GT-R vs Corvette

....which would you bet on?

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Picture of SIZ13 achievements

+24 1. SIZ commented 11 years ago

sorry but i think this test was made from the first moment to beat the nissan. Cause you cant compare two cars with such a difference in power.
Its like Im comparing my C-Class with a Lambo(extrem example).
Picture of kaneg35 achievements

0 2. kaneg commented 11 years ago

yeah...but put the corvette thru some turns...and you will see where it actually is beside the gt-r. corvette is great in drag...but in a circuit loses by a mile to the gt-r.
Picture of SIZ13 achievements

+4 3. SIZ commented 11 years ago

i wouldnt say that either kaneg, cause they tested it in a circuit and the corvette won. i just think this test is lame because they chose a weaker car to let the corvette win easier.
Picture of dragonon38 achievements

+5 4. dragonon commented 11 years ago

whatever #1,#2 #3, but it was fun to watch these beauties...!

Wish i could have one >:)
Picture of BiCH37 achievements

+5 5. BiCH commented 11 years ago

I wonder if the corvette is top favourite car of the author of this vid...
Picture of kaneg35 achievements

+48 6. kaneg commented 11 years ago

7:24.22 Nissan GT-R (2011) in semi wet conditions
7:26.4 Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 (2009) in dry conditions.

on top gear, the nissan is 7 seconds faster than the corvette :x <3.TRUST THE STIG!! :* :D

the video is is likely to go in favor of the corvette
Picture of elchupacabra43 achievements

+5 7. elchupacabra commented 11 years ago

Still, the Corvette is no good if you want to go to the mall. >:)
Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements

+2 8. YetiGrowl commented 11 years ago

this is such a mans and, i'm not saying there's anything wrong with that!
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+7 9. irishgek commented 11 years ago

Never herd so much pro american bull in my life!!
Picture of BallsMcgee5 achievements

+1 10. BallsMcgee commented 11 years ago

OH! BTW if your gonna post don't just post the info that supports your side....
7:24.22 Nissan GT-R (2011)
7:26.4 Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 (2009)
7:26.70 Nissan GT-R (2009)
7:29.03 Nissan GT-R (2009)
Wow look the (2011) Gt-r was faster but as shown in the video the 2009 Corvette was faster. Even after 2 tries for the (2009)Gt-r.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+6 11. irishgek commented 11 years ago

So the nissan accoridin to there dyno is only 74hp off the rated while the vette is 133hp shy of its rated .... Least they did not lie about that one !

American tv shows can say what they want they always do , even there news shows frequently have complete shit as factual content !
Picture of avolyte34 achievements

+1 12. avolyte commented 11 years ago

are u kidding me...GT-R is the Best..Wikipedia Nürburgring(the most challenging race track...i agree with 6 and 10...Try to beat that with 400+ BHP.
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

+1 13. makbeth commented 11 years ago

I would sooner be in the GTR if it was a proper race. The vette is good off the line but handles like a brick on a rope. Also agree with #1, you cant really compare such a difference in power based mostly on acceleration.
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

+2 14. Natan_el_Tigre commented 11 years ago

#1 ... and with a starting price difference of about 26,160.00, pick your favorite GT-R upgrade package ftw!
Picture of Bream7333 achievements

+4 15. Bream73 commented 11 years ago

I'm not fussy. I'll take either over my Fiat any day
Picture of tree4free47 achievements

+1 16. tree4free commented 11 years ago

miles, feet, inches, pounds, gallons,... I couldn't calculate fast enough to fully understand the presentation. :(
Picture of GOOSE4222 achievements

+3 17. GOOSE42 commented 11 years ago

HA! My 1997 z34 monte-carlo with a massive oil leak, bald tires, no A/C and vapor-lock is better that both! cause it's PAID FOR! :P seriously tho.. i hate my car.. :(
Picture of BallsMcgee5 achievements

+1 18. BallsMcgee commented 11 years ago

I dont agree with how this was put together either... Obviously they favor the Corvette. but if you want to talk shit about the corvette take a look at the 2010 season GT2 class racing then try to down talk it.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 19. sux2bu commented 11 years ago

#6 You probably do not know it but the 2011 GT-R ($95,000+) is way different from the one in this vid.The suspension is modified and the NEW engine is now at 530 HP. And yet the older ZR1 still has a faster time, 7:22.4 ,when driven by a good driver,Jan Magnussen.......

The ZR1 is only running 10 lbs of boost and is on 91 octane pump gas. You would think an AWD Supercar would be waaaay faster than a RWD car,but lap times don't lie.
Here is a dyno run for a stock 2009 ZR1 with only 1000 miles on it. It falls more in line with what most ZR1's put out.

At 3,814lbs the GT-R has the curb weight some 490lbs heavier than the 3,324lb ZR1.
The GT-R has a slightly longer wheelbase and a narrower track width in both the front and rear compared to the ZR1. It’s taller as well. So flat cornering can not compare to the lower and wider Corvette.

#11 You are right about some news reports being factually wrong. I saw a news report last night that said some Irishmen aren't drunken sots, but I do not believe that crap! :D No offense,I mean that in the nicest way.
Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements

0 20. Mourialaid commented 11 years ago

It's so easy to <3 the Skyline!
Corvette is a drag race car... not for those who like curves & g-force adrenaline
Picture of Woette25 achievements

+1 21. Woette commented 11 years ago

Dyno probably measured BHP at the wheels.
Manufacturer figures are BHP at the flywheel...
So all the cars will be down on power at the wheels.
Cool cars, bad reviewing!
Picture of mescaline41 achievements

-1 22. mescaline commented 11 years ago

I think the GT-R can easily produce over 1 lateral G...
I don't think it would lose the slalom either.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 23. sux2bu commented 11 years ago

#22 Numerous skid pad tests have been done on the GT-R by different groups and .96 is the best to date. THINKING something does not make it so.
This test could not be any more fair so maybe all should just watch topgear where those pompous twats are extremely biased and prejudiced. I can not stand to watch those guys.
Here is a link to the ultimate Lambo supercar vs the ZR1 and the ZR1 still looks pretty good.
Picture of wayomayo35 achievements

+2 24. wayomayo commented 11 years ago

Taxi! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)