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Picture of Koolxxx16 achievements

+6 1. Koolxxx commented 9 years ago

Mount a jet engine in each of the tail vertical stabilizers and let's see what this beauty can do. Or I would to see? a single engine turboprop on one of these puppies. Anyway it goes I can’t wait for the real deal. This might just be the first real aircraft I actually will buy. Get the lead out and get a real one built.

Should mach up an extra large scale aluminum version of this aircraft, say 5ft in diameter and use two high output jet engines that would match the thrust youd need. And since its essentially a circle, for stability, there is only two configurations Id use for engine placement: one, place the engine as close as possible to the? dead center (move it back a bit). Two, use 2 engines that are symetrically balanced either front/back or side/side. Why not put hinged engines for hover takeoff/land
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+15 2. irishgek commented 9 years ago

While this looks cool the only problem i see is the size it would have to be to carry one person , massive . And i wonder how many internet ufo sighting videos this guy is responsible for !!
Picture of dredawg27 achievements

+1 3. dredawg commented 9 years ago

I want one!
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+2 4. banzemanga commented 9 years ago

This is an interesting concept. We have to give him credit for that. I also do see that it does seem structurally more stable in many ways because they frame of the saucer seems to be more supporting.

But the problem is that it requires way more material than conventional airplanes to build the framework. Using the least amount of material for the most productive work is one of the biggest concern of engineering. You can see that the flying saucer uses only a really small amount of space to carry things.

Of course, the one that we see on the future would be a modified version and probably a more efficient one. So let's look forward it.
Picture of johannsommer29 achievements

-3 5. johannsommer commented 9 years ago

Who knows, how easy small model-engines lift up any weird model as "chairs", "lawn-mower", round discs and anything else, doesn't have special respect for a further flying thing.
Aeroplanes with tandem-wings (both providing upforce) and so called canard aeroplanes with the small wing in front, giving upforce too, are well known and are flying reliable.
At any (to me) known aeroplane with two wings the rear wing must provide less upforce, than the front wing. If the rear wing is very large, the full potential of upforce of this wing can not be used. Because of this the conventional aeroplane is not so bad.
Furthermore wings with a high aspect ratio (as you can see at gliders) loose less energy at the wing ends, where air gets from the lower side to the upper side with a turbulence. Because of this the round shape has disadvantages at mid-range and lower speeds. At higher speeds the arrow-shaped wings of military aircrafts have advantages because of sonic speed effects.
Because of this thougts I am waiting of further explanations, why this aeroplane should change the face of aviation.
Beside this question I like the idea of the new shaped round flying disk.
Picture of zf140 achievements

-1 6. zf1 commented 9 years ago

#1 he already has designs with jet engines ;)

#2 the design you see there is actually a 2 person design. he has designed many variations of the same concept. i have a mechanical engineering background and have studied the design and concept for years and can tell you that the design concept can be modified to fit a wide variety of aircraft types, including passenger aircraft.

#3 i want one too!

#4 yes, least amount of used material is important for increasing profit margins.... however, any material that would normally make up the fuselage of a typical aircraft is not needed because the fuselage is built into the wing structure, as apposed to being built in a standard cigar shape.

#5 i think you are referring to a VTOL.... of coarse if you put the right engine behind it you can make anything fly..

tandem-wing aircraft may be reliable... but that didnt stop the inventor of the helicopter did it? the geobat does it better.... and it differentiates from the competition which is what will continue to drive the industry. conventional aircraft may not be bad, but you are also not taking in consideration the benefits of the new design... like its aerodynamic fuselage which will save in fuel costs.

i am not sure what you are describing in the last comment, but the wing tips are responsible for a lot of drag... what this design does is it eliminates most of the typical drag you would get... some commercial passenger aircraft also have mechanisms for reducing drag as well by changing the shape and direction of the wing tips.

this design is perfect for all speeds because it as adequate aerodynamic wing space to accommodate for those speeds.
Picture of Bumfighter37 achievements

-1 7. Bumfighter commented 9 years ago

The biggest upside is that it probably wont have to dump all that extrafuel like the other airplanes have to. :)
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

-1 8. nomaddaf commented 9 years ago

It is really only a small modification of the stealth bomber or the flying wing. But who knows, maybe he has improved on them measurably!
Picture of FunnyMan15 achievements
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-5 9. FunnyMan commented 9 years ago

Impressive. He just took the aeroplane, and uninvented it. :S
Picture of denko18 achievements

-2 10. denko commented 9 years ago

He made it from old baby stroller. :D
Picture of richardleed23 achievements

0 11. richardleed commented 9 years ago

Yes they are coming.. and the pilots are green little beings with probing finger tips. We're not alone...