Immigration, world poverty and gumballs.


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Picture of thejackel36 achievements

+55 1. thejackel commented 13 years ago

this is the firs legit anti immigration video i have ever seen :)
Picture of joka23244 achievements

+40 2. joka232 commented 13 years ago

presentation always gives a better example then just words :)
Picture of blackty32 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 3. blackty commented 13 years ago

mmmmh...gumballs & immigration
Picture of firetwister38 achievements

+30 4. firetwister commented 13 years ago

ignorant americans thinking that the only way to help someone is to make them american... there so up themselves
Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements

+4 5. c0mmanderKeen commented 13 years ago

Some truth here, but also nonsense. First he has facts and figures with a graphic display, which is good. He then starts to theorize away without the slightest reference to reality e.g "These ppl are the most energetic and can change things at home"

His point is valid, but I have never ever heard that immigration is a way to tackle world poverty... has anyone? US citizens?

Lets help them there ftw :)
Picture of GanjaGod26 achievements

+2 6. GanjaGod commented 13 years ago

I'm going to buy myself some gumballs now :D :D :D
Picture of cranky40 achievements

+18 7. cranky commented 13 years ago

I believe that helping the poor has nothing to do with this.

As USA has been a nation of immigrants from its foundation I believe the 1 million immigrants scheme per year is there to preserve the multinationality of the nation that actually helps spark new ideas and businesses. It's there to help the US and not the countries it takes the people from.
Picture of ruhk30 achievements

-2 8. ruhk commented 13 years ago

#4 how much of your paycheck are you sending to the starving babies? 1%? 5%? USA contributes 17.83% of the IMF total yearly budget. No other "ignorant nation" comes even close to that.

Of course debt slavery is not a good means of survival, and IMF and worldbank screw more people than they help but enslaving nations and forcing them to grow the worlds food at discount to pay back the debt relief. If everyone in the world had an aquaponics system no one would go hungry again. just sayin...

I personally am against sending my money out. We have a 20% unemployment rate and 43million people on welfare assistance in our own country. Yep, im that cruel bastard that wants to help his fellow countrymen FIRST before helping others. Call me what you will, but my country gives quite a bit. (Yes, we bomb the hell out of people we shouldnt, but thats my gov actions not the actions of the civilians. The majority of citizens of America dont actually want to be occupying afghanistan, yemen, somalia, iraq, etc etc. The gov elites wanted it.not us.)

Picture of ZRakas12 achievements

+11 9. ZRakas commented 13 years ago

Good thing America isn't making poor countries even more poor, that would just be not cool...
Picture of Elcativo17 achievements

-2 10. Elcativo commented 13 years ago

One minute would be enough to get his point. Like others before already said I don't believe that immigration has much to do with poverty in other countries. For me it is more for people whos' life is in direct danger or anything. Poor vid in my opinion.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+19 11. irishgek commented 13 years ago

Yes #8 because the IMF is a great idea , lending money to dictators and putting country's in massive debts !
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 12. sux2bu commented 13 years ago

#4 You need to get your head out of your butt and watch this with a little more attention to what he says.You seem to have totally missed the point in the presentation. Allowing the best and brightest from other countries to come to the US is not in the best interest of the country they leave behind. The US limits the number of immigrants to just ONE million of the millions of people that apply to get here.
#11 The IMF has always been headed by Europeans,so talk to your leaders about that problem.
Picture of arakawa25 achievements

-2 13. arakawa commented 13 years ago

It`s very funny how some people think rich countries help others by donation or immigration. What do you think it happens when people give money to save babies in Africa or the Amazon in Brazil or something else?
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+3 14. gouranga4ever commented 13 years ago

#8 US Unemployment is at 8.8%

The IMF doesn't pertain to foreign aid, it was the Wests method of combating Communism by buying governments etc. It's mission statement now is more devolved but along the same lines. The combined Western Europe's contribution is higher than the US.

The problem with this lecture is two fold. The first is by measuring wealth in dollars. Most of the worlds population (certainly the 5.6 Billion mentioned here) are farmers, the eat what they sow and barter for everything else. 5.6 Billion of the worlds population aren't starving, they get along fine. No where near as well as you or I but that's a different ball game.

The second issue with the video is that it suggests that Immigration is a altruistic policy. It's not, Congress bring in immigrants because they want to keep the cost of labour down. Immigrants work the fields, the factories and phone banks of America. They send their kids to school and work themselves out of poverty. You need more immigrants every year to grow your economy.
Picture of edmund31 achievements

+1 15. edmund commented 13 years ago

Does he take these gumballs home after every presentation... or can the audience eat them? :)
Picture of Thanny37 achievements

+3 16. Thanny commented 13 years ago

Talk about beating a strawman. No one claims that immigration is a method of fighting poverty around the globe.

His use of certain code words (such as "elite";) shows that this is just faux-intellectual immigrant-bashing, nothing more.
Picture of Penak19 achievements

0 17. Penak commented 13 years ago

#6 and think about the millions of people you are eating.
Picture of ui23634 achievements

+2 18. ui236 commented 13 years ago

#14 I do agree. There is a difference between poverty and a savage life. And it's also truth that bringing in immigrants keep the cost of labour down. But it's not really essential for your economy.

But I find it a brilliant idea to help these poor countries with education so the are not bound to there primitive lifestyle. If you let high educated people raise up these countries is a good way to invest in poverty. And it brings your cost of labour down :D
Picture of denniscav18 achievements

-1 19. denniscav commented 13 years ago

Planet Earth has long passed the point at which uncontrolled human population is sustainable. We all now are reliant upon the past millions of years' storage of solar energy in the forms of finite natural gas, liquid petroleum and coal that required the Earth to store-up over millions of years. Sadly, our concept of progress does not take into consideration long term effects. More than 150 years ago, the English economist/scientist , Thomas Malthus, said, and I paraphrase: "Like lab rats, humans will continue to increase in population until the point at which nature can no longer provide. At which point, there will be a sudden and catastrophic collapse."
Picture of LQoQK44 achievements

-4 20. LQoQK commented 13 years ago

now distribute these gums to poor people.

showing off with a presentation full of sweat :x
Picture of Zebulun47 achievements

0 21. Zebulun commented 13 years ago

#4 typical anti-american sentiment, I notice people like you have that attitude simply due to your own ignorance and frankly, outright jealousy for what Americans have accomplished.

I weep for you sir, and hope that you will put aside your prejudice and hate and learn to live in this world with the rest of us (and yes I am American).
Picture of tree4free47 achievements

+5 22. tree4free commented 13 years ago

#21 people hate americans because they think they are the superior nation in the world and like to interfere everywhere they have an interest. If they would stop interfering, stop messing around the world and empty all the military bases outside US and bring the army where they belong (inside the USA border), I'm positive the attitude against americans would change.
Picture of Kuthub16 achievements

-2 23. Kuthub commented 13 years ago

You're all chatting shite.
Picture of shayangx43 achievements

-2 24. shayangx commented 13 years ago

To be honest this video is full of speculation and making things seem a lot more easier than they are.

The idea of helping people at the place they are at is nothing new. None of it seems to do a magic trick. Im an immigrant who was given a chance to be succesful in Holland. Was I forced to live in Iran, I would be amongst all of those students who cant get a job anywhere and who live in a suppressing regime.

This old man thinks hes so smart, hes just pointing out stuff everybody already knows, in a way like its totally new.
Picture of lapczyns9 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 25. lapczyns commented 13 years ago

One beautiful and sunny day a man was taking a stroll along the beach
when he came across a young girl who was frantically throwing starfish
into the ocean. The man asks the young girl, "Why are you throwing the
starfish into the ocean?" The girl replied, "The starfish were washed
upon the shore last night in a storm, and if I don't get them back into
the ocean then they will die."
The man looked around and to his amazement there were hundreds of starfish lying upon the sand. He looked at her and cackled saying "Why are you wasting your time? There is no possible way you can save all of these creatures. By throwing back a few, how is it that you expect to make a difference?"
The young girl looked around sadly at the starfish that surrounded them on the beach,and then she looked back at the man and replied "Even if I save the life of only one, then I have made a difference." And with that she continued to save as many as she could.
Picture of dbomber6946 achievements

-3 26. dbomber69 commented 13 years ago

Another example of the US helping the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!
Picture of ruhk30 achievements

-4 27. ruhk commented 13 years ago

#11 based on your comment you are either in agreement with me or you didnt read my post, because I pretty much said the same thing as you minus the dictator propping.

#14 while I can appreciate the statistics behind that number, the bean counters are not counting those that have given up looking (I dont agree with giving up, im just stating the info) or those whom have had to take part time work in lieu of finding full time employment.

I would not consider going from a 60k engineering job to a 12k McDonalds part time fry cook as "employed", especially considering the increased cost if that individual has children and a wife. If I lost my job today and had to take a McDonalds job or similar, I would receive MORE money from unemployment insurance based on previous income than I would making an honest buck at the burger hut. (Im in college, and my degree of study is directed at the end goal of establishing self sustainability and self sufficiency in poor neighbourhoods. If all goes well, maybe in the next 30 years or so America WILL be exporting humanitarian aid beyond what we can afford now. Wish me luck fellow citizens of planet suckass.)

My personal opinion is that the mainstream media reported numbers are a false positive intended to bolster the buying power of the US dollar in order to make the top 1% richer.

EDIT: for the sake of starting another pissing match, in what part of that video did you see America making anyone poorer or richer #26 ? Or are you generalizing from facts outside of the currently discussed video? From what I saw and heard he pretty much said that any enterprising immigrants wishing to come to America should stay the hell home and help their buddies at home establish a better life instead of fleeing to the "land of opportunity".
Picture of iIZMOG32 achievements

0 28. iIZMOG commented 13 years ago

#4, they're not forcing anyone to become american. it's millions and millions of people every year who want to become american so they can be better off cos they still believe in the american dream for some reason. your comment is wrong, it's like you think the usa invented immigration and is forcing it on people.
Picture of SwedishMofo14 achievements

0 29. SwedishMofo commented 13 years ago

This pretty much explains the situation in Sweden too, and I can't agree more with this video.. Unfortunately, if anyone goes public with his/her dissatisfaction in the matter, they'd be called a racist and be marked for life :|
Picture of SwedishMofo14 achievements

0 30. SwedishMofo commented 13 years ago

This pretty much explains the situation in Sweden too, and I can't agree more with this video.. Unfortunately, if anyone goes public with his/her dissatisfaction in the matter, they'd be called a racist and be marked for life :|
Picture of Guitarfreaknatio18 achievements

-2 31. Guitarfreaknatio commented 13 years ago

Very interesting and effective way of presenting a point. This reminds me of a reading I did for my college course by Garret Hardin. Any of you bathelled by this video and interested in some more info read this article.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 32. thundersnow commented 12 years ago

Excellent lecture. Someone finally speaking the truth. Education of birth control would be one way to help them to curb population growth.