US tank crushes Iraqi civilian's car

These Iraqis stole some wood, so the US soldiers crush their car. That's how you make friends >:)

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Picture of NMY20 achievements

+9 1. NMY commented 16 years ago

Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+11 2. JerryD commented 16 years ago

Holy cow! If US troops act like this its no wonder its a mess there. These representatives of the US army are not soldiers. They are a bunch of hooligans with some serious bad equipment to fool around with! Wonder how many good US servicemen have to pay with their lives because these hooligans causes outright bad feelings among people in this region of our world. Ruining a mans life for some petty theft of minor amounts of wood? And the wood is still on the roof when they run over it with the tank????
Picture of LarryZen2 achievements

+9 3. LarryZen commented 16 years ago

What an injustice! It saddens me. :(

These guys should be called on the carpet for their actions.
What a way to win friends, eh? NOT! And JerryD's comments about potentially endangering the lives of other US servicemen is right on.

Somebody call the Pentagon about this. Wonder if it will make it to mainstream news? Let's try!
Picture of jej_knowles5 achievements

+3 4. jej_knowles commented 16 years ago

bunch of jumped up numb skulls! yeah lets shoot the car! yeah lets run it over with the tank! yeah lets behave like a bunch of un-educated yobbs who couldn't get a job doing anything else so we joined the army! nice work lads! you've finally found a place in life where you are accepted as the mindless looser jocks that you are! yeeeeeehhhaaaarrrr!
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+13 5. Noobeater commented 16 years ago

This is why the U.S is hated by more people every day.
Picture of gregf17 achievements
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-8 6. gregf commented 16 years ago

Is it bad I'm laughing then? >:)
Picture of gregf17 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 7. gregf commented 16 years ago

Oh whoops forgot to make some type of point, you guess some how forget that these guys were stealing?
Picture of SrkiCoach4 achievements

+6 8. SrkiCoach commented 16 years ago

And this was a proper punishment? You have to be utterly stupid to support that.
Picture of gbmartalle1 achievements

+1 9. gbmartalle commented 16 years ago

Oh my god! America is the worlds bully! Had seriously thought about America as a holiday destination, but I'm just gonna wait till they invade Scotland - there must be something here that's worth fighting over - fuckers
Picture of Tehrasha28 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 10. Tehrasha commented 16 years ago

Amazing how this video keeps cropping up as if it was happening NOW. This video is from the first couple months of the Iraq war. OLD OLD OLD.
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

-3 11. Paul1968 commented 16 years ago

america is the worlds bully? thats complete bollox
i'm english ok.
if not for america sorting things out all over the planet for countless years past and present, do you think you'd still be here today?
i think not.
as for the video....... tw*ts in uniforms they dont deserve.
but dont tar everyone with the same brush. its like football hooligans, a handful of idiots makes em all look bad.
my $0.02c
Picture of Vortex9 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 12. Vortex commented 16 years ago

And where exactly does this video come from? That car doesn't look like a taxi to me, and I have seen taxi's in the middleeast.

honestly, you guys most likely just fell for a bunch of propaganda.
Picture of emernins1 achievements

+1 13. emernins commented 16 years ago

If America were to provide an educational / propoganda / news film unit in order to record events in Iraq, does it seem likely that they would record footage, (let alone allow it to be published) so likely to create negative or ambivalent international public reaction to their political campaign?
Verify the media! Is it authentic?
Just because other nations give us the impression that all their 'releases' are on poor quality, hand-held video-cassete recorders, doesn't mean that propoganda 'leaks' like this one probably is, don't have full broadcast-quality OB units to support them. Huge amounts of broadcast equipment, tanks and uniforms must have been captured or looted during the conflict. Does the 'west' think it has exclusive claim to the skill to use them to make this 'entertaining' footage?
These are represented to be mainline soldiers, not an intelligence unit operating on the political fringe to obtain information. These guys would neither need nor wish to stick their collective nor individual necks out 'on camera', especially one supported in such a stable way.
In the unlikely event that this is not being enacted by one of the opposing factions out there for the specific purpose of world condemnation of the military intervention, I wouldn't like to be any one of these curiously trained beings, who's only objective may have been to enlist a few locals for a (highly stupid) prank movie.
I have presented just a couple of scenarios in my ignorance of the true facts that may go some way to explain the footage. Perhaps someone out there knows the real story, supported by verifiable fact, of course?
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

-2 14. LightAng3l commented 16 years ago

I hope a guy with an RPG will bust that tank....crew and all .... idiots...
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

0 15. JerryD commented 16 years ago


Seems like u would make more sence if u wrote in some obscure enigma code. Got an impression for a brief moment that u suggested that this "videoprank" could be made by some folks with captured US tank and uniforms and guys with the "right" accent!? Ok - I may have my foggy moments now and then, .... ok more often then :D ... But to verify the media!?
U may be rigth there! Anyway and anyhow and what more ... a video like this can be as deadly as a truckload of mines and some bussloads of fanatics overloaded with various weapons. So u are right there ... what's behind this video and if so why and to which purpose! Or just a plain "prank" - if so a very-very lethatl stupid prank! :|
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

-1 16. JerryD commented 16 years ago

Damn! ... make more sence ...???? I believe I can spell to sense!? :D :D
Picture of luca4 achievements

+3 17. luca commented 16 years ago

um i have a hard time believing that this video is real but i have a harder time believing it isn't real.
seriously checklist:
1)capture 2 US tanks
2)5 sets of uniforms
3) piece of shit car
4) some middle eastern people
5) a small middle eastern town (to point out that some of the other things could be relatively easy to get in the US, ARMY surplus)
6) 5 soldiers couple of them black- a couple of them with american accents
I dunno seems pretty hard to put all these together in one place for a freaking videoprank

that said this is why the world hates you US, you preach justice and human rights but never walk the freakin talk
Picture of 19amc772 achievements

+1 18. 19amc77 commented 16 years ago

f'ing bullies, is that supposed to pacify the Iraqi's, oh and #11 replace 'sorting things out' with 'creating reasons to invade other countries, steal their resources and make them comply with what they think is normal'
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

0 19. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

That was horrible, simply horrible. They should have toned down their punishment a smudge!
I do wonder who documented this event, however.
Obviously it was edited to make the troops look even worse, although there wouldn't have been an easy way make the situation seem lighter (unless editing was spectacular).
Picture of palepinguin3 achievements

0 20. palepinguin commented 16 years ago

Oh well, they're just teaching the natives normal behavior. They'll learn their lesson and act on what they have been taught to be normal when they place the next bomb or behead the next soldier. It's all very normal... completely acceptable.
Abu Graib, carpet bombing, killing everyone at a wedding, executing people that have been shot, shooting people at check-points. Nobody is there to help the people, they're just there to help themselves.

Just another load of bullshit like in every war the US have fought. Even nazi's were OK as long as they built the atom bomb. The US is built on capitalism, not compassion or desire to develop the rest of the world.
The image of the US helping the world is the real propaganda. They haven't done that since the peace corps.
Picture of shiva1 achievements

-4 21. shiva commented 16 years ago

You mean that you really believe this? How dumb can you be. This is just some more BS on the web. :( Its sad to believe that any American could believe this BS. :'(
Picture of GrapeApe4 achievements

0 22. GrapeApe commented 16 years ago

Great lesson, lets respond to lawlisness with a lawless act.

Typical though.

BTW, this is a PBS Frontline video, if you're American and you don't know that, perhaps you should stop watching Jerry Springer and Oprah. >:)
Picture of GrapeApe4 achievements

0 23. GrapeApe commented 16 years ago

Oh yea forgot to mention, it's a good thing they shot the car before running over it with a mutli-ton tank, those 40/45 cal bullet sure did a heck of alot of damage and kept it from running away. ;)
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

-1 24. JerryD commented 16 years ago

Ok! I'm from Europe but have lived in the US for a few years long ago. The behaviour of these guys and their mentality is not typical for americans - I have experienced it among europeans as well. Sorry to say even worser among certain parts. But if this is from a PBS Frontline video!? Then I can only say that truth is like a bubble - it sooner or later comes up. As stupidity very often does. It's easy to point finger and calls someone stupid, but this guy's do not need that - they deliver's proof of own stupidity by their own actions. Worse is that others for sure will pay for their lousy bad behaving :(
Picture of nomy20021 achievements

+2 25. nomy2002 commented 16 years ago

Shocking !!!!! :O

That's what war is all about, no human rights
This came on camera, God knows what else happens there :'(
where is United Nations now?

I've been to USA myself and have met wonderful people, but none like these :(

God help people there
Picture of infiltrator2 achievements

+1 26. infiltrator commented 16 years ago

Trust me when I say that what you have seen is not even 1/2 of what some retards with command do down there.
Picture of emrldz2 achievements

+4 27. emrldz commented 16 years ago

Thats why America is the most hated country in the world
Picture of ToeTagAndrew1 achievements

-1 28. ToeTagAndrew commented 16 years ago

If you are going to judge 303,000,000 people by the actions of five people you are ignorant.
Picture of Ramparts5 achievements

+2 29. Ramparts commented 16 years ago

stupid fucking idiots!
Picture of treeforest7 achievements

0 30. treeforest commented 16 years ago

See Dance, Monkey, Dance for the last word on this. /Video/216
Picture of matinmiah27 achievements

+1 31. matinmiah commented 16 years ago

dont judge america you say. who else put the monkey bush in power. he went against UN and still attacked iraq.
Picture of firesale1113 achievements

-3 32. firesale111 commented 15 years ago

goodjob fucking ragheads
Picture of myusername11 achievements

0 33. myusername commented 15 years ago

positive side of this? now that car is convertable
Picture of pengu1nkenny11 achievements

-3 34. pengu1nkenny commented 15 years ago

Completely and utterly fake.
Picture of hxjohn4 achievements

-2 35. hxjohn commented 15 years ago

:S i would like to think this is a fake :S
but you can never tell
Picture of expatudon083 achievements

-2 36. expatudon08 commented 15 years ago

:'( really sad if it was not a fake
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

-2 37. tastytim commented 15 years ago

and thats how you make 6 more insurgents!
Picture of ferreira1523 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 38. ferreira15 commented 14 years ago

maybe if it showed americans getting beheaded
and dragged around the streets then i guess all
you bleeding hearts would be content.. they knew
the law... cop it sweet :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

+3 39. Usdevildoggmc commented 14 years ago

What a bunch of morons thinking this is fake... Ignorant fucks that Thumb this down ---
You're sitting in front of <this> computer all cozy and not having to worry about a fucking MORTAR hitting your roof or a spray of 7.62s flying through your house because of these same people... War is UGLY, and many of these events are circumstantial.. Imagine you own this wood and it's the only way you feed your family.... there are no police around.... one day you are ordered to evacuate because of possible bombings... | looters rob your merchandise and your tools etc. etc... while you're gone and anyone who has experienced this wishes HELL on the thieves believe me...

Now how would you feel if a platoon from another country is driving around trying to protect innocent civilians from their own corrupt citizens and you witnessed the looters get their shit smashed like a pancake??
Would you feel like justice was served?? Fuck yes right?!? but now you say "Oh but I'm not in their shoes and that's still not right"

well guess what... you only feel this way because of the laws and morals that this country has for you to learn about... and it takes A LOT OF FUCKED UP SHIT TO MAKE A COUNTRY LIKE THE WAY WE HAVE IT NOW... I Don't know how Germany is doing right now but I can tell you that you wont find piles of dead bodies stacked up like piles of wood... Or you wont be hearing more about Saddam Hussein's sons boiling people alive and torturing them...
And yet there are millions of people especially americans for this topic, that don't see the big picture and blindly judge and comment without knowledge...
I hope some of you that read this will have a new perspective of the complexity of Chaos.
Semper Fidelis.
Picture of XfantomX621 achievements

0 40. XfantomX6 commented 13 years ago

Summit villainy and the top of filth

God grant victory to the Arabs where they are.
Picture of fombels44 achievements

-1 41. fombels commented 13 years ago

borkmark US tank crushes Iraqi civilian's car
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

+2 42. lockandload commented 13 years ago

at the end i thought he was going to say it wasnt his car :P
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+3 43. imagic commented 13 years ago

you americans still wonder why half the world hate you ? those soldiers are resposible for the next 9/11