Icy collisions in Portland

Elementary teacher Derek Porter witnessed 15 different car collisions on icy roads outside his Portland apartment last year and caught several on home video. From King5.

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Picture of AfricanAnime2 achievements
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-14 1. AfricanAnime commented 16 years ago

There's this thing called a "brake" you can use it to stop your catr from doing this.....
Picture of luca4 achievements

+8 2. luca commented 16 years ago

uuuh the point is that when the road is iced, you can't...
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements
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-7 3. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago

It obviously works to accelerate the car even though they can't control the direction, so yes, you can put on the brake and prevent this. There no such thing as no friction, so yes, brakes would work better than just doing nothing.
It's funny that Americans don't have to drive on icy roads before they get their driving license.
"Cause snow is the same as dry roads.." >:)
Picture of CNRGNS2 achievements

+9 4. CNRGNS commented 16 years ago

obviously they never heard about snow chains.
Picture of Kurakil1 achievements

+1 5. Kurakil commented 16 years ago

i think when it gets that icy you either get proper chains, spiked tires, or a flamethrower in the front :D
Picture of mammon3 achievements

+4 6. mammon commented 16 years ago

obviously "africananime" and "aliquantulus" dont know how to drive....

when theres ice on the street u should never hit the brake... it will block the wheels causing the car to slide out of control...

what u should do is to try to control ur car without accelerating at all and slowly cut down speed by softly pushing the brake....
Picture of missybo6 achievements

+2 7. missybo commented 16 years ago

u dead right mammon .
Picture of missybo6 achievements

+2 8. missybo commented 16 years ago

as u can c "africanime" and "aliquantulus" u can see brake lights are on so they are using them and its obviously not helpin
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

-4 9. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago

I'm from Norway, and we have a lot more ice and snow than Portland does. Norway has colder winters than Iceland ffs.
I have a drivers license, and believe me, it's a lot more needed to get a drivers license in Norway than it does in America. We're even obligated to pass a course in driving on ice and snow. We have to pass the course with both ABS brakes and older cars without ABS brakes. When I took the course I even had to complete the course with both tires with spikes and wintertires without spikes. But i think they removed it since I took got my drivers license.

Yes, I see the brake light, but I also hear the car trying to take control by stepping on the gas throttle, which absolutely won't work. Do you honestly want to tell me that the car would take all those turns if the driver had held in the brakes all the time?

Admit it, when Americans sometimes have to drive on ice they get so surprised they panic and do all sort of stuff they shouldn't. Thats why Norway has something called "Glattkjøring" where we have to test our abilites to take control of the car on ice if something should run into the road (on the course foam shaped like humas come flying into the road). There we can do it as many times we want so we're capable to react right if something should happen. And when we feel we master it, we have to run through the course at normal high speed and react when things happen.

Since I've been driving on icy roads all my life (not 4 months every year when it's summer of course), would you really challenge my driving skills on ice? Or even compare them to you own abilities?
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

-4 10. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago

To add a little bit more: If you manage to stop the car (like they do sometimes in the video), it won't start going somewhere again (and hit even more cars) unless you do something yourself.
An element that stands still will stay still until another force makes it move. And ICE isn't a force.
Picture of dave919145 achievements

+1 11. dave9191 commented 16 years ago

Destruction Derby !
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

-1 12. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

Picture of AfricanAnime2 achievements

-2 13. AfricanAnime commented 16 years ago

Thanks Aliquantulus, for correcting those 2, you made some good points... But I'm gonna take a turn on the soapbox....

Yes I do know how to drive, and where I live in the US we have all 4 seasons, so YES I do drive in icy roads 3 months a year. Mammon has a point saying you need to softly tap the brakes to slow your car, but in some cases even THAT won't work....

This is where "drifting" can keep you from crashing your car. Slowly turn your wheels in the opposite direction your car is going and use your cars weight top your avantage. This won't stop your car, but it'll give you more control of your slide then just "ping-ponging" around hitting everything....

And lastly, if the roads are too icy, DON'T DRIVE..... Use some common sense and just walk to work or take the subway or bus.... Sometimes it's just not worth it.....
Picture of wantu24 achievements

0 14. wantu2 commented 16 years ago

id hate to pick up that tab from the insurance :O >:) :'(
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 15. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago

Do you really wanna go there? Do you honestly think you have more icy roads any place in the US (Alaska not inkluded) than we have in Norway?
(I know most Americans doesn't know where the fuck Norway is, but still, come on..)

My point to be short and exact:
If you car actually manages to stop (like it does in the video), you would have to be a fuckin' idiot to then try to accelerate like hell. You can clearly hear the driver revving the engine and spinning like hell on the ice, but the driver keeps spinning even though it doesn't have an instantly effect, so therefore it finally gets some grip and then proceeds and hitting some more cars. Thats just brilliant right?

Don't come here and claim that "it's completely impossible when it's that cold and icy", cause there no such thing as absolutely zero (0!) friction.
The red cars goes in like 7 different directions during the video, but it also stops for some brief periods, and THEN IT WOULD MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, BE A FUCKIN' GOOD IDEA TO ACTUALLY NOT SLAM ON THE GAS PEDAL! >:)

In this situation where the driver doesn't have any skills on driving on ice what so ever. Braking would keep the car from going in almost every possible direction and just keep hitting more cars.
Picture of apex1 achievements

-1 16. apex commented 16 years ago

black ice = zero friction.
americans dont know shit.
go australia..
Picture of abitjilted6 achievements

0 17. abitjilted commented 16 years ago

Picture of GrapeApe4 achievements

+4 18. GrapeApe commented 16 years ago

AfricaDude and others, YOU'RE IDIOTS !!

Being jingoistic and saying "I'm from X country Americans don't know how to drive" shows you've never EVER experienced similar conditions like those in this video.

Sure half of the drivers in the video are obviously inexperienced with glare ice, and the first guy is a typical "I got a 4x4 I can drive on anything", but if you guys think you'd have alot of breaking power when the cars in the video are sliding SIDEWAYS at LOW speed, then you're winter/ice experience is about as extensive as you lunar surface driving experience. Also that first idiot pinballing around and bouncing off everything, obviously stalls out and then slides BACKWARDS into the other parked car which keeps sliding. He wasn't using Reverse people, he has zero grip, and like air hockey pucks or shuffleboard tables they just float along regardless of braking. Accelerating can help you if there's grip to get like in snow, but when it's flat ice especially if it has a sheen on it, you're simply adding a small amount of inertia to it at the spinning tires get just enough grip to add dangerous intertia but not gain control. Their best best was slow ABS/threshold braking to reduce speed and hopefully stop, but barring that you're screwed, especially like the video show the angle of the hill is going to keep you going if there's no grip at all (sliding sideways at 1kph pretty much show exactly that, no grip.

I've even seen a 50 ton fire tanker truck do a 540 into a ditch in similar conditions in the Ottawa valey. And it was slicker than a hockey rink getting to it.
So really, STFU n00bs you don't know what you're talking about!

BTW, Norwegian guy I can play that game too, I'm from Canada, the Northern ROCKIES, and you guys don't know ice or snow obviously if you didn't notice the cars sliding sideways and backwards like Curling rocks. BTW your Curlers suck too, so there!
Picture of GrapeApe4 achievements

+1 19. GrapeApe commented 16 years ago

BTW, not eveywhere in the world allows Chains / Spiked Tires, we allow them in winter but we have many rural roads. In most cities though they are banned because they chew up the asphalt, and seeing as the video is shot in the city of Portland, I doubt they are any different.

PS, the posturing of most of you would be the same as those who say chains are for bad drivers to compensate for their lack of skill. >:)
Picture of missybo6 achievements

+1 20. missybo commented 16 years ago

Picture of abitjilted6 achievements

0 21. abitjilted commented 16 years ago

DAMN global warming!
Picture of abitjilted6 achievements

0 22. abitjilted commented 16 years ago

is that why these are mostly NEW vehicles
Picture of FreDDy5 achievements

0 23. FreDDy commented 16 years ago

Looks like a pinball game... PING DING DING
Picture of Ninja4 achievements

0 24. Ninja commented 16 years ago

...Fighting on the internet is like winning the Special Olympics, even if you win, your still retarded..
Picture of Kaki4 achievements

+2 25. Kaki commented 16 years ago

Aliquantulus you dumbass, i actually took AP Physics from a teacher who lives in New Hampshire(not that you stupid norwegians would know that place), and he's had a lot of experience with icy roads, plus he's majored physics in college. You're NOT SUPPOSED TO BREAK in icy roads you fcking moron, you being norwegian doesn't justify your "exceptional" driving skills.
Picture of bananawoman5 achievements

0 26. bananawoman commented 16 years ago

holy poo guys... ive seen icy accidents and these are the FUNNIEST.

seriously though, you guys have missed the easiest preventative measure obviously not taken by the portland highways agency. or council. whoever: salt grit?? all over the UK we have big yellow grit boxes along almost every road, rural and otherwise that just sit there all year, a bit like postboxes, totally ignored- until along comes big bad jack frost. then the authorities (supposedly but some councils- grr!) travel around the night before a big frost/ice/snow is predicted and grit the roads. problems, usually, solved. everyone gets out, into their respective traffic jams and has a delightful(!) journey into work/school/wherever.

no spiked tires (woah), no chains (expensive surely? and bulky, uncomfortable) or fancy braking prowess. just some salty grit stuff. if your wondering how it works- salt = ice's biggest enemy. apart from fire. gritty part = grip. friction.

if all else fails and you have missed out on some grit down your road, dont go out. use common sense and stay indoors.

also- the second red car- BAHAHAAAAA. dont try and even bother getting to your destination. you in a car-hell-zone.
Picture of abitjilted6 achievements

0 27. abitjilted commented 16 years ago

Hell....thats better than the original video PONG!
Picture of abitjilted6 achievements

0 28. abitjilted commented 16 years ago

How'd ya like a nice bowl of HOT Soup???
Picture of abitjilted6 achievements

0 29. abitjilted commented 16 years ago

Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

-2 30. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago


Do you actually think I've never heard about New Hampshire? :p

Want me to name a Norwegian city and see if you've ever heard about it? :D
"Yeah, I'm an American, and I think Norway is the capital of Sweden.. For sure.. I've heard it somewhere.."

How can I simplify my point? Hmm..

You can clearly see in the video clip that the red car comes to a completely halt several times, how can you be so stupid to actually accelerate after you've gone sideways down the street but then stopped?
"I just managed to stop after I went sideways with my car, the thing to do now is to accelerate like hell!"

There's no such thing as absolutely zero (0) friction. Not even transparent ice (aka black ice because of black asphalt) has no friction. And besides, it's not black ice on this video clip..

Oh yes, we're fighting like crazy? Don't you see the blood slingin' across the comments?
You're probably not even qualified for Special Olympics, and sure as hell not the regular version either.
Picture of terra-kun2 achievements

0 31. terra-kun commented 15 years ago

Woohooo!! Go Americans!!! WE ROCK :D
Picture of CRASHBY2 achievements

+2 32. CRASHBY commented 15 years ago

Oh my god, Aliquantulus, how old are you?
I'd really like to know because you seriously don't have a life if you come searching through these comments time after time, and having a go at EVERYONE.

Also, i think you're quite racist towards Americans.
People are stupid these days if they think Americans have any lower of an IQ to anyone else. Everyone is EQUAL.
Apparently, some people don't have any idea what equal means.

Anyway, this video is pretty damn funny :)
Picture of zeph29 achievements

0 33. zeph commented 15 years ago

ha there was clearly a woman drivin that grey SUV at the beggining.
Picture of justinsane5 achievements

0 34. justinsane commented 15 years ago

ok As a American from Minnesota we sometimes drive on the ice and snow? Come on we dont get scared we dont drive and slide into cars like in the video. Ever hear of somthing called Black ice? the people in the video are just stupid drivers i dont care where you are from. But here in Minnesota we cant wait for the lakes to freeze over so we can drive right up to the ice house to do a little fishing. And fyi i have never went into ditch or hit another car in the 17 years i have been driving. Slow down and take ur time!
Picture of zf140 achievements

+3 35. zf1 commented 15 years ago

whats up with all of the condescending comments? ive lived in america, england, belgium, france and the netherlands and im part norwegian. people are ignorant and dumb all over the world. especially when they define ones flaws by what country they are from. :|
Picture of zf140 achievements

+1 36. zf1 commented 15 years ago

#34 watch from 0:57, that's obviously gravity pulling the car side ways, you ever tried driving up an icy hill?
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

0 37. lockandload commented 13 years ago

wow ive seen a clip similar to this but this one is way better!