Still want to save whales?

Save pandas instead.

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Picture of Nouvaue2 achievements
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-11 1. Nouvaue commented 16 years ago

they are so mean....are they imitating what man does to them?
Where do they learn this type of behavior? :(
Picture of adwb3 achievements

+14 2. adwb commented 16 years ago

are you serious? they are animals. animals aren't "mean" they are predators. they don't learn how to behave. they have instincts that let them take advantage of their situation to stay alive.

breeding for temperament is the only reason our pets don't randomly attack and kill us... oh wait, they do.
Picture of Gangularis2 achievements

+3 3. Gangularis commented 16 years ago

wow, that's fucked up that one group of animal rights activists would post a video that tries to bring more to their cause by dissing on another animal right's activist group's cause..
Picture of yeoldrocker5 achievements

+3 4. yeoldrocker commented 16 years ago

It's nature...
BUT it's an awful video to be used in the promotion of another cause ... I would have banned it..
Picture of wantu24 achievements

+2 5. wantu2 commented 16 years ago

it makes you wonder about some add campaigns, and who got fierd for it, becaus it sucked, i know stuff like that in the wild is natural, and the feeding of your self is natural but to show one cause and say why save those (when they need saving too) just for your own.

Two lefts to make a right,

the content its self is not inaproprate in any manner but just brings out the opinions in everyone
Picture of Czr1 achievements

+1 6. Czr commented 16 years ago

Lol , Accept It . It Nature No Reason To Get Mad Or Upset . It Is How It Is . Deal With It , It Does Not MAke Them Mean Nor Evil . Its The Law Of The Animals . And It Should Not Be Bann < You Just Can Accept The Fact < That This Is Life And It Has Been Like This Before You And People Came To Being . So i Say To This (LOL) Funny And Frightening . Frightening Cuz IF That Happens Here , Wooo It Would Not BE Good On Our Beaches . So For Most People That Dont Overstand , Life Is Life ,Dont Exspect Anything Of It . The Animals Have Their Own Laws And People Do As Well , The Only Diff Between People And The Desent Animals is , That we Broke Away From Nature And The Animals Never Did . That Is Why Most Of You Are Like "Oh That Messed Up" Or "They Are Mean" And Have Opinions .Lol , Learn . Ok Nature Rules ALL Accept It .
Good Day
Picture of czarnian10 achievements

0 7. czarnian commented 16 years ago ...just...wrong.... :D :D :D

I don't eat whale, so i don't care about them.
Picture of HeniuriSaito4 achievements

+2 8. HeniuriSaito commented 16 years ago

Save pandas is way better.

And the whale was doing a "long range shot torunament" lol.

Whales are cruel.
Internet is cruel.
Spiders are cruel.
Low-speed broadbands are cruel.
Picture of pedrodream1 achievements

+4 9. pedrodream commented 16 years ago

You all must be aliens from another planet. Don't WE men, eat little pigs, little rabbits? And other baby creatures?
Damn, pffff... Seriously...
Picture of hangemhigh4 achievements

+1 10. hangemhigh commented 16 years ago

Baby creatures ........... are u for real ?

On the subject of the wales, i can't say ive ever been there. :|
Picture of mungjo5 achievements

+1 11. mungjo commented 15 years ago

that was goddam funny
but u know its way of nature, the weak gets eated or dies in other wayz
Picture of dcyphur1 achievements

0 12. dcyphur commented 15 years ago

I'd save the whales before the pandas any day. They may be vicious but they are predators, they must to survive.

Whales/Dolphins are the top of the aquatic food chain (equivalent to humans of the Oceans). If they disappear believe you me, we are not far behind. Pandas are big raccoons, I'm sure they could disappear and there would be overgrowth of Bamboo (no worries, we'd increase Bamboo harvest to keep up). Top predators in the Oceans, the closest thing on this planet we have to us in intelligence and predatory superiority?

If they die, we will certainly die too. They keep the entire Ocean ecosystem in check. Without Whales, we are screwed.
Picture of phantom111 achievements

+2 13. phantom1 commented 15 years ago

Actually, killer whales often work in teams of two: one driving the prey off the beach-The other taking "care" of same as it reaches open water... Then they alternate... Teamwork-Sound familiar?
Picture of melvinvermeeren7 achievements

+1 14. melvinvermeeren commented 15 years ago

Woot, that looks funny, first you hear tututu and then whawhawha!!!! >:)
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+3 15. moskwiz commented 15 years ago

I bet this is a Norwegian or a Japanese government funded commercial :'(

Those son's of bitches whale-killers
Picture of Denamic5 achievements

+2 16. Denamic commented 14 years ago

Oh noes, I never knew CARNIVORES ate MEAT.
Doesn't seals eat fish? In what way is that ANY different from whales eating seals? Or lions eating antelopes, or spiders eating insects and mice, or even us just going fishing? It's nature, and it's necessary for the delicate balance of the ecosystem to not collapse. Get a grip.
Picture of TechnoKING18 achievements

+1 17. TechnoKING commented 13 years ago

You have got to be shi-ing me... This vid was DA BOMB!!!
Picture of demilune6739 achievements

0 18. demilune67 commented 12 years ago

Still want to save Panda
Picture of sbrucecaboose40 achievements

+1 19. sbrucecaboose commented 12 years ago

0:36's GOOD!! 3 more points and its a dominant victory for the Orcas as time runs out.