SMS while driving

i will never ever send an sms while driving!

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Picture of thejackel36 achievements

+14 1. thejackel commented 12 years ago

i cant fap to this! :(
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

+25 2. WildMonkey commented 12 years ago

Stupid teenagers? It's more likely than you think.
Picture of mike_nazz30 achievements

+7 3. mike_nazz commented 12 years ago

i didn't want to watch any more of this
Picture of etplayer35 achievements

+40 4. etplayer commented 12 years ago

Omg so many technical issues with this.

4:05 and several other places. Thats a 15 liter a minute non rebreather mask. If its not inflated, its not working. It's not inflated, ever.

7:50 The top green line is her cardiac rhythm, as you can see, shes perfect sinus at 77 beats per minute. The yellow states sp02, (basically measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood), if its at 100 and goes to 0 the connector popped off (note the blue alarm that says 'sensor off') unless she instantaneously used up all the oxygen in her blood.

8:13 (every tv show ever made gets this one wrong) Asystole is NOT a shockable rhythm. The purpose of a shock is to depolarize the entire heart at once, allowing the hearts normal pacemakers (the SA or AV nodes) take over and pace the heart as normal.

I know its all about drama, but jesus it would be nice to see someone get some of this shit right for once.
Picture of Denaro30 achievements

+27 5. Denaro commented 12 years ago

#4 yeah well spotted, i'm sure that's the message they were trying to convey whilst making this film....
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

+23 6. zerorain commented 12 years ago

man they werent kidding about
"honk if you love Jesus, text if you want to meet him."
Picture of beel37 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 7. beel commented 12 years ago

lol way too long to watch
Picture of Alucard41 achievements

0 8. Alucard commented 12 years ago

And the world is poorer by 3 Darvin nominees...What? Someone had to say it.
Picture of tree4free47 achievements

+9 9. tree4free commented 12 years ago

the most difficult job in these situations have the cops.
Picture of IDK39937 achievements

+19 10. IDK399 commented 12 years ago

alcohol? add that to the mix. Hang around an A&E entrance on a Friday night and you'll see a lot more streaming in.

@5 Give number #4 a break. I'm in IT. And it pains me when I see "hackers" in movies type nonsense on screen and slap "enter". Or an actor holds a rifle with the stock in his armpit. I'm sure he's tortured enough every time he watches a hospital scene on TV.
Picture of GhostInShell42 achievements

+4 11. GhostInShell commented 12 years ago

only difference from reality, there is more innocent victims than in this. sadly :(
Picture of Wynadorn28 achievements

-1 12. Wynadorn commented 12 years ago

She definitely got what was coming to her. I mean how stupid can you be, texting while driving. :S
Picture of Garreh38 achievements

+4 13. Garreh commented 12 years ago

Absolutley brilliant way to try and discourage people from texting whilst driving. If you're enough of an idiot to use your phone at the wheel, then you're asking for trouble...
Picture of Sebastien45 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 14. Sebastien commented 12 years ago

"Mommy, Daddy, wake up!" LOL
Picture of Yours8828 achievements

-4 15. Yours88 commented 12 years ago

#4 If ur such a know it all. then there's more medical misses there. So fail.
Picture of peacinu34 achievements

0 16. peacinu commented 12 years ago

#8 Indeed it is. There so many dump people talking/texting to their cell phones while driving. It became like a fashion nowadays; it's like you can't drive unless your using your cell phone. Well most people can't understand that when driving they should concentrate only on doing that. We're not like computer processors, able of multitasking, we can't do 2 different things perfectly at the same time, only one at a time. Once I got off my friend's car because he was too slick just to drive. So when he started using
his phone while driving I told him to stop the car, I got off and walked away. He kept on saying that he's a great driver and he's in control. I kept on walking. Later that day his parents called me telling me he had a car accident and he's in a critical condition. I end up being safe, while he didn't. After months of recovering finally he learned his lesson. Since then he's not that slick anymore.

#4,#5,#6 It's about the message, guys! The message. Look at the video's title. What does it say? Does it say "medical mistakes in movies"?
#1 you must be such an idiot. Grow up! Comments like that don't make you funny.
But who am I to argue with? Long live the indifference! Right? :| :| :|
Picture of Filiforme14 achievements

-1 17. Filiforme commented 12 years ago

Wow. This video was bad in so many ways, it just makes me want to go out there and text while driving to forget about it.
Picture of sgbrsh10119 achievements

-2 18. sgbrsh101 commented 12 years ago

all i can say is What the fuck.............................
Picture of cretia27 achievements

+1 19. cretia commented 12 years ago

The text went through i hope
Picture of detonatordan22 achievements

+1 20. detonatordan commented 12 years ago

#1 you're on snotr to fap?!
Picture of JohnMichael32 achievements

-1 21. JohnMichael commented 12 years ago

Have no one made a joke about the British driving on the wrong side of the road yet? :O
Picture of etplayer35 achievements

+2 22. etplayer commented 12 years ago

@10 Thanks! I work as a nurse on a telemetry (cardio) unit. I live and breathe this crap, and yeah I don't see why, if they can get life line choppers, ambulances and all of the emergency equipment, etc, etc, etc, together, for this flick, why they can't figure out how to make it authentic.

They didn't use matchbox cars for the crash scenes. They didn't use ketchup for the blood. Why not put a bit more effort into it? Thats all Im saying :)
Picture of GJJACKSON196822 achievements

0 23. GJJACKSON1968 commented 12 years ago

Well, we will let women drive.
Picture of Guss44 achievements

0 24. Guss commented 12 years ago

How the car of the girls could be taken into shandwish between the two other ??