A blonde and a 3rd grade geography question

"I thought Europe was a country..." :'(

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Picture of dave919145 achievements

+40 1. dave9191 commented 16 years ago

I thought Europe was a country.... I dont know if I should laugh or cry!
Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements

+17 2. AL7AIR commented 16 years ago

“I thought Europe was a country!?”, “Hungry? That’s a country? I've heard of Turkey!” … Is he handing out *the Sign* on a regular basis while hosting that show? :)
Picture of MaxXL20 achievements

+15 3. MaxXL commented 16 years ago

HAHA, very nice. It's OK that she couldn't guess it, but c'mon, don't Americans learn ANY geography?
But with another IQ, I'd sure take her home.. >:)
Picture of vernon77pk4 achievements

+11 4. vernon77pk commented 16 years ago

she is perfect 2008 presidentail candidate for America :D , i can't tell if i'm laughing or crying anymore............
Picture of snotr_nasreddine2 achievements

+8 5. snotr_nasreddine commented 16 years ago

That wasn't very fun for me, and I think not for the country that I made night's to learn and study her language :'(
Picture of BearWithMe2 achievements

+9 6. BearWithMe commented 16 years ago

My God! She is pretty but I don't think I would have the patience to chat her up. She is so stupidly blunt about her stupidity. Even the kid is shaking his head :( Beside, is the presenter pronouncing Hungary "hungry"?
Picture of Friendlysoul42 achievements

+8 7. Friendlysoul commented 16 years ago

"Beside, is the presenter pronouncing Hungary "hungry"?"

I think he did it on purpose :P lol
Picture of most_uniQue33 achievements

+8 8. most_uniQue commented 16 years ago

Fifth of american can even place usa in the world map...americans has such a low IQ... >:)
Thank god i live in Europe
Picture of Vortex9 achievements

+9 9. Vortex commented 16 years ago

Can someone really be THAT stupid?
Picture of Nita0002 achievements

+7 10. Nita000 commented 16 years ago

I CAME FROM HUNGARY, and i can't believe how can be somebody so stupid..............???????????? :'( And the better question why she went to this show , when she has got such a low IQ.????????
Ok, Hungary is a small country in Europe, but my God,......................“I thought Europe was a country!?”, “Hungry? That’s a country? I've heard of Turkey!”


But the pronouncing of the man is that too.................................

Picture of bun3 achievements

+6 11. bun commented 16 years ago

i'm on her side. she's obviously not smart but she's at least funny. the turkey joke was great.

it's much better than response from someone form hungary who think that judge someone only by the knowledge of his country. i can say that i don't also know all capitals in the world, especially in africa.

am i just stupid blonde?
Picture of UAE17 achievements

+4 12. UAE commented 16 years ago

What a shame!

Picture of Nita0002 achievements

+5 13. Nita000 commented 16 years ago

I don't jugde anybody .I didn't want and i don't want too.Hungry is a small null country in Europe.......... :( I know it too.
She didn't know it..... and? It's not a big deal, but the way she didn't know, it's miserable..................

"the turkey joke was great." I don't think so..........Please!!!!!! Let see a world map, where is Turkey...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Picture of arsey8 achievements

+5 14. arsey commented 16 years ago


"And the better question why she went to this show , when she has got such a low IQ.????????"

That is the sort of person they are aiming to get. She fits their target contestant description perfectly.

Why would they want a normal person who is smarter than a 5th grader for?

The whole point of the show is to laugh at all these morons.
Picture of ssszoky3 achievements

+6 15. ssszoky commented 16 years ago

I heard that americans are stupid but this is ridiculous. This can't be true.
Picture of dave919145 achievements

+6 16. dave9191 commented 16 years ago

@ bun
It's not so much that she didn't know the capital or the country. You cant expect everyone to know this stuff. But 'I thought Europe was a country'.... come on dude !!!! Surly American history lessons covered the attack on Normandy and that means you should know about France, Germany and the UK being countries in Europe.
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+5 17. LightAng3l commented 16 years ago

what a retarded girl :O
Picture of Morphy2 achievements

+4 18. Morphy commented 16 years ago

Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+7 19. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago

It's not physically possible to be that stupid and still walk upright..
She must be a payed actor.. No one can be that stupid.. Simply not possible.. :|
Picture of ppimentel2 achievements

+5 20. ppimentel commented 16 years ago

Glad to be European!
Picture of kihzmiaz2 achievements

+5 21. kihzmiaz commented 16 years ago

Oh my God. She is stunning, but that space between her ears is lacking some grey-matter. Thank the USA for institutions like Play Play Boy & Hustler, without them she would end up rattling a tin to make a dollar.
Picture of klarax3 achievements

+5 22. klarax commented 16 years ago

That's Kelly Pickler from American Idol a year or two ago.

And yes, she's really HOT
Picture of shreyans1 achievements

+4 23. shreyans commented 16 years ago

i heard intelligent doesn't live alongwith beauty., but i never believed it. it looks true now.
Picture of malcy20042 achievements

+5 24. malcy2004 commented 16 years ago

who said blondes are dumb !!!!!! who ever it was..they were clever !!!
Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements

+4 25. cyberdevil commented 16 years ago

lmao, hillarious.
Picture of Smaranda2 achievements

+3 26. Smaranda commented 16 years ago

And America is the world leader because....? I suspect this girl can't even read! And guys, this is NOT funny at all!!!
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+5 27. JerryD commented 16 years ago

Hey guys! If they had a blond babe looking awsome hot and was giving all the right answers - then u wouldn't se her at a video like this. No matter where in the world u live - there are 15 moron's in a dozen near your place. But showing them up like this is just silly, cuz she's gonna be the joke anywhere she goes after this. I'm an european but I know this - average american's are not like this chick. And not all blonde's either. Seriously - to make joke's about humans due their ethnic origin is offensive and make's lots of folks crying out loud. Isn't it moral of double standards to make joke about people of a certain haircolor? Isn't it the same like making jokes about people due their skincolor?
Anyway I was laughing when hearing her going on, and the kid that was just shaking his head and laugh - hilarious!!
Picture of mike_bols2 achievements

+5 28. mike_bols commented 16 years ago

this can't be true. i bet the girl was casted by some agency, or something. the left wing media again tries to give us americans a bad reputation. that's why they picked a blonde from the south.
this is anti-american propaganda! why do they hate our freedoms?
Picture of pilch5 achievements

+6 29. pilch commented 16 years ago

wonder if nasa could put enough rockets under america to send the whole place into orbit... would solve a whooooole lotta problems
Picture of Adretea2 achievements

+7 30. Adretea commented 16 years ago

Americans have some problem with Budapest :D In Van Helsing movie ona female character says "here in Budapest blah blah blah" but the movie takes place in Romania (so capital city should be Bucharest):D And was made in Czech republic, my country, btw. It is even smaller than Hungary, where she would place it? To asia or what? oh my god :D
Picture of MaxXL20 achievements

+7 31. MaxXL commented 16 years ago

I'm from Denmark, and apparently it's a common misconception in the states that Denmark is a city in Sweden. Jeeesus... ! 8-)
Picture of dominions3 achievements

+6 32. dominions commented 16 years ago

If I were her I would spend the rest of my life trying to track down every single copy of this video and destroying it. Good grief but she came across dumb!
The only one on this show who comes out with any self respect is the kid.
Picture of Stalag171 achievements

+4 33. Stalag17 commented 16 years ago

Wow. Surly Europeans don't think we are all that dumb in America. As for knowing all the capitals of European country's, it's kinda like Europeans not knowing what state the city of Jackson is in. We aren't all that dumb over here, but there are quite a few who are. No more than anywhere else, I guess.
Picture of Nocas3 achievements

+5 34. Nocas commented 16 years ago

:D Hilarious!!! :D
The problem is not knowing that the country is Hungary O:) , the problem is saying: "This might be a stupid question >:) (...) I thought that Europe is a country"!! :(|) (...) I know that they speak french there (...) Is France a country??" :(|)
Please!!! Too stupid... Too low IQ... Too bad, even for a blond that is so hot... LOL
Picture of GrapeApe4 achievements

+2 35. GrapeApe commented 16 years ago

Ah, doesn't matter, she probably a great lay.
You can keep your smart and ugly Euro-chicks, I'm not trying to solve global issue with them, just make bouncy-bouncy. >:)
Picture of VideoGirl1 achievements

+4 36. VideoGirl commented 16 years ago

That's Kelly Pickler (from American Idol last year) and yes, she's that dumb. If you ever saw her on that show...you wouldn't be surprised by her answer here
Picture of mariak337762 achievements

+5 37. mariak33776 commented 16 years ago

She is not stupid only, but ignorant. She might be thinking she is funny, but she is not.... at all.
If this is price of beauty, I would opt for the "beast".

As general information: Hungary should be remembered because of it's history, also because of its capital, Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities from whole Europe.
I am glad to be born in Europe, (with Hungarian heritage), and having some general culture about this world we live in.
Picture of dodo2 achievements

+6 38. dodo commented 16 years ago

Americans are not stupid and idiots can be found all over the world. Europe is no longer what it used to be. I am from Europe and live in USA. So I know very well both. And I am not one of those brainless youngsters. However, I must recognize that this blonde is beyond of my imagination. Wow :O
Picture of zorbazig2 achievements

+8 39. zorbazig commented 16 years ago

This lovely blonde is really a washout in geography, but when I see her, I get "Hungary" !...
Picture of Martyn_King692 achievements

+5 40. Martyn_King69 commented 16 years ago

Guys you are being too hard on her. Okay - she doesn't need a brain. Look at the body - would we not all like to use that?? Of course we would!

So look at the assets. A good looking blonde female with a fine usable body.

The downside? She's American (poor thing - an accident of birth) She has a larynx (an unfortunate quirk that proves nature has a sense of humour. We all know women should never be born with a larynx!)

Apart from that, as we know, Americans are stupid, they are poorly educated and they are horrendously unworldly. Just look at the thing they elect for president for proof of that.
Picture of 3x3Pro2 achievements

+4 41. 3x3Pro commented 16 years ago

Well.. the only way this girl could look clever was with her mouth full.. And of course, she had to be american, what else could she be to give answers like this??? 8-)
Since the few americans that have heard about Portugal think that it is a part of Spain, and it is only the european nation with the oldest borders of all... nothing can surprises me... :|
Picture of NonDairy1 achievements

-3 42. NonDairy commented 16 years ago

So basically what you're saying here is that unless every single person in America has heard of your specific corner of the world, we're stupid. Wow. A few things:

1)Yes, this girl is an idiot. But judging all Americans based on one dumb blonde from the South (two, if you count our president) would be like my judging all Chinese people based on a stupid girl I knew in college.
2)I can guarantee you that EVERY SINGLE American who ever completed school up to age 14 has heard of pretty much every country in the world. We have plenty of geography courses. Whether or not someone remembers what he or she has been taught is another story entirely. Again, this girl was an idiot; no one should be surprised that she doesn't remember hearing the name Hungary or Budapest. (Or France)
I can also guarantee that her ignorance of general world geography does not come from never being told Europe is a continent.
3) Not everyone knows everything. Sure, if you know that Budapest is the capital of Hungary, then someone who doesn't seems like an idiot. If you know that Moscow is the capital of Russia, Brussels is the capital of Belgium, etc. But I'm not going to call you stupid if you don't know the capital of Paraguay or the state capital of Pennsylvania.
4) I have yet to meet someone who thinks that Denmark is a city in Sweden. More often than not, people know it's a state and think there's something rotten in it.
5) In re-reading the responses above, again I'm struck by the stupidity of anyone who thinks this dumb blonde girl represents typical Americans. I'd remind you that more than half of us did not vote for Bush the first time around.
6) I thought this clip was hysterical. Stupid people going on TV to prove it - great idea. Though she was smart enough to copy off the kid. Probably how she got through school, too.
7) Next time you use any technology, take any sort of pharmaceutical product, split an atom, just remember there are as many smart people here as there are idiots (well, maybe not as many), but don't question America's place on the world stage because some of the population is made up of ignorant morons.
Picture of matildegaspar2 achievements

+8 43. matildegaspar commented 16 years ago

No one is questioning America's position in the worldwide stage. I guess we can only imagine what you have been through these past 6 years. But I know a lot of americans that support Bush 100 percent and don't even know what he's doing out there: that's stupid. You've had great presidents: Clinton did an excellent job (ok he made a mistake, but he lost his job as PRESIDENT because of something that had to do with his private life). I can't understand: you elected Bush once... But TWICE? that's because you want him to continue all the things he started: THAT'S terrorism. You guys are always acting as if the UN is the supreme power but then you don't even ask for it's opinion when you're going to invade Irak. But most americans don't know that. Maybe if americans had elected Al Gore, you would have signed Kyoto (I guess his campaign was less appealing since probably not even half of the americans know what the treaty represents and WHERE it was signed)

Anyway this isn't about political views. to answer 7) you should also thing about the number of europeans that aren't financed here in Europe that are paid 3 or 4 times their salary to go to american enterprises. Ok, America's got the money, we know that. just don't say americans discovered pharmaceutical products and technology etc. Lots of europeans discover things every day in America's name. Our schools here in Europe have the credit, even though you have in fact the money to pay for all the scientific research that we don't. Your position in the worldwide stage is due to your money and not to your decisions. A country that profits from the wreck of other's shouldn't have be the leader of the world. Your self-centered vision is destroying US and you don't even see it when it's right before your eyes.

You may say whatever you want, but I think that this isn't just one person in a film. I'm not saying americans are stupid. I lived there for 6 years, I know. I'm just saying that most of them DON'T CARE. You could be doing good things with your power, but I guess you don't even care because it doesn't affect your insignificant lives. This isn't about IQ, it's about how you were "born with privileges" and don't even care about what your president is doing in your name out there. You could make a difference and simply don't want to.

i rest my case
Picture of emrldz2 achievements

0 44. emrldz commented 16 years ago

haha dumb bitch probally has republican parents!
Picture of Tbag1 achievements

+3 45. Tbag commented 16 years ago

Dumb, Maybe. Stupid, NOT. ;)
Don't you guys realise she is playing (having a go) to raise money for a charity?
If she approached ANY man socially and playfully she would have him knotted up and begging. I don't think you can get on American Idol and continue the ball rolling with other shows and interviews being DUMB. She must have some smarts to be where she is in life. She doing better than any of us on these comment pages, guaranteed!
Thank God, Allah, Jehovah or whoever that I'm an Ozzie. YOU GO GIRL! :*
Picture of bananawoman5 achievements

+6 46. bananawoman commented 16 years ago

the only beef i have with any of this video is the people commenting on her national origin and her haircolour. those of whom who are saying these things- you are being racist. literally because you are being serious about your judgement. just because it isnt a skincolour or religion you are attacking, doesnt make your comments right or fair. you are just as ignorant sounding as your making out that girl to be.

fair enough, i have my reservations about the USA but mainly because i havent visited there yet and have not really experienced their culture (yes, the USA has culture too, its not totally filled with McDonalds i dont think) or way of life etc. i could give you loads of clichés here: dont judge a book by its cover being one of them.

america is HUGE. i have seen a globe (shocker, im blonde too) and europe is a similar size. so imagine trying to learn ALL the COUNTRIES and their capitals if you live over the pacific when your country is just as big. vice versa, america has endless state capitals and states themselves that i doubt any european would be able to name them all without missing a beat.

lay off it you guys. calm the fuck down. everythings equal. your not always right. we are- believe it or not- all human (ish) but this unfounded hate and fear of the unknown will be our downfall. mark my words.

also, some of you, i know this is the internet, new age and free speech and all that but seriously, think before you post.
Picture of ThePearl1 achievements

+2 47. ThePearl commented 16 years ago

Amazing!!!!!!!! What do they teach in History lessons??? Now I understand why Americans have chosen such a president >:) and this is the 1st world power.......... :D
Picture of Congamako1 achievements

0 48. Congamako commented 16 years ago

C'mon... stop with that "history/geography" knowledge/lessons, and don't pretend you're wiser than the average American. Would be able to name the capital of Croatia? or even Australia? Could you guys tell of which country Astana is the capital?
Everybody knows already how illeterate are the American people - so, please comment different ;-)
Picture of Mongoosem4 achievements

+2 49. Mongoosem commented 16 years ago

What a retard! :D
Picture of Pablo15171 achievements

+1 50. Pablo1517 commented 16 years ago

"It's not so much that she didn't know the capital or the country. You cant expect everyone to know this stuff. But 'I thought Europe was a country'.... come on dude !!!! Surly American history lessons covered the attack on Normandy and that means you should know about France, Germany and the UK being countries in Europe."

You forgot about Poland -.- Polish ppl was one of the most important soldiers in WW II !! We were fighting for UK in their air forces, and even Churchill thanked polish soldiers.

BTW: Americans are really... eh... :/
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+3 51. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago

It's so funny to see everyone blaming this on the IQ of Americans.. Personally I don't like America, but come on? You're not exactly a scholar if you seriously think IQ has anything to do with what you know.
IQ has to do with how fast your mind logically solves a logic problem. And how fast you manage to do these kind of problems in a set time.

If you don't know what IQ really is, don't embarrass yourself by claiming someone else has a low IQ.

I think it's fucked up she doesn't know that Europe isn't a country, but that has nothing to do with her IQ. Maybe she never was told this, or maybe she forgot it. But it has nothing to do with solving problems in your head.

Let Americans live in their little bubble anyway.. Let them feel on top of the world as long as it lasts..
Picture of acleverblonde1 achievements

+4 52. acleverblonde commented 16 years ago

Aliquantulus said: “IQ has to do with how fast your mind logically solves a logic problem. And how fast you manage to do these kind of problems in a set time.”

It is obvious that you are the one who doesn’t know what the IQ is. First of all IQ is the ratio of a person’s mental age to their chronological age. Furthermore, it measures a person’s intelligence (intelligence is having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree, and possessing sound knowledge) as indicated by an intelligence test. An intelligence test doesn’t take into account only the speed at which you solve a logic problem. It is entirely based on the knowledge you have and how you use that knowledge in order to be fast when solving problems. Moreover, IQ doesn’t examine your logic only. Most IQ tests include items from various domains, such as short-term memory, verbal knowledge, spatial visualization, and perceptual speed. So being a knowledgeable person doesn’t necessarily mean being smart. Confusing knowledge with smartness is like confusing velocity with distance. Anyway, the discussion here is not about the definition of IQ, but about the women on the video. She obviously has a low IQ, because her chronological age is much higher than her mental age. She wasn’t able to answer a question for a third grade child. And in addition, she doesn’t even know that Europe is a continent and not a country?! Is that possible?

For those who mention that Europeans don’t know the capitals of the US states I would like to say - why should we? Is this stuff included in any geography lesson? No, it’s not. But although it’s not, we know the capitals of the major states like Texas (capital city is Austin), California (capital city is Sacramento), New York (its capital city is Albany, although New York City is both the largest city in that state and in USA in general) etc. And also, we know that the capital of the USA is Washington D.C. which is located on the banks of the Potomac River and bordered by the states of Virginia and Maryland. So, to cut the long story short, both Americans and Europeans should have some basic geography knowledge like how many continents exist and their names (Asia, Africa, Antarctica, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia – yes Australia is a continent too) and the major countries on each continent.

In conclusion I’d like to say that it doesn’t matter where you are from, but it matters if you read books, newspapers, magazines etc. to enrich your knowledge and to have something to answer when asked.
Picture of Nutsicle3 achievements

+5 53. Nutsicle commented 16 years ago

her head + my lap = hungry O:)
Picture of Calisca1 achievements

+3 54. Calisca commented 16 years ago

You guys aren't so smart, are you? Have you thought of the possibility that she is faking all this? Besides, as "acleverblonde" (agrees completely with almost everything he/she has said) said IQ and knowledge are not the same.

- At your service,
Calisca, CrazyScorpion, Finduinal, Darkmaster, Scorp, CS,
And LieutenantColonel CrazyScorpion.

Those of you who know me and want to complain, you know where to find me, else, you can always just search for me.
Picture of ColdStoneJack1 achievements

+4 55. ColdStoneJack commented 16 years ago

she's hot
Picture of AMERICANandPROUD5 achievements

+5 56. AMERICANandPROUD commented 16 years ago

In reference to #10, she is a singer named Kelly Pickler. She was on American Idol (a singing competition on Television). She does not need the money. She went on this show (titled Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?) simply to earn money for a charity that she supports. She made it to the $50,000 question, but dropped out, though she had the correct answer, for fear of losing the money she had earned for her charity. A more proper description of Ms. Pickler is ignorant. She isn't stupid. Perhaps she simply isn't as well-educated, refined, or enlightened as many of us, but she has the capability of learning and/or being trained. To call her otherwise is to be as vacuous, imbecilic, dull-witted, moronic, cretinous and simpleminded as she is accused of being.
Picture of OothaWatha1 achievements

+4 57. OothaWatha commented 16 years ago

A Brit and I discussed the stereotype of the "stupid American," and he offered a curious observation. He remarked how enormous the US is compared to most of the European countries, and how he came to sympathize with our perceived ignorance of other countries because of that. Let's face it: here in Indiana, I have no idea what's going on in Wyoming, because I'm more interested in what's happening in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. Of course I don't know what's going on in Budapest. To me, most of Europe speaks in one "continental" voice; to Europeans, the US speaks in one national voice.

Also, please consider how the US mandates to educate all of her citizens (and guests, too) until 18. Many European nations used a lyceum system of graduated exit points in their public education. The image we strive for in the US is unity, although we continue to be a melting pot and a deliciously diverse and non-homogeneous people. Our stereotypes are just as diverse as our people.

Lastly, that blond gal was cast for her entertainment appeal, and whoever made that decision was spot-on.
Picture of Jeegus1 achievements

+4 58. Jeegus commented 16 years ago

For those who think only Americans can be stupid... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59Ga5PuckA0 .. French who wants to be a Millionaire. 56% of the audience thinks the Sun revolves around the Earth. I find that horribly sad.
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+2 59. SpikedSilver commented 16 years ago

omg what a stupid earthling. i feel ashamed for human race. fuck nationalities by the way. and you guys who are just laughing about americans or anybody... haha... laugh about yourself. you are educated enough to know hungary and its capital, but you are not wise enough to just dont care and you are only satisfied if you can show that you think you are a more valuable person.
Picture of illapino836 achievements

+4 60. illapino83 commented 16 years ago

I'd rather watch this than watching a smart ugly woman. :)
Picture of Tefkros17 achievements

+4 61. Tefkros commented 16 years ago

America has a population of some 300 million people. how can you judge by a single individual?
ps:i'm not american
Picture of 94otto3 achievements

+3 62. 94otto commented 16 years ago

fucking dumb bitch... texas idiot, she even looks like püaris hilton, do they share a brain or something. men even paris knows europe isn't a country
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+8 63. Sizzlik (admin) commented 16 years ago

At least she is in the right kind of show..imagine she would be on "who wants to be a Mllionaire"..she wouldnt even get 50 bucks.
Picture of expatudon083 achievements

+2 64. expatudon08 commented 15 years ago

<a href="http://www.udonthani.co.uk" id="R1C91E1">expatudon08</a>

stupid is stupid does run forest run some pepole really do live in a bubble :'(
Picture of vgsr31 achievements

+5 65. vgsr commented 15 years ago

Thats called "beeing a woman.

Might be stereotype but its great joke tho.
Picture of OhMeOhMyDC3 achievements

+5 66. OhMeOhMyDC commented 15 years ago

OK, I wasn't going to get in on this one, but I couldn't help myself. I am an American, and unfortunately, there are "dumb" people in the "Good ole' US of A", but to judge all of us, by someone who has learned to act ignorant, to make it to fame, is quite ridiculous.
Reading these posts, by people judging a whole Continent, by the "intelligence" of 1 person (ok, yes, there are more than 1), is a sign of complete ignorance in itself. But what makes me laugh, is not only all of your comments, but the signs you display of your own "ignorance". The majority of you don't even know how to spell. I'm no grammer, oops, "grammar" student, but I do know how to use a Dictionary. So, before you get so critical, look at how you are displaying your own intelligence, with your spelling.
More over, I would love to have her IQ, if it meant being as successful as she has become, and making a whole lot more money than I do, with the education that I unfortunately didn't take serious enough.

What also amazes me, is that not ONE of you, remarked on Jeff's response about her "listening, but only hearing what she wants to", and Jeff's comment of how "that is just about being a women". Well, as much as that is a "feminist" remark, I know he is just being funny, so there for, I am not insulted (considering I am a women), yet I laughed. I chose to laugh at the "humor" of this whole shenanigan, instead of getting so worked up about it.

Not all American are "stupid", just as much as not all Europeans are overly intelligent..
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

0 67. Usdevildoggmc commented 14 years ago

Hey am I the first one to say..... I Don't mind a dum blondie like this??? I'm sure I can find something that she's really good at :D
Picture of laughingscorpion38 achievements

+3 68. laughingscorpion commented 14 years ago

Thank you so much for being on the show, young lady. You've done a wonderful thing for inbred morons everywhere.
Picture of Hellion198238 achievements

+4 69. Hellion1982 commented 14 years ago

This looks quite fake. She's a good actress methinks.
Picture of iShine29 achievements

+2 70. iShine commented 14 years ago

if im dating a girl like that, the last thing i'd be worryed about is how smart she is.
Picture of InfiniteBoredom19 achievements

+1 71. InfiniteBoredom commented 14 years ago

Ignorance is born out of knowledge. It is not possible to know everything and therefore we are all ignorant. Intelligence must be something beyond knowledge. It just seems hard to find it in this video.
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

+5 72. lockandload commented 13 years ago

she is all milk but no cornflakes :D
Picture of kaesi281 achievements

+3 73. kaesi28 commented 13 years ago

She is Kelly Pickler, a country music artist who gained fame in the fifth season of american idol. As far as i remember she is a waitress before she joined the american idol. Dang! I dont know, even some people know that europe is not a country. :D
Picture of erniewurster1 achievements

+3 74. erniewurster commented 13 years ago

you gotta give it to her...she is cute!
Picture of lovelyfrogly1 achievements

+2 75. lovelyfrogly commented 13 years ago

Hey I don't know why almost everyone here thinks that she's stupid. I've never seen her before in any other shows and I'm not American. But at once I can see that she's lovely and giving her chance to the boy next to her. She's being there deliberately to entertain, not for being smarty pants. C'mon people, a lady with her look should at least know something about Europe. And she's responding the man's question very funnily, with 'hungry' and 'turkey'... She's pretty and kind and smart! You are all outsmarted by her!
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-1 76. gibson5150 commented 13 years ago

Ya know what.. You Europeans are some of the rudest people on the planet. You act like we Americans don't care about anyone else, yea ok. So tell me, was it selfish of us to send supplies to the Allied powers in WW1? Was it selfish of us to send troops in to help end the war? What about WW2? Was it selfish to supply the British before we got attacked by Japan, and then commit to the war in EUROPE when Hitler declared war on us? Understand that Europe wouldn't be what it is today if we had just sat back and let our ALLIES get tossed around. But we're so stupid, careless, ignorant, hateful, etc. The idiot talking about President Bush ought to look at what Saddam was really doing in Iraq then maybe he would realize why we went there. I hope that our war on terror let's him live a long life without worry of being a victim in a terror attack. Not saying Bush was the greatest President ever, not even saying he was a good one. But I'd rather have someone willing to do something than some libtard who just wants to talk things over while people are getting hurt. Honestly, I've only met a handful of smart Europeans....
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+6 77. Thatguy commented 13 years ago

8. most_uniQue (moderator) 3 years ago

Fifth of american can even place usa in the world map...americans has such a low IQ...
Thank god i live in Europe

Wow, I first would like to see where you pulled that information from. Second, it is America not American. And third just so you know living in Europe does not give you a higher IQ that is gene based buddy and guess what, you have the same genes as most Caucasian Americans.

Also learn how to use punctuation and capitalization.

Check out the PISA scores showing the United States Child Assessment, scoring a tie with Asia and beating Western Europe.

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-3 78. Euroguy commented 13 years ago

Hey Thatguy
we might have same gene but your brain guys there in USA is a way less developed,so that might be a reason why you so stupid.And second do not teach someone from Europe how to use punctuation and cap. cos that person that u spoke is probably not English native speaker and for difference than you can probably speak about at least 3 languages.How many of language u can speak?
And yes blond girl is so stupid that is not possible to measure!And people she didn't make a joke about Turkey she just said that cos she find that wired.That stupid person cant make any joke believe me!!!Simply brain doesn't work,same as education system in America.Learn geography people at least to know when someone ask about continents!!!!

And gibson5150
everything that America ever had done was selfish,you can skip geography and maybe try with history cos u bit retard too same as the blond girl,thatguy is close as well.
Glad to be from Europe!!!!
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+5 79. foggydecember commented 13 years ago

Incidental 'French' involvement: Budapest is often referred to as the "Paris of the East" :)
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+5 80. dblplay commented 13 years ago

I'm sorry, but a girl that pretty gets a pass.
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+4 81. gibson5150 commented 13 years ago

Euroguy, really?? Are you that dense? You're an example of what I was talking about. You're a typical egotistical European. Your ego is so big, I can see it from Indiana, which I'm willing to bet you don't have a clue where that's at without looking at a map. There's a reason why so many Europeans fled to the United States. Yea we have our problems, none of us can deny that, if you do you're a fool. And how can aiding our allies when they need it be selfish? How can donating money and supplies to countries devastated by natural disasters, while asking for nothing in return be selfish? How can letting people from all over the world immigrate to (legally, that is) or visit our country selfish? Maybe you should take a history lesson, or two.
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+4 82. Bluefive commented 13 years ago

If you're not aware of it, this show is highly regarded as one of the most idiotic talk shows on U.S. tv. The stupid comments these women make are constantly being made fun of on other American shows. I'm American, I speak 3 European languages and I'm pretty sure I and anyone I've ever met can point out my country on a world map, and I also don't watch stupid shows like this. Please try not to judge an entire country of people by one stupid person, pretty ignorant for such enlightened people as you.
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+1 83. highflyer commented 13 years ago

she is a smart looking girl,would like to say that i would f*ck her brains out,probably take me all of 3 seconds if that :D
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+4 84. tysonbeck commented 13 years ago

I love Kelly Pickler. She was a contestant of American Idol and eversince that is the persona she projects at least on the big screen, dumb blonde. She is an entertainer for sure and she is now happily married to a man over 15? years her senior go figure!!

AND TO EUROGUY take it easy bro it is just a show to entertain people. Otherwise you will be as stupid as well for taking her seriously. And i am from South east asia and I bet you would have not known a lot of cities in my continent just as a lot of people don't know your country, too bad that is a reality!
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+6 85. BlackVelvet2011 commented 13 years ago

I am a Black American living in Canada. Not only do I know Canadian geography, but can name most of the world countries and cities, yet have never visited them, but I made a point of knowing them. IF I can do it, I am sure there are a lot of other Americans that can too. I like the above comments about Americans not caring. That part is very true, thus has nothing to do with stupidity. I bet those who of you from European Countries can't tell how many cities in the US are named Springfield and are the capital of their respective states without going to Google. Do you care how many American cities are named Springfield? I don't think so. So be very careful when you live in a glass house. I might throw a rock through it.
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0 86. DCchillin commented 13 years ago

Wake up people this is an actor, and Europe is a country now, its called the European Union
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+5 87. Roisinliath commented 13 years ago

I think you people are confusing ignorance with stupidity, although it is likely this poor woman is both. Not all American are stupid, but I find a majority are merely ignorant. I am American and I live in America, California to be specific.

I think it is the fault of our schools and the parents. our Schools are dumbed down and I have met parents who either are not willing to take the time to ensure their child does well in school; are so ignorant themselves they can't help their children get ahead; don't want the next generation to better themselves or have some religious agenda that makes them want to teach that biblical myth creationism/intelligent design or whatever they are calling it these days. Also If I were more paranoid I would think that keeping people ignorant helps our those in power keep the populace under their thumb.

There is a wave of anti-intellectualism here in the US that scares me. The teaching of a foreign language is not compulsory. I am not sure why that is. Even if one can't actually speak the language in later years, learning another language sure helps to better understand one's own language.

Having said all that and having bashed my own country which does have many good points, I have to add that I've met some fairly dumb people from Europe and a few other places. I have traveled and lived in Europe. Traveled to Asia, and throughout North America too. Stupidity is not limited to the U.S. It just seems that way sometimes.
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+4 88. kcmoeagle commented 13 years ago

they asked 1 question and YES she got it wrong ... WAY WRONG ... but these comments are not about that question... it's about where you live and how much better you are than the rest of the world... i'm wondering if she is the stupid one or the ones that say my country is better than yours... who really cares if you can name every city in the world... or if you can pass gas and it not stink.. if your country is so much better than the rest of the world PROVE IT... stop people from bombing people becouse they don't belive what you do...

these comments are showing your stupidity ... it's like talking to a 6 year old "my dad can beat your dad" get real people and wake up ... want to stop war and hate get over yourselfs and work togeather!!!! i have not got a problem with any country what i got a problem with is the hate you guys are passing on to other people and your kids ...

yes we do have people that say stupid things but it's no better than yours.... and if we had people that only had high IQ you would not be watching them , would you ....

BTW people in Hungary i sorry she did not know about your country... i really can't say much on that ... sometimes you find people that don't know everything like all these people that have left these comments ... i guess the world will just have to deal with europe fixing the world with all there know how ....
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0 89. Euroguy commented 13 years ago

bro i living in Hong Kong. I didn't take serious this show but i seriously got frustrate with people who spit on Europe and said people from Europe are rude.I just decided to show them how looks like when someone is rude.
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+5 90. cufo commented 13 years ago

I think there are some strong and standing reasons why she(and people around the world) should know more about Europe and some of the most important countries in it.
1-Becuase Europe is one the oldest continents in the World and with a huge history in it.
2-Because Hungary with Austria together were the Empire that lived for long decades AND the most important is that the KILLING/DEATH OF THE AUSTRO HUNGARIAN Emperor Franz Ferdinand was the stupid cause of starting the WORLD WAR I-st. I guess those are crucial moments that each of us should learn and memorize...and all is called HISTORY AND CULTURE.
I've been in America as tourist...and I think people are too relaxed to worry or te learn about. I can not say more because I do not know the education system there.
I still can not justify the bad answering of the lady/girl
P.S. I still would prefer her with a good look and such a sense of humour than a smart but ugly girl.
At least she makes the life easier to the next person ;)

From Albania (such a small country in Europe -I do not even bother to ask if you know about it >:) )
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+3 91. cufo commented 13 years ago

I think there are some strong and standing reasons why she(and people around the world) should know more about Europe and some of the most important countries in it.
1-Becuase Europe is one the oldest continents in the World and with a huge history in it.
2-Because Hungary with Austria together were the Empire that lived for long decades AND the most important is that the KILLING/DEATH OF THE AUSTRO HUNGARIAN Emperor Franz Ferdinand was the stupid cause of starting the WORLD WAR I-st. I guess those are crucial moments that each of us should learn and memorize...and all is called HISTORY AND CULTURE.
I've been in America as tourist...and I think people are too relaxed to worry or te learn about. I can not say more because I do not know the education system there.
I still can not justify the bad answering of the lady/girl
P.S. I still would prefer her with a good look and such a sense of humour than a smart but ugly girl.
At least she makes the life easier to the next person ;)

From Albania (such a small country in Europe -I do not even bother to ask if you know about it >:) )
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-1 92. Euroguy commented 13 years ago

gipson5150 really???????????????
you are never stop to surprising me.I admire you and your ability to constantly pushing "facts" where USA donate this or that,but lets see bit a real facts.Let's back 10 years in a past and teach you a bit of history lesson.You have asked for this man!!!
In spring 1999. 24 of March USA with NATO unselfishly bombed one country in Europe.Name of country is Serbia and lot of people got killed over 3 month of constant unselfish dropping bombs from the sky.Bil Clinton was responsible for that.
I believe you have never heard of that country?I believe u are not even able to orientate yourself from Indiana in which direction u have to look to find? But you will realize i hope that wasn't very nice thing to do.I bet you didn't know this??!!!!Next lesson is Iraq prepare for it!!!!!

And about Indiana look in the link please what American girl think!!!!
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+4 93. Th3Lurker commented 13 years ago

All i'll say is there is a difference between being stupid & being totally ignorant and uninterested in anything else than superstars & co. Not saying they don't go hand in hand sometimes.....
Picture of gibson51505 achievements

+3 94. gibson5150 commented 13 years ago

Euroguy, it was NATO with the US and many EUROPEAN countries, also, the bombing started on the 22nd, not the 24th. The region was in conflict long before NATO intervened, and Germany's Luftwaffe (oh my god! a European!) was a major factor in the bombing campaign. Get your "facts" straight. Tell me about Iraq, I can't wait to hear the bs fly out of your mouth about that!! And what the hell were you trying to prove with that video?? The only thing it had to do with Indiana is that she thought that's were Indians come from. In all reality, Indiana got it's name from the idea that the native Americans were called Indians, and there were and still are a lot of them here.
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+4 95. Papapeter commented 13 years ago

Look at Nathan's face. The fun he is having is priceless.
Picture of Euroguy5 achievements

+2 96. Euroguy commented 13 years ago

U did your homework gipson5150
glad to hear that,sadly bombing did started at 24th earning u should be more careful how u using your searching engines.Believe me i was there and i could feel all American kindness on my own skin.It was NATO but who controls NATO?
But not blaming you for leak of information.You have just decided to be ignorant and blind and believe to all shits that your government "serves you on the plate"
Well done mate,go for it but do not ask yourself one day how u got so wrong!!!
Thank you for conversation so far, but no interested to having any more!
Good luck man
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+2 97. gibson5150 commented 13 years ago

You know, you're right. There really is no point in continuing this conversation, because you have such an anti-American attitude that will never change. This country could lay dormant and leave everyone alone for a hundred years and people would still hate it because of it's mere existence. Didn't hear about any bitching and complaining from eastern bloc Europe when the Soviets took control, oh wait, I forgot.. That's because you were likely killed for speaking out against the Soviet regime, kind of like Nazi Germany. But we're the bad guys, we unjustly kill thousands of people which is so much worse than the former Soviet Union and the Nazis who murdered millions of their own people because of religion, race, or political standpoint. But I'm probably wrong, they probably didn't kill millions, maybe just a few hundred people, because I'm just a stupid American who knows nothing because I am ignorant and uneducated. So long my friend, I wish you a happy and peaceful life.
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+3 98. sux2bu commented 13 years ago

#97 So far you have been right on target and you make your points very well. I wonder if I already know you because your stance on subjects is similar to mine.
Picture of gibson51505 achievements

+2 99. gibson5150 commented 13 years ago

#98 Thank you. From Indiana?
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 100. sux2bu commented 13 years ago

#99 Well we are miles apart geographically ( I am in Va.Beach,Va.,home to Seal teams 2,4,8,10 and DEVGRU ) it seems but we are on the same page concerning US involvement in the world.
God guns and guts.

Got to hit the sack now,going to Monster Jam tommorrow at Hampton Coliseum.
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0 101. Euroguy commented 13 years ago

And gibson5150!I am a not your friend!!!
Picture of gibson51505 achievements

+3 102. gibson5150 commented 13 years ago

#100 A guy that was in my Boy Scout troop is on team 10.
#101 Just an expression, not really claiming you as a friend.
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+6 103. JustinSaysHi commented 13 years ago

Americans know their geography. This just happens to be one exceptionally dumb woman. lol Seriously, we aren't this stupid - as the world portrays us. I KNOW MY GEOPGRAHY, AND MUCH MORE. But I must admit, it was very funny to watch. :) lol
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+1 104. alizarine commented 13 years ago

I think this woman is having us on.
Picture of Sherpa2 achievements

-2 105. Sherpa commented 13 years ago

Hi! Im from Hungary and its not HUNGRY like when u r hungry...a**wype! And shame on u guys from the BIG US. That this country is null? We have more than 2000 years of history,you dum a**es! ...and what about u guys? oh...about 200 years? Oh and 1 more thing..your encesters are from Europe like: Spain,France,GB,Netherland,Polland, Russia,Ukrain,Italia,Germany......ect...ect... We gave manyi scientists to the world.In the NASA...make a f*n wild gues whom were the leader scientists of the Mars programe? And i can continue...Shame on u dum a** Americans.Your ignorent and selfis,"im an American " attitude it makes me sic.But just as int the us,and here on this page there are also exeptions.And i apologize for them. But the rest....try to use the net to learn,something...oh...and Europe its not a f*n country!! Its a freakin CONTINET U idiots!And in it there are many countries!! So when u say: Oh we are going to Europe! Its wrong! Because u cant travel in a continent...u are traveling to few countries in the continent caled EUROPE !! :|
Picture of DaMobley1 achievements

+3 106. DaMobley commented 13 years ago

Like, couldn't Turkey and Hungary join together, then they could be, like, Full.... :D
Picture of mapex70662 achievements

+2 107. mapex7066 commented 13 years ago

Yeah she's a retard. But look at the HOST! Hey Foxworthless! Its "hun-guh-ree". He's making fun of her (as he should because she deserves it) but then shows the world what a dumb REDNECK he is by calling it "HUNGRY" several times, even giving her an analogy like "I'm Hungry"!! What a jackass! He should be on a show called "Are You Smarter Than A Stupid Redneck Named Foxworthless And The Answer Is Yes".
That would be a cool show.
Picture of Gulash1 achievements

+4 108. Gulash commented 13 years ago

Everybody focused on the blonde chick (mee too).
But nobody mentioned the young guy, who knew the answer.
I do not think that americans are stupid, they are not worst than any other nation.
There is an another interesting thing some say "Europeans" I have to say Europe is not an unified Continent, as many Country as many culture, language, history etc. incomparable with U.S.A. generalization is bad direction.
Greeting from 'HUNGRY', oh sorry from HUNGARY.
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+3 109. gullibleeuropean commented 13 years ago

That's Kellie Pickler - she is a millionaire country western artist who either won or came close to winning American idol and is playing the dumb blond act while pushing wheel barrows of cash to the bank. (see Gracie Allen)

If you listened to the clip she was playing for charity. True there are stupid Americans - but there are also those who count on self important folks underestimating their intelligence while they get their way. Remember a guy named Bush?

It's an act - and you've been had.
Picture of Whizkid1 achievements

+3 110. Whizkid commented 13 years ago

The funny thing is this is Kelly Pickler a famous country singer. And has made more money that all of us on this comment page combined.
Picture of plurft46 achievements

0 111. plurft commented 13 years ago

"Houston is located in which american state? I thought america IS a state? Hmmm.... there are cowboys and indians there, arent they? Is it Disneyland? Disneyland is a state, right? Or, that state, where Chandler and Phoebe live, wait, Hollywood? Is it Hollywood? I think, it's there!"
Picture of Semlin7 achievements

+3 112. Semlin commented 13 years ago

Ok, first of all, I live in America, and I am about 2% French. I have absolutely no problem with either Europe or America, because, in a sense, they are both a part of me.

Saying Americans are stupid is like calling Europeans stupid, and the Irish and everyone else stupid, because Americans are a mix of everything.

No, the capitals and countries are not necessarily my strong suit, but that does not mean I am stupid, it means I have yet to learn something, as everyone else in the world does, even if you are to stubborn to admit it.

What gives anyone the right to insult others based on where we live? People came to America in hopes of a good beginning, and yes, that means people left EUROPE to.

One person does not determine what every other is like, and basing your judgments off a couple that you see is unintelligent.
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-1 113. jackdaniel commented 13 years ago

Isn'it this the show where American choice theyr president ?
Picture of penmuni1 achievements

+1 114. penmuni commented 13 years ago


The joke is on you. She sure got you all with her southern charm . She knows very well where France is and where Europe is. This is Kellie Pickler, who earned millions last year and traveled outside USA plenty of times.

From Wikipedia:
"Kellie Pickler has participated in three USO tours. The first, in late 2007 and early 2008, took her to Iraq;[24][42] the second, in December 2008, included stops in Germany, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, and England.[43] In January 2010, Pickler made stops in Iraq and Kuwait on a 10-day tour with Randy Houser and Jamey Johnson. The three country stars "played remote bases on the front lines of the war zone, and the sound of gun fire became their frequent companion at night."[44]"

Being dumb blonde is part of her charm. Go figure.
Picture of peterh1 achievements

+1 115. peterh commented 13 years ago

I think this is fake. The dialogue is too perfect. The pun on Hungary and Turkey is too good to be spontaneous. The blonde girl with a southern accent represents Hollywood's stereotype of stupidity. I'm sure this is scripted. And it's very insulting to blondes and southerners. Blondes have at least as high IQs as dark hairs.
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0 116. b10 commented 13 years ago

Picture of Chris12602 achievements

+3 117. Chris1260 commented 13 years ago

She's pretty all right, but why on earth did she go on a game show that required a third grade education?
Picture of garrisounds1 achievements

+2 118. garrisounds commented 13 years ago

#66 "unfortunately she didn't take it SERIOUSLY enough" NOT "serious enough". America....f--k yeah!!!
Picture of Sdee1 achievements

+2 119. Sdee commented 13 years ago

For all of the American bashers, the child is American too!
Picture of AtoZ1 achievements

+1 120. AtoZ commented 13 years ago

Why did they use a photo of Elizabeth Hasselback to advertise this video. She had nothing to do with this story. Misleading (prejudicial?).
Picture of mohassa1 achievements

+1 121. mohassa commented 13 years ago

She is not dumb or stupid, otherwise she won't be able to express herself. She is just being ignorant she doesn't care about happening around her that's all......
Picture of shelbyjane991 achievements

+1 122. shelbyjane99 commented 13 years ago

This is Kelly PICKLER??? From AMERICAN IDOL??? Do you have to be an IDIOT to get on that show???
Picture of SSF1 achievements

+2 123. SSF commented 13 years ago

What is with the replies in this chatroom and all the punctuation, grammar, and syntax errors?! Some of them are just god-awful. I know this video is four years old but I have to comment. Trying to read most of these comments was like trying to swim through mud. You're talking about some dumb broad who can barely tie her shoelaces and yet alot of these replies are worse than a 3rd grader. Some of these long diatribes don't even make sense, they have gaping illogical and non-factual holes in them. And for those that think this chick is not ignorant or is simply playing it up, they're deluding themselves. She's a complete and utter idiot. The fact that she is unashamed about it makes it even worse. She's a walking vegetable.

This silly, little girl needs to jump out of the gene pool and get the water out of her head.
Picture of Bonedigger6661 achievements

+1 124. Bonedigger666 commented 13 years ago

Its TV... you know television. it not real. never was and never will be. its all lies and make believe. so don't get to worked up over how dumb she is, Its phooey.
Picture of Awesoman1 achievements

+2 125. Awesoman commented 13 years ago

She should be asheamed. It's not fricken HUNGRY! It's Hungary. In fact Hungarians call it "Magyarorszag". It's people like this who give Americans a bad name. That was just miserable. "He was tryin' to trick me." Yeah. That was difficult. Dumbass idiot."I thought Europe was a country" indeed. It was Europeans that FOUND America at all, and the first Europeans originated from Africa. For frick's sake. Honestly.
Picture of Sarah791 achievements

+2 126. Sarah79 commented 12 years ago

Wow, that was quite something! Ok, I can understand not know the country they were asking, but thinking Europe is a country is just unheard of! And btw, the country is Hungary, not Hungry. She mentioned Turkey. I wonder where she thinks Turkey is if Europe is a country :) Maybe she doesn't have a clue...
Picture of dlmasters1 achievements

+1 127. dlmasters commented 12 years ago

THIS IS RIDICULOUS, I CRINGED AND WAS VERY EMBARRASSED HEARING THIS. I knew the answer was Hungary immediately. Yes, many Americans learn geography for at least 2 years around 6&7th grades (Florida). I remember almost everything I learned in these classes. I really have no idea how she even holds a high school diploma. I am soo disgusted.

I am assuming no one in her family cared if she succeeded in school or became a well rounded individual. She is clearly a decedent of an immigrant, It's obvious they'd be incredibly embarrassed by this. These are the people that make me so embarrassed to be American at times.
Picture of James881 achievements

+1 128. James88 commented 11 years ago

Lets agree Hungary is a small country, and maybe she never heard of it, but hello! Is France a country? I thought Europe was a country! But really funny :-D I can imagine inviting this girl back home and she will be asking, what are we going to do in your place, not much! I am feeling a little Hungary lets have some Turkey! Trust me by the time we are having breakfast she will know every country and capital in the world :-D
Picture of joeman74 achievements

0 129. joeman commented 11 years ago

I enjoyed this classic video and reading all the comments about it.
Very interesting. The diversity.