Final Destination in real life

The driver is save but it was so close!!!!

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Picture of Dubsteppah35 achievements

+45 1. Dubsteppah commented 12 years ago

That is fully terrifying
Picture of Awax23 achievements

+47 2. Awax commented 12 years ago

interesting driver didn't make any sound... not even "ahh" or "wooow" or something like that :D
Picture of stonedecroze34 achievements

+58 3. stonedecroze commented 12 years ago

#2 nor even a sound like shitting his pants.
Picture of peeps19 achievements

+27 4. peeps commented 12 years ago

#2 "Take my breathe awaaaaaaaaaaaayy..."
Picture of Slap_chop_ninja36 achievements

+21 5. Slap_chop_ninja commented 12 years ago

That definitely calls for a change of underwear.
Picture of s1lent34 achievements

+42 6. s1lent commented 12 years ago

#2 In reality when in full shock/survival mode your body doesn't make useless things like wasting oxygen to scream.
Picture of blockedusername29 achievements

+29 7. blockedusername commented 12 years ago

my question is...why would you film randomly to begin with? whats the chance of that happening!
Picture of blue_alien41 achievements

+12 8. blue_alien commented 12 years ago

#2, #6 Yeah, the screaming begins when the survival mode fails to start and your brain jumps to panic mode.
Picture of torres910 achievements

-2 9. torres9 commented 12 years ago

0:32 Is it just me or does the wood move like a boomerang through the air from the left to the center of the lane ? Reminds of the Seinfeld episode involving Kramer and the spit.
Picture of WhiteWolf37 achievements

+7 10. WhiteWolf commented 12 years ago

The whole time I was looking at right truck :)
and slow-mo is needed in this video
Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements

+5 11. Mourialaid commented 12 years ago

#7 Maybe this is someone who doesn't have a life. Like a journalist; filming anything, writing about it, then publishing it. >:)
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+4 12. Chrisofskjern commented 12 years ago

I'm with #7. I was sitting here thinking "why the hell would he sit and record a boring-ass drive??"

And where the heck does that log come from? The car in front as a wooden chassis? Or maybe a wooden house is being transported in front of the car in front of the cameraman?
Picture of Craigza13 achievements

+12 13. Craigza commented 12 years ago

Looks like debris on the side of the road is kicked up by the trailer infront...
Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements

+25 14. PortugaL26 commented 12 years ago

#7 #12 According to the description in her youtube channel, she was recording the two trucks in front of her because they were messing around blocking each other out and holding up traffic.
Picture of lockandload57 achievements

+2 15. lockandload commented 12 years ago

a very close call..reminded me of this -
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+2 16. Chrisofskjern commented 12 years ago

#14 - But notice how the trailer in front of the driver doesn't move an inch. The tires stay completely on the ground... But still it has enough power, to violently throw a huge f***ing piece of wood 2 feet into the air!

That's what I'm wondering about.

And when is the next fail compilation done? You rock at finding fail videos i haven't seen. MOAR PLX! :D
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+6 17. Maffis commented 12 years ago

Nope, this isn't fake at all. There has been alot of news coverage on this accident when it happened months ago. She was filming with her cellphone because she was going to use that as evidence on how these 2 trucks were blocking the lanes for themselves.
Picture of anoobis36013 achievements

+2 18. anoobis360 commented 12 years ago

one of the few videos that, the first time u watch, u dont even see it coming untill ur like holyshit, lol, good thing she was alright
Picture of sbrucecaboose40 achievements

-4 19. sbrucecaboose commented 12 years ago

What the heck is wrong with you people???

#(removed comment) , I would give you plus 100 thumbs up if I could.

Follow at a SAFE distance--three second rule MINIMUM.

It could have avoided ANY damage to his car--and what if he had a passenger???

DONT BE IGNORANT, PEOPLE. Follow the rules of the road.
Picture of dennvp26 achievements

+4 20. dennvp commented 12 years ago

the driver itself is not obeying the rule
she is recording a video while driving
Picture of bjarneks24 achievements

+2 21. bjarneks commented 12 years ago

I was like: "WTF did happend????????" o.O
Picture of LQoQK44 achievements

+4 22. LQoQK commented 12 years ago

the driver was safe because he was wearing a seat-belt.

I guess not, its probably the amulet on dashboard
Picture of ruhk30 achievements

-2 23. ruhk commented 12 years ago

#7 i record my drive. Why? because i can ~_~

(yes. awesome shit happens randomly. )
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+1 24. loadrunner commented 12 years ago

What if he was driving the other lane :O
Picture of Thanny37 achievements

+1 25. Thanny commented 12 years ago

There is no such thing as a safe following distance for this kind of incident.

I once had an aluminum drive shaft of some kind get kicked up by a car and crash into my windshield. It was caught between the hood and fender, otherwise one of the two people in the front seat would have been hit, probably fatally. The car was quite far ahead, and there's no way the driver (not me - I was dozing in the passenger seat, and my reaction was a loud WTF) would have been able to avoid it.

In cases like these, the responsibility lies with the vehicle that hits the debris. Something like that is easily seen in the road, and neglecting to avoid it establishes liability. My insurance company went after that of the person who launched the drive shaft at my car, and got paid for most of the damages.
Picture of andrer99941 achievements

-3 26. andrer999 commented 12 years ago

Too bad Ryan Dunn didn't have one of these.... >:)
Picture of kekke200037 achievements

-2 27. kekke2000 commented 12 years ago

I almost crapped my pants :O
Picture of smed7917 achievements

-3 28. smed79 commented 12 years ago

this fake vid :P
Picture of ol1v33r22 achievements

+1 29. ol1v33r commented 10 years ago

There was a tv show where this dude crashes into a fence and a fence post goes right threw him and sticks him through the chest upside down in the car submerged in ditch water and pinned to the seat.

Also this dude should have kept more distance from the truck in front he is right on that trailers ass. He might have stood more of a chance of avoiding it if any.