Shark Expert Attacked During Filming


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Picture of eddie204242 achievements

+36 1. eddie2042 commented 9 years ago

sharks are not your friends
Picture of p00nie40 achievements

+13 2. p00nie commented 9 years ago

That's crazy, these guys are just standing there! :O
Picture of ranger9838 achievements

+12 3. ranger98 commented 9 years ago

What happened to protective clothing? Don't these guys know that sharks can attack? Unbelievable...
Picture of fixento232 achievements

+39 4. fixento2 commented 9 years ago

Now we know the IQ level required to make a Discovery show.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+34 5. fjwjr commented 9 years ago

And they act all surprised like they never saw it coming. Like the guy who lived with Grizzly bears and then got eaten by them. Duh!
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+3 6. banzemanga commented 9 years ago

As long as it is possible for it to happen, it will. :S
Picture of pokesmot30 achievements

+6 7. pokesmot commented 9 years ago

I thought sharks went crazy when they detected blood in the water... surprised it didn't turn into a feeding frenzy!
Picture of BalboaCZ29 achievements

+3 8. BalboaCZ commented 9 years ago

Sharks dont go crazy when they detect blood in the water, they go shark!
Picture of Trooper26 achievements

+36 9. Trooper commented 9 years ago

I'll never blame a shark for acting like a shark. I blame humans for thinking animals are supposed to act like in a Disney movie. Surprise, nobody cared enough to provide the shark with the script for that TV show!

Too often we see people trying to prove that dangerous animals aren't dangerous and are only misunderstood. I don't know how doctors describe this weird belief but the fact is that it is at least wishful thinking and AT WORST a mental disease.

Animals should be protected from harmful habitat destruction by humans and by over-exploitation by humans. They should also be respected and admired FROM FAR!

Swimming with dolphins, with sharks (both popular tourists attractions) should also be made illegal. Animals have thrived for thousands of years in the absence of humans and they need our absence to keep on thriving.
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

+6 10. Usdevildoggmc commented 9 years ago

Shark expert my ass..... call me shark idiot all u want but I'll study sharks right from where I'm sitting thanks.
Picture of mescaline41 achievements

+5 11. mescaline commented 9 years ago

Play with fire, you're gonna get burnt.

Simple as that.
Picture of haicutata31 achievements

+1 12. haicutata commented 9 years ago

"hmmm... that looks like a very dangerous animal that could seriously injure or even kill me! I've got an idea, let's go over there and stick a thumb up it's arse just for fun and laughs.." :x

stupid stupid people always get what they deserve.
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+9 13. Maffis commented 9 years ago

"The bite happened so fast, there was nothing I could've done."

How about not being around 10 deadly sharks in the first place?
Picture of dragonon38 achievements

-1 14. dragonon commented 9 years ago

Have you guys heard about a KING, who has control over most of the natural things, such as AIR, BIRDS, JINN( Ghosts ) and of course, he was king of humans too at that time of his era.

(Not a relevant comment here , but it occurred to me.)
Just a thought, doesn't need to answer.
Picture of weldrboy2 achievements

+5 15. weldrboy commented 9 years ago

The last sentence a British accent; "this is a man that knows sharks"

If you ask me, he doesen't know shit from chewed dates!

Hope he knows a good surgeon!
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+3 16. irishgek commented 9 years ago

Lol , Deserved it just leave em alone
Picture of peacinu34 achievements

+2 17. peacinu commented 9 years ago

#9 Finally someone who shares my thoughts. Just like you said, wild life needs to be protected if we wish our children's children to know what an animal is. Otherwise they'll just read some facts and trivia that once there were such beings.

#(removed comment) OH RLYETH?
Picture of IceIsIce30 achievements

+1 18. IceIsIce commented 9 years ago

I so wanna see more of that, specially the aftermath :O
Picture of Bream7333 achievements

-1 19. Bream73 commented 9 years ago

Tosser! What did he expect
Picture of beel37 achievements

-1 20. beel commented 9 years ago

its cos they're bull sharks. they eat anything
Picture of huldu34 achievements

-1 21. huldu commented 9 years ago

If you play long enough with fire you'll eventually get burned. Im sorry but seriously, just doing something that stupid, standing in water with sharks. You deserve it. You're asking for it.
Picture of kekke200037 achievements

-1 22. kekke2000 commented 9 years ago

If I saw a lake full of sharks, I wouldnt want to be as close as 100 meters from that!
Picture of cretia27 achievements

+1 23. cretia commented 9 years ago

what did these guys expect that the sharks dont bight?
Picture of anihiliste3 achievements

+1 24. anihiliste commented 9 years ago

faut réellement avoir un pois chiche a la place du cerveau...........
Picture of 87648709820 achievements

-1 25. 876487098 commented 9 years ago

Odd how we never actually see the shark attack him from the overhead camera viewpoint???