Self-Driving Road Train

This project, called SARTRE for SAfe Road TRains for the Environment, is well underway, having carried out its first successful demonstration of its self-driving technology at Volvo's proving grounds.

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Picture of dragonon38 achievements

+13 1. dragonon commented 9 years ago

Good project , i like it BUT i don't wanna drive at some truck's speed. >:)
Picture of Jerry_Fkn_Maguir42 achievements

+25 2. Jerry_Fkn_Maguir commented 9 years ago

Too bad if the truck runs a red light...
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+13 3. banzemanga commented 9 years ago

What if the truck drives off the road? :S
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

-4 4. Usdevildoggmc commented 9 years ago

REALLY?! A road train.... if we're talking about 1 LANE roads ok maybe... but just imagine a fucking centipede of cars on the road and there are those who are actually manually driving their Vehicles wanting to switch lanes or something.... you have to speed up around them?? and if someone fucks up at the head of the "Train" imagine the damage this can do to all the cars behind it... Europeans are so damn goofy man with these types of inventions we underestimate and offend how powerful the human Brain is.
Picture of Gobetron7 achievements

+3 5. Gobetron commented 9 years ago

Driving behind the truck means less consumption, but also means more damage to car due to small rocks or stuff trucks throws onto the car.
Picture of s1nn0cence53 achievements

+6 6. s1nn0cence commented 9 years ago

Really now? We've gotten to that point where we simply cannot be bothered to SIT ON OUR ASSES and turn a friggin wheel? THAT lazy?? Human kind deserves its fate.
Picture of bzzt34 achievements

+3 7. bzzt commented 9 years ago

Of course you could you use a TRAIN. Which consumes less than 20% energy and is incredibly safer. Use the money of this useless research to make better trains... cars are dirty and expensive whatsoever.
Picture of Sramos34 achievements

-1 8. Sramos commented 9 years ago

TOTALLY USELESS!! and s1nn0cence is right!! the world is in a hurry, this is maybe for retired
Picture of tinynet30 achievements

+2 9. tinynet commented 9 years ago

I like to drive my manual gearbox car!
I like the sense of control when sitting behind a wheel :)
Enjoy your ride all! ;)
Picture of PrisonJam30 achievements

+1 10. PrisonJam commented 9 years ago

Here´s the first layout of this idea :

They have come a long way since then. :x
Picture of mescaline41 achievements

+1 11. mescaline commented 9 years ago

They will add trucks on the road for environment... that sounds somehow wrong.
Also, if one care's system fails, it can clearly be tragic at 90km/h :s

the whole idea is weird.
Picture of max200035 achievements

0 12. max2000 commented 9 years ago

so, there are certain areas some motoways cross where street signaling will make it compulsory to drive as such ;)
Picture of orion27 achievements

+1 13. orion commented 9 years ago

This misses the point of driving. The real train takes less space and fuel to transport people. The point of driving is being independent and going where you want to go.

On the other hand, remove the front truck and you improved safety at high speeds due to human error (but keep the override option, of course). Consequently, you can raise the speed limits.
Picture of Apocalypse1132 achievements

0 14. Apocalypse11 commented 9 years ago

2:50 id like to see that lot move to the left hand lane...
Picture of stepanstas29 achievements

0 15. stepanstas commented 9 years ago

Next Volvo will develop a machine you can attach to your feet. So when you walk to work, you will simply follow the person in front of you, while reading a newspaper. :S
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

0 16. captain_obvious commented 9 years ago

The point here isnt the comfort of reading a newspaper while your in de drivers seat. The point here is that if you get a bunch of cars able to drive realy close behind each other you wil consume less fuel and with a big ass truck in front of you fuel usage will drop even more and you can fit more cars on the road.

Maybe in the future you wont need an extra truck and can just join a road train on the freeway that just formed and with all the route planners in their cars knowing where the driver is heading to, its easy if you know where he`s heading to and being able to just press follow him till XXXX and save a buch of fuel/cash.

btw unleaded petrol cost in The Netherlands = 2,14 U.S. dollars a litre!!!
Picture of Philj27 achievements

0 17. Philj commented 9 years ago

The bigger picture, how will this work practically? Do we all queue up for the next lorry train to leave from its stop? People are not going to bother with that, why wait when they can just drive straight away.

Maybe we just drive onto motorways and find 1 of these lorry trains to join?
Barring in mind many people that drive are idiots, at what point do they activate this auto drive if its done from already moving.
Also how many of these lorry trains will be continually driving up and down the motorway for people to connect to?
What about mechanical failures, something on the road causes a tyre puncture, etc?
What about people not connected to 1 of these trains having an accident and crashing into 1 of the front cars of the train?

These lorry train drivers will have to have a separate driving test to qualify for safe driving of this form of transport.

I can understand the concept but in real life, it will not work.
Just seems like they are trying to do something just because there is technology that allows the basics of it to work and not thinking of how best to use the technology.

By the time this becomes mainstream in purchased cars, there will be much better methods where the cars drive themselves for sections of road you request and also are aware of other cars around them etc.
Picture of LQoQK44 achievements

+1 18. LQoQK commented 9 years ago

are these guys huge it is really a tiny car?

what if the truck driver went for nature call? guess every one has to go an pee then?
Picture of richardleed23 achievements

0 19. richardleed commented 9 years ago

what if I am the DRUNK truck driver at the front?