Human Mammal, Human Hunter


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Picture of beel37 achievements

+30 1. beel commented 9 years ago

hows he get the heavy body back by himself 8 hours away?
Picture of ICdevil32 achievements

+4 2. ICdevil commented 9 years ago

#(removed comment) Why ur nickname says nomadd af...rica? r u one of them?
Picture of smacker27 achievements
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-8 3. smacker commented 9 years ago

I thought he was about to eat its saliva to share its agony. :S
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-13 4. nomaddaf commented 9 years ago

#2 Interesting that when seem to disagree you make no attempt to pose a better argument but only make feeble attempts to insult ones name.Guess the evolutionary ladder has a great many rungs on it and now we know where yours is.
Picture of ICdevil32 achievements

+9 5. ICdevil commented 9 years ago

stop complaining and being a smart ass, i thought your nickname was funny compared to the video, and u think i "insulted your intelligence" too bad for u..get a life;)
Picture of oldschool33 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 6. oldschool commented 9 years ago

nomaddaf needs a ban didnt think snotr let ppl like him here
Picture of Ritty541 achievements

+3 7. Ritty5 commented 9 years ago

I agree partly with #(removed comment) The shoes, pants, belt and spear... but in saying that, how can any tribe or similar not be infuenced by the general public... And in the end, where did we learn how to make all of those things... So I'm in 2 minds with this video... seems partly realistic partly setup...
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

+1 8. nomaddaf commented 9 years ago

#6 yes that's it. Ban what you disagree with.Heck lets burn a few books to pass the time.And as for "people like him" what do you mean? People that state fact but are open to being shown better? Did I say kill them all? They should be slaves? Waste of good air? No I in fact did not. But hey why shoot down the idea when it is far easier to just shoot down the man.
Picture of gringo40 achievements

+5 9. gringo commented 9 years ago

Nomaddaf you have a problem, you are way too angry, you should chill out man. Try yoga.
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+3 10. dushan commented 9 years ago

#(removed comment) #2 #8 "they will never advance"? and you consider your self advanced?
think again.
before "advanced" and "modern civilization" influence most of those people where living in a perfect harmony with the nature, and from a global perspective, that is the most advanced philosophy, it's called "sustainable existence",
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+6 11. imagic commented 9 years ago

this is hunting in its purest form. not hunting like the big ass loosers with guns these day's who even do not get close to the animals.

And #(removed comment), this vid may be set up, but if you would take some time to learn you would discover that not everyone is as "advanced"as you. but that still makes them better people than you ever will be. and for your information : they still DO hunt like that.
Picture of tuktuk8227 achievements

+5 12. tuktuk82 commented 9 years ago

i smell a troll
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+4 13. huldu commented 9 years ago

#11 Of course they are the purest form of humans as they are still humans. We yes, you and me, we're some pathetic abominations calling ourselves "humans". Most of us have truly lost our ways and it might come back and haunt us if some catastrophic event would occur.

Do you really think the kids/teenagers/adults today would last a couple of years without electricity? It's something you're raised into. We live in this "fantasy" world we have created that have no bonds with reality in any way, form or shape.
Picture of cretia27 achievements

+1 14. cretia commented 9 years ago

thank god we mass breed our livestock for food or we would have depleated the earths food bowl
Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements

+1 15. Mourialaid commented 9 years ago

If their women can keep their face visible, they're enough advanced and modern to me >:)
Picture of librabooks40 achievements

+2 16. librabooks commented 9 years ago

@2:08 - He did what I always do...chuck my 3-wood when I hit the sand hazard >:)
Picture of Kuttan37 achievements

+5 17. Kuttan commented 9 years ago

#11 I agree.This is what hunting is all about. I don't think the so called hunters with all the modern amenities including the guns and their modern bows can achieve this skill let alone spend eight hrs chasing the prey in the hot sun.
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 18. nomaddaf commented 9 years ago

#10 that is so dumb that is laughably absurd!"perfect harmony with the nature"? "advanced philosophy"?"sustainable existence"? Lets put that in real terms shall we...Life span of 30 to 40 years tops, infant mortality rate of about 70%,die from the simplest of infections,loss of teeth by 25,live in fear of every storm,animal,and illness,starvation looming constantly,no hygiene,anesthetic,heat or cooling,food born illnesses,cholera,malaria,typhoid fever,parasites of all kinds, the list goes on for days.If thats harmony then I'll stay out of tune and hope the same for my child.And to all of you that think it is somehow "honorable" to hunt with out the advancement of guns you are fools.They don't do it that way out of honor, they do it out of ignorance.My point was and is simply that for whatever reason they are now where they and the rest of humanity was 10,000 years ago.Which begs the question why? Drop the noble "at one with nature" crap and confront the question with honesty.How does a people fail to advance in any way over that kind of time?It is a fair and honest question with no hate, anger or disrespect.Just a question.The rest of you seem full of anger and somehow it was My comment that was deleted!?!
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+1 19. dushan commented 9 years ago

#18 i was waiting for you to show more anger and ignorance :)

we are talking about two different things, and your point is ridiculous, simply because your "advanced way of living" will end up in a stone age, one way or another..

without "sustainable existence", there will be no future ( resources are not limited ), but you, like many others don't care about anything that is not in your life span, what will happen in the next 100 or 200 years, don't concern you at all...

"perfect harmony with the nature" does not mean "let's we all get back to caves", i have posted a link from wiki to make myself clear, but you are to blind and deaf...
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 20. nomaddaf commented 9 years ago

#19 Again I have no anger but for some reason you do. I did in fact read everything on that link and suggest that others do as well. I agree with most of it.What we have will not last forever. But I fail to see why one would accept living on the bare edge of existence as a means of prolonging life.Letting most life die so that it will last longer can't be good. from a fatalist view point one day the sun will burn out. Advancing is good. Keeping advancement in check can also be good.But not advancing at all is also not good and I for one do not apologize for advancing thus far. But I am curious about all of the anger pointed in my direction over an innocent observation and comment,not that anyone would know in that it was removed (out of love and concern for others on the net I am sure)Didn't mean to upset you all so. Guess I should just play like its all rainbows and unicorns.I take it all back. Great vid! Vary Zin!!! We could all learn a lot from those closer to the earth!
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+2 21. dushan commented 9 years ago

#20 do you really think those people do have a choice?
no offense, but your points in this case are naive, you are talking like marie antoinette, "if they don't have bread why they don't eat cake..."
it's not a question why they don't advance, question is why no one is helping them to advance...
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+3 22. imagic commented 9 years ago

well at least they are not destroying the planet in a rate we "civilized" people destroy it, but then according to nomaddaf we are advanced, so it doesn't really matter, does it ? be happy that there are poeple living like that, and about your list in #18, that list would fit you if you would have to live like that, so will it fit me. we are spoiled. but who sais they live in fear for a storm, who sais they have to be afraid for all those deceases ? wé should be the ones afraid, step out of your house and see a million things which could kill you, planes falling from the sky, cars hitting people, dumb ass military people starting wars, the list can go on for day's my friend.
Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements

+1 23. cincodemayo commented 9 years ago

#15, if their women walk naked by custom, does that mean they are still advanced? why not then tell your mom and sister to shed their clothes and walk naked?
Picture of Plecter28 achievements

+1 24. Plecter commented 9 years ago

#1, Well, he could chase it in circles. Doesn't have to be in a straight line.
Picture of richardleed23 achievements

+2 25. richardleed commented 9 years ago

Ancient tribes? Ha.. he has ADIDAS on!
Picture of MaliMal6 achievements

+1 26. MaliMal commented 9 years ago

ICdevil you said "one of them" as if they arent human beings..wah gwaan wid dat yute?
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

-2 27. tastytim commented 9 years ago

Does any one know the name of the show?
Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements

+1 28. Mourialaid commented 9 years ago

#23, LoL, I love you, you're so funny! So, naked faces, that's too much for you!?
I wish I could see through your eyes so it would be so cool to look at all those naked faces and being turned on like looking at a totally nude babe! Stay as you are, luckily for you, you need like nothing to get excited.

:'( I my case I need more than naked faces... I'm still waiting for those special X-ray glasses I've ordered to see through clothes. :P