Lets Do It

Campaign "Let's Do It!" - a grassroot initiative to clean up the country from illegal waste in just one day.

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Picture of Platonic66 achievements

+79 1. Platonic commented 12 years ago

well done Esthonians. WELL DONE!!!!!
Picture of gazh40 achievements

+50 2. gazh commented 12 years ago

That is very impressive, America: you next :D
Picture of BenderBRodriguez22 achievements

+6 3. BenderBRodriguez commented 12 years ago

Small country small garbage :)

Let them come to USA/Russia ;)
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+15 4. imagic commented 12 years ago

the rest of the world should follow, when this gets to holland i will join in !!
Picture of sitaauk47 achievements

+27 5. sitaauk commented 12 years ago

Yes it was huge campaign and most under 40 people in my circle went there. But it wasn't all that good. Some companies who made their offer for sorting collected garbage underestimated their costs for recyling all this - they took the money but the garbage is still piled on dump areas - 3 years later. Nobody deals with it, nobody wants it.

But it was great initiative and forests are now much cleaner!
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+8 6. banzemanga commented 12 years ago

I just have one question. It is true that the garbage was scattered and what they did was to collect them all together. But the collected garbage still stakes space. Where did the collected garbage go? I don't think it is possible to recycle all of that in one day. :S
Picture of ozmasood33 achievements

+38 7. ozmasood commented 12 years ago

right now, i need a 'Lets Do It!' campaign to clean up my room :D
Picture of HazeC42014 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 8. HazeC420 commented 12 years ago

haha, mu parents wanted to send me to but i say'd: NO i don't go to pick up my fucking beer botles into forrest
Picture of doubledesperado27 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-11 9. doubledesperado commented 12 years ago

For the WIN!!!!!!!!!
Us Conservatives need to clean up all the Liberals in the US like that!
Picture of archis51 achievements

+19 10. archis commented 12 years ago

Yes, we Latvians do it too. I have one year participated in it. For us it was also quit a fun (it may not look like it), people all together doing something.
Negative moments. I was cleaning a park. I did not know that in bushes you can find such huge amount of shity, smelly diapers. Ladies you have to be more responsible. And worst point is junkie needles.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+13 11. irishgek commented 12 years ago

Very simple solution in Ireland , when on the social welfare you get 200€ a week plus a whole load of other allowences and rent allowance etc etc ...

These people should be out cleaning out streets at least 20 Hours a week and actively looking for a job the rest , they should not get to sit around on there ass doing nothing for all the money they get for nothing , I know too many people who live off the state and do nothing back but drink our tax money every week.
Picture of thundercash43 achievements

+14 12. thundercash commented 12 years ago

We are having this same campaign organized by the media in Bulgaria, it is gonna happen next week, stay tunned >:)
Picture of Darkic33 achievements

+22 13. Darkic commented 12 years ago

We had this last year in slovenia and it was total sucess! good job people O:)
Picture of tree4free47 achievements

+5 14. tree4free commented 12 years ago

Ban #(removed comment) account he's dumping nothing but garbage in comments
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+7 15. sux2bu commented 12 years ago

Dumping garbage out in the forests ? Where do they think they are , West Virginia? :D
That was a good thing they did in Estonia but if the mind-set of the litter bugs doesn't change they will need to clean it all up again in a few years.
Picture of LQoQK44 achievements

+5 16. LQoQK commented 12 years ago

and they did put the garbage in ?????? I would love to see these pictures???

I wonder how would earth look like in 2050 >:) our poor grand children will suffer
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

+2 17. Urmensch commented 12 years ago

twobytwo has posted ten comments all with the same spam.
Can we be rid of it already?
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

+6 18. Natan_el_Tigre commented 12 years ago

Solutions exist ... and if you're not part of them, then you're part of the problem. Have a fabulous day.
Picture of edmund31 achievements

+7 19. edmund commented 12 years ago

We had/have the same in Slovenia (http://www.ocistimo.si/). By Esthonian example we did it last year and more is planned. It's also necessary, because people are pigs and stupid idiots, still dumping trash into the nature.
Picture of Hallsavenger24 achievements

+6 20. Hallsavenger commented 12 years ago

Picture of pignmar4152 achievements

+1 21. pignmar41 commented 12 years ago

My question: Is it really a matter of garbage, or more likely a matter of the people trashing that garbage into nature ? And by the way, take a look at all these floating villages all over the world ... where to you think are they trashing ???
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

+1 22. Urmensch commented 12 years ago

Douchebag twobytwo has switched 'nyms to mmnmm in order to spam.
Picture of CoYoT32 achievements

+6 23. CoYoT commented 12 years ago

They did it !
What about the rest countries ?
Picture of Farmer201125 achievements

+2 24. Farmer2011 commented 12 years ago

I will like to do this on my country!
Picture of richardleed23 achievements

+3 25. richardleed commented 12 years ago

Next they need to create a law that jails or fine violators for loitering.
Picture of Scorpio6662 achievements

-3 26. Scorpio666 commented 12 years ago

Commentator nr. 5 username SITAAUK means in direct translation to english ASSHOLE :D By the way, few of you guys got it - this collected garbage does´nt fly away to space. So if you´re going to sightseeing Estonia, visit our great city Tartu and ask people where is this great pile of success now-a-days. Or if you´re not going then just take a look of this ´´nice and clean´´ picture :D - http://www.ohtuleht.ee/370970
To commentator nr. 5 : Sulle see prügi korjamine pole küll hästi mõjunud. Aga vähemalt oma nime sa kirjutad õieti... tubli poiss!
Picture of VeryTallMan14 achievements

-4 27. VeryTallMan commented 10 years ago

Lost interest and fell asleep shortly after it started.