Icy Hill Makes For Great Bumper Cars

Spokane, Washington.

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January 17 2020 Winter Storm- St. John's, Newfoundland 11:00pm NST


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Picture of Kinslayer27 achievements

+7 1. Kinslayer commented 9 years ago

this is not how you should parallel park...
Picture of kekke200037 achievements

+22 2. kekke2000 commented 9 years ago

1:40 I must say it was very brave by him to aim for the trees. Too bad he just bounced back on the road.
Picture of zaltysss39 achievements

0 3. zaltysss commented 9 years ago

car bowling :)
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

+3 4. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 9 years ago

After the crash everybody blames everyone else >:) <---bad
Spokane has a Thai pizzeria....great city.
Picture of niketrtr28 achievements

+6 5. niketrtr commented 9 years ago

some drivers were so dumbbbbb...
Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements

+10 6. Highmeadow commented 9 years ago

I would have expected a little more skill from drivers in a cold and mountainous region.
Picture of Zethriel39 achievements

+4 7. Zethriel commented 9 years ago

In some ways I glad I live in a city that has dead winter 4 months of the year, keeps us prepared
Picture of Ritty541 achievements

+23 8. Ritty5 commented 9 years ago

I must say, 0:48 HAS some skill.... most of the others did not...
Picture of ArmlessSoldier31 achievements

+14 9. ArmlessSoldier commented 9 years ago

group hug! 1:15
Picture of MoT29 achievements

+11 10. MoT commented 9 years ago

0:50 is the only one who uses engine breaking, so doesn't slide nearly as much, and controlled his/her car beautifully. Rest of them slammed on their breaks as soon as they felt their car slide and then it was game over and a phone call to the insurance company!
Picture of Esthreel42 achievements

+6 11. Esthreel commented 9 years ago

#8 Yes, he did not brake or turn hard, and when he was loosing control he stepped on gas. Handled like a PRO O:)
Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements

+5 12. mydixiewrecked commented 9 years ago

the person in the black truck had the right idea but would have been better if he didnt aim for the telephone pole and instead just went into the grass, probably would have been able to stop.
Picture of snotraddict44 achievements

+3 13. snotraddict commented 9 years ago

#8, #10, #11 My hunch is the car is ABS equipped rather than a skilled driver.

That by the way is a great advertisement for ABS brakes!
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+3 14. banzemanga commented 9 years ago

When will they learn that:
icy road + hill = do not go up!
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+12 15. imagic commented 9 years ago

why isn't someone smart enough to go uphill and stop cars from driving down ?
Picture of PownMeister27 achievements

+5 16. PownMeister commented 9 years ago

Get of those damn brakes... its impossible to turn your car when the brakes are locked. So for those without ABS they got to pump their brake and turn between the pumping of the brakes.
I believe alot of them also had bad winter tires or even summer tires.
With good tires and ABS alot of those crashes would not have happened.
They would also have had more control over the car if they had a clutch, but since this seems to be in america i doubt any of those cars are manual driven.
Picture of Chanes28 achievements

+3 17. Chanes commented 9 years ago

Engine Barkes gives torque guys! Stop braking!
#10 +1
Picture of BreakIsBetter16 achievements

+2 18. BreakIsBetter commented 9 years ago

I could watch vids like this all friggin day.
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

0 19. JerryD commented 9 years ago

Thou I lived in the south for some years before returning to Europe, and went over the Appalachians during 20 F (-7 C) while it was raining (can you believe that!?). Have never encountered anything like that, it was so damn slippery and saw a lot of wrecks. Had Nokian tyres on my Dodge van and did good with them. Question is? How is it with regulations for studed tires? Are they alowed or? Because they do an enormous difference on slippery ice.... :S:S
Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements

+1 20. Highmeadow commented 9 years ago

Actually, I don't think ABS works when all 4 wheels are locked at low speed. Doesn't it require some sort of feedback from at least 1 wheel to know the car is moving even though the brakes are locked?
Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements

+1 21. Mourialaid commented 9 years ago

It is the fault of the Pt Cruiser driver! (my stupid ex boss was driving a Pt Cruiser >:) )
Picture of aeneas999932 achievements

0 22. aeneas9999 commented 9 years ago

This is the missing ring on the evolution stair.. the one between men and sheeps...
Picture of Supersnail24 achievements

+3 23. Supersnail commented 9 years ago

#15 I live in Spokane and remember this. There were many people at the top of the hill telling people exactly what was happening and warning them not to proceed... Alas, everyone though they were skilled enough to make it anyway.
Picture of ciprY6 achievements

0 24. ciprY commented 9 years ago

american cars don't have ABS, if you don't have you should push the brakes harder, you should tip the brakes like the car has ABS, I've done this and the car get back on line. Another think: when you go downhill you shouldn't brake at all, you have to accelerate a bit so you can hold the line. If you brake, you block the tires and the car it's like a sledge