Ice Fishing in Russia

A Russian fisherman pulls a huge Pike out of a small ice hole in Russia.

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Picture of Rexxae40 achievements
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-12 1. Rexxae commented 11 years ago

#(removed comment) It's Russia, if they have a bear, they steal it from him ! :x
Picture of akeem32 achievements

+40 2. akeem commented 11 years ago

#(removed comment) Looks 100% legit to me!
Picture of Rathor33 achievements

+24 3. Rathor commented 11 years ago

Only in Russ... oh, forget it!
Picture of OneShot31 achievements

+11 4. OneShot commented 11 years ago

This vid begs the question ... how does he know the hole is big enough to fit the fish through...Respect if it's real in any case.
Picture of kaneg35 achievements
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-8 5. kaneg commented 11 years ago

c'moooon!!! no russian jokes?
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+4 6. loadrunner commented 11 years ago

4 man can eat from that.
Picture of mduggy28 achievements

+9 7. mduggy commented 11 years ago

#4 They use an ice drill to make their holes - similar to a giant corkscrew.
#(removed comment) A pike will go for a decent size lure or bait in these temperatures as they want to make the best use of their energy
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+4 8. LightAng3l commented 11 years ago

Poor animal :'( delicious though :P
Picture of Yours8828 achievements

-1 9. Yours88 commented 11 years ago

Make the hole bigger?
Picture of chestrefeld11 achievements

+13 10. chestrefeld commented 11 years ago

Oh, ice hole. Misread that. And there was I dying to see this one!!!
Picture of Zepequenodkq19 achievements

+3 11. Zepequenodkq commented 11 years ago

No way this can be real, if you ever tried fishing for pike, you know how much of a fighter they are, and this one is just playing completly dead? but damn, what a beautiful fish.
Picture of Wiggy26 achievements

+1 12. Wiggy commented 11 years ago

I've seen bigger things come out of a small hole before although this was more pleasant on the eyes.
Picture of setti21 achievements

+4 13. setti commented 11 years ago

Big Fish from Russia
Picture of BrianDilori30 achievements

+9 14. BrianDilori commented 11 years ago

Ehh i think its pretty obvious, when the video started he had his arm down the hole already, what's to say he didn't get a dead fish and pushed it through the hole, then started the video and pretends to catch it!!!
Picture of oldcurt619 achievements

0 15. oldcurt6 commented 11 years ago

Pure Russan BULL SHIT
Picture of c2quad30 achievements

+4 16. c2quad commented 11 years ago

He will be definetly having some relationship with the polar bears.
Picture of pauldmixer30 achievements

+9 17. pauldmixer commented 11 years ago

These fish have NASTY teeth. One bit through my friends leather glove and cut him pretty bad. Not sure how this guy would have gotten his hand through those teeth and into the gills! But... have you ever tried to push a fish backwards? Doesn't work.

Solution: Catch the fish, then wear a neoprene sleeve and glove, put it back in and wait a few minutes. Wait for the rim of the hole to freeze up a little and "roll camera!"
Picture of 4string8622 achievements

+2 18. 4string86 commented 11 years ago

Bear Grylls russian edition :)
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+2 19. banzemanga commented 11 years ago

I hear some annoying cries from the back when the guy caches his fish. -.-
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+7 20. sux2bu commented 11 years ago

#17 +1 I think you are exactly right on that. That is a nasty fish to be putting your fingers in his mouth and he looks to be already dead when it comes out of the hole , it doesn't even wiggle.
Picture of BiMezo36 achievements

+16 21. BiMezo commented 11 years ago

The point is, that when he caught it, he realized that it doesn't fit through hole. At first they didn't know what to do, then decided to pull it.

F - fisherman
V - viewer
C - cameraman

V: Pike?
F: Don't know.
C: Maybe we should ... ehhhhh... roll up your sleeve?
F: Wouldn't help.
C: Wouldn't help?
F: It doesn't fit through.
C: Crash (drag) [it] by the eyes. Crash (drag) [it] by the eyes. What else could you do?
F: %&*, it doesn't fit in!
C: Doesn't fit in there? In hole (alveolus (*that's how we actually call it ( [lu?nk?] )*)?
C: Daaaamn... Come on.
F: Unless... break ribs.
F: You... less... resist.
C: *can't understand what he says*
F: *can't understand what he says*


C: Damn, you lucky!

I think they are Ukrainians, not Russians.
Picture of donatelo18 achievements

+2 22. donatelo commented 11 years ago

A new twist on Noodling
Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements

+5 23. Highmeadow commented 11 years ago

Reminds me of an old joke.
"Did you hear about the [insert nationality here] man that went ice fishing? He had a great day on the lake, he brought home 60 pounds of ice. His wife flooded the kitchen trying to cook the damn stuff."
Picture of Thanny37 achievements

+4 24. Thanny commented 11 years ago

Your transcription/translation is missing "yob tvoyu mat", one of the few Russian phrases I know. It means, more politely, "copulate with your mother".
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+2 25. huldu commented 11 years ago

Looks similar to catfish fishing done by hands, whatever they call it in the swamp. The concept is pretty clear. You stick your hand down in the water and wiggle with your fingers. If something is near they will bite and take it for food.
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+2 26. Scotsman50 commented 4 years ago

Fish,no movement=Fake

Probably stuck it in there then filmed it being pulled out.
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

0 27. buckleg08 commented 4 years ago

Russia has all the fun....:D
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 28. thundersnow commented 4 years ago

Even if it is staged, it's well staged. :)
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

0 29. buckleg08 commented 1 year ago

now if a shark takes a bite out of that arm...:P
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 30. Judge-Jake commented 1 year ago

I was expecting a sudden cry of pain and half an arm being removed from the hole as a fake one armed man pretended to fish. I agree with most of the comments, there is absolutely no way you could catch a pike with your bare hand, without losing several fingers. Pike are terrorist fish, they attack their pray full on with teeth blazing, you might be able to tickle a trout but pike are not ticklish. :D