stnucasu commented 11 years ago

How is this amazing? Not all of our species are pathetic but the ones involved in creating this are.
Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements

+1 25. Voutelamberopipi commented 11 years ago

yeah cute...

<p class="hippie"> set him free.

for "at least he's not being hunt down" - well, do not make a living out of it cause when you realize, you'll be needing their asses to live.
Picture of trancetunes48 achievements

+2 26. trancetunes (moderator) commented 11 years ago

Does anyone know the name of this any chance? :X