The Guiltiest Dog In Existence

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Picture of MattiKattila29 achievements

+69 1. MattiKattila commented 13 years ago

HAHAHA Laughed my ass off!!..... seriously i cant find my ass!
Picture of datastreamdude26 achievements

+45 2. datastreamdude commented 13 years ago

poor denver, he was just hungry.
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+59 3. banzemanga commented 13 years ago

Aw, i felt bad for the dog. :'(
But i still loved how it showed so much emotion.
Picture of metataggers41 achievements

+8 4. metataggers commented 13 years ago

Denver looks like he's close to going primal on his ass. Like, "See these teeth beeeatch! If you fed me enough, then maybe I wouldn't have to eat nasty cat food."
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+4 5. Maffis commented 13 years ago

#2 It's actually a she according to the owner's facebook fanpage.
Picture of ValdeLevis27 achievements

+18 6. ValdeLevis commented 13 years ago

#4 Denver looks like she's fed more than enough. Denver looks a little pudgy.
#(removed comment) That dog doesn't act like she's been beaten, she just knows that master isn't happy with her right now.
Picture of freakshow23 achievements

-3 7. freakshow commented 13 years ago

ROFL, one of the ugliest aswell ! what a boy ;D
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 8. Usdevildoggmc commented 13 years ago

# All of you..... #(removed comment) was kidding.... chill
Picture of sinduda30 achievements

+39 9. sinduda commented 13 years ago

Hey Woody Harrelson Give denver a break!!!
Picture of cretia27 achievements

+8 10. cretia commented 13 years ago

Denver has great teeth should do toothpaste ad
Picture of elchupacabra43 achievements

+24 11. elchupacabra commented 13 years ago

:D great video. But I know Denver didn't do it, he's just covering for the damn cat. That's how cool dogs are!
Picture of le_glaude33 achievements

+7 12. le_glaude commented 13 years ago

boy! i love animals so much <3 <3 <3 <3
Picture of Cosmoney18 achievements

+14 13. Cosmoney commented 13 years ago

#1 i found your ass ... come and get it :)) :x
Picture of Havana33 achievements

+8 14. Havana commented 13 years ago

#12 Me too. With ketchup.
Picture of orion27 achievements

+8 15. orion commented 13 years ago

Love the ending. "You let it happen!"
Picture of hellsd26 achievements

+4 16. hellsd commented 13 years ago

It was just a lil bag o treats leave the dog alone its not like he pissed on the couch...I would of felt bad after and gave both dogs treats :D
Picture of daealus1 achievements

+1 17. daealus commented 13 years ago

what is the name of the song playing ?
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+2 18. Sizzlik (admin) commented 13 years ago

#17 Its "Please" by john carrie and moor green
Picture of cranky40 achievements

+5 19. cranky commented 13 years ago

Curling lips and showing teeth while keeping the muzzle down and the eyes closed is a sign of submission and stress. As funny as this video was at first it maked me sad to see it last that long. First I was like :) then like :D then :| and finally :(
Picture of LucyBeann3 achievements

-1 20. LucyBeann commented 13 years ago

He was too mean they look sad and depressed! the other dog even looked sad! they little guy looked bored and over weight... my dogs feel bad when they get caught or when when they know they did something bad and then they are on to the next thing . . . the lab dog got in trouble too long and too much for just getting into the cat treats (iTS like a kid who ate cookies before dinner . . . your not suppose to get in that much trouble) the lab needs more stimulation in his day .. . both of the dogs dooo! :/ Just like kids they need stimulation a to stay out of trouble and approbate consequences and i personally feel that was too much , especially for getting in to the 'cookie jar'. He got in the cat treats because he was bored . . . dogs like people eat out of boredom.
Picture of lyr1c1sm19 achievements

0 21. lyr1c1sm commented 13 years ago

im not crying i just got some... some.. some, oh my got that is beautiful! wot an amazing relationship between man and "beast".
what a brilliant dog.
Picture of setti21 achievements

+1 22. setti commented 13 years ago

A British dog very civilized indeed .
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

+1 23. lockandload commented 13 years ago

im very disappointed, your in the penalty bOx! :D
Picture of blazeArt2 achievements

+1 24. blazeArt commented 13 years ago

:( It's saaad, and beautiful dogs :)
Picture of icspots492 achievements

0 25. icspots49 commented 13 years ago

:D I thought it was great. Dogs can be so human.
Picture of WickedOne1423 achievements

-1 26. WickedOne14 commented 12 years ago

How.... could.... he.... STAND.... it?? :O
Picture of AnnaT1 achievements

+1 27. AnnaT commented 10 years ago

Cranky and LucyBean: My brother accidentally taught his dog to "smile" on command. Doggie was grooming himself when someone called his name. Doggie looked up, with his lips still stuck to his dry teeth. The laughter and attention was so rewarding for the dog that no further teaching was necessary. That was a fluke. Usually it takes a lot of time and patience to "capture" a behaviour that you can put on cue so that the dog will do it on command. You can ascribe any "emotion" to it that you wish - but to the dog the only meaning is "if I do this right I get a treat or praise." It's not really smiling or being aggressive or submissive.

Dog actors are taught to assume a posture as a trick. The only meaning it has for the dog is that he gets a lot of love and attention (off-camera) for doing it. What you do not see or hear in the video is the owner cue-ing the dog, because that would spoil the movie.

I'm teaching my doggie to cover her eyes with her paw, both paws would be even better. Once I've taught her to cover her eyes, you can make a little movie like this, but avoid getting her actual cues, verbal or visual, on camera. Instead, you enact a little scenario in which you pretend to be shaming the dog (the dog doesn't understand English). Alternatively, you can have a scenario in which you, the owner, make a fool of yourself and then cue the dog to cover her eyes. The dog isn't feeling shame or embarrassment on your behalf. We make up a little story in which we ascribe emotions to the behaviour. The dog's only thoughts at the time are focussing on doing it right, so she'll get her reward (liver treat or a toy or a minute's play or profuse verbal praise - all good).