Who defends the rights of animals?

Happen in Temara zoo Morocco right now.

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Picture of SmajlicekCZ38 achievements

+36 1. SmajlicekCZ commented 13 years ago

This doesn't need more than this: :'(
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+4 2. huldu commented 13 years ago

Just drop a bomb over the entire city, with everyone still in it. Problem solved. For all parts. Humans are a plague. Everything they come in contact with is tainted. I am surprised we don't have "more" conflicts than we do on this planet. I guess it is only a matter of time...
Picture of Srchak52 achievements

+20 3. Srchak commented 13 years ago

people there don't need more buildings, they need birth control.
Picture of Araniko33 achievements

+9 4. Araniko commented 13 years ago

really sad to see those poor animals, :'( ...Now humankind is all about greediness and selfishness, and i really agree with this words too 1:47

God what have we become!
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+24 5. dushan commented 13 years ago

#2 excellent idea, why don't we start with your city and your family?

and why not "educate" instead of "eradicate"?
Picture of edmund31 achievements

+7 6. edmund commented 13 years ago

1:47 is all that needs to be said.
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+4 7. kirkelicious commented 13 years ago

It is like factory farming...
only with sunlight.
Picture of Spedner5 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 8. Spedner commented 13 years ago

They should be shot and eaten.
Picture of cretia27 achievements

-4 9. cretia commented 13 years ago

# 8 the Morocco people tastes good with a dash of vinegar and salted with vegeta spice. i have a menu if you would like to contact me
Picture of Spedner5 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 10. Spedner commented 13 years ago

#9. That won't be necessary. You're far too stupid to be of interest to me.
Picture of Namora18 achievements

+3 11. Namora commented 13 years ago

#10 Wow... Dont think you're in the position to tell people they are of no interest, Just take a look in the mirror... InetherOw!
Picture of dragonon38 achievements

+8 12. dragonon commented 13 years ago

When women cannot solve something or express, they SCREAM, and #2, i think when you take the time to solve anything, you just BOMB the thing ~... U will be a good leader if you understand sarcasm! >:)
Picture of Spedner5 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-15 13. Spedner commented 13 years ago

Comment to short
Comment too long
Comment too silly.
Comment too smart.
Comment just right.
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+3 14. LightAng3l commented 13 years ago

Wish I was born in a different world... humans are like cancer! In fact I believe we are worst. At least cancer kills the organism... we kill EVERYTHING!
Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements

+6 15. CrackrJak commented 13 years ago

First off, Animals do NOT have 'rights', They have protections in many countries but not all.

Now having said that, It obvious these remaining animals are being mistreated and they should be humanely removed to other zoos or euthanized if they can't be moved.
Picture of setti21 achievements

+8 16. setti commented 13 years ago

A country that can not take care of its people can not take care of animal .;Very True ,indeed.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 17. sux2bu commented 13 years ago

I believe a "clever" guy has shown up again with a new nic. How ya' doing spedner? Still a troll I see.
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

-2 18. nomaddaf commented 13 years ago

Keep in mind that of all the animals that have ever lived 99.8% went extinct before man came along.While I think they should be relocated to real zoo's it's not exactly the Holocaust. Just a backward society that should not have zoo's in the first place. Leave it to the countries with a decent standard of living for it's people let alone wild animals!
Picture of bellavie2 achievements

+3 19. bellavie commented 13 years ago

Can everyone just stop fighting and realize what is happening here?

This is disgusting.

NOMADDAF- While I think they should be relocated to real zoo's it's not exactly the Holocaust...

That is the most stupid thing to say ever. Holocaust? This is exactly like a holocaust..animals shoved in small cages..confined to small areas..they are going to go crazy because there is no walking room for them.

Why don't we all put our brains together and try to find a way to stop this. I rather all these animals be euthanized than stay in small cages...they are going to suffer their whole lives. THIS IS JAIL FOR ANIMALS. No...this is SOLITARY CONFINEMENT FOR ANIMALS.
Picture of snotRules33 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 20. snotRules commented 13 years ago

and this is why i don't like people from Morrocco i hate them
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

+5 21. tastytim commented 13 years ago

You see way worse in America in the factory cow farms....
Picture of cripplecog16 achievements

+3 22. cripplecog commented 13 years ago

@21 There is a huge difference! Zoos are meant for enjoyment of people while providing a place for the animals to be protected, cared for, and observed. Meat farms are meant to produce food, and not all of them are like the ones shown on the video that's all over the web. Most, in fact, are very clean and very human. Egg farms produce eggs, not pets. If all meat production farms practiced true free range grazing, no one could afford to eat beef or eggs or chicken or pork or drink milk. Land prices would go up because farms would be buying up everything in sight. These poor creatures in this zoo have simply been ignored and forgotten. If someone would just spend a little time making calls, thet could most likely find zoos, game preserves and even privat collectors for most, if not all of these animals.
Picture of antifolklore28 achievements

+1 23. antifolklore commented 13 years ago

Agree americas cow/super E-coli factories are way worse. Talking about cruelty in some other country look at your own first.

@cripplecog Feeding a cow only corn and letting it live in 0.5 a meter of shit, yes including sleeping in its own shit and then mass shipping it for days to a big scary butchery. YES 35000 cows a day in a single buchery.
Not even to mention to cruelty to the mexicans who work/are exploited there.

In most countries there are thousands of butcheries while america only has 13.
I've been to south Korea and they protested by the thousands against american beef. Shame they couldn't stop it from entering I think every person has to do the same and stop the shit farms.