The demise of guys?

- Philip Zimbardo (2011)

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Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements

+7 1. ZaMpTi commented 13 years ago

Demise of guys? good, more Girls for me >:) :*
Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements

+17 2. YetiGrowl commented 13 years ago

so pretty soon the lame kitchen jokes will be on all male videos?!
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+7 3. huldu commented 13 years ago

Mmm... porn.
Picture of datastreamdude26 achievements

+8 4. datastreamdude commented 13 years ago

1. ZaMpTi....did ya watch the video mate, its the demise of guys, you are one.

im also guessing you are exactly what the dude was talking about, i bet your a hardcore gamer and love porn.
like me.
its nothing to be ashamed of, we are a product of our generation. :D
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+6 5. ughlah commented 13 years ago

the guy is a god in psychology, like a sigmund freud of our times. Nice to see him in a video...
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+3 6. LightAng3l commented 13 years ago

boys will be boys...
Picture of archis51 achievements

+5 7. archis commented 13 years ago

I agree with this guy for 110%. I think this is one of the biggest problems of our western technological society. It should deserve a lot more attention. The modern life style destroys men as men, the new age is just not for us. We don't even have a clear definition at which point boys become men (unlike other cultures). So many of us seek adventures in alcohol and computer games. I think 3 points that are basic 'men' characteristics (make men as men) are:
-dominance over women
All 3 are slowly lost in our western society.
Picture of motoso30 achievements

+3 8. motoso commented 13 years ago

#4 : I think everyone who watches Snotr on a daily basis is part of this pool, no offense to Snotr.
Shit, I get my fix every morning and it gives me a boner.
Picture of loadme33 achievements

+1 9. loadme commented 13 years ago

#7 i hope you dont really care about "war, hunting and dominance over women" as it sounded to me.

my only concern is, that there will be a lot less kids born by highly educated people (busy and under stress all day long) as well as people with access to the internet (losing interesst in making real love,like the TED talk stated).
Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements

0 10. ZaMpTi commented 13 years ago

#4 nah I'm a dude haha, na i don't think everyone will be killed by nerdiness

love Porn also my Girl, but i'm not a hardcore gamer at all ;) i was but thats 7 years ago now I'm a work-o-holic and #8 first sentence is right ;)
Picture of Trooper26 achievements

+1 11. Trooper commented 13 years ago

One thing this guy got wrong: Video Games and Porn are NOT the problem, they are symptoms of a wider problem which is that Boys have a hard time finding their place in this new society that has changed the role of males and destroyed the old model that used to define manhood.
Picture of hoodedbuhda4 achievements

+4 12. hoodedbuhda commented 13 years ago

Porn is popular because people can orgasm quickly, cheaply, with choices, completely, naturally, privately and not being dependent on another person and that is a personal freedom that is none of anyone else's business.
Picture of Zebedee27 achievements

+4 13. Zebedee commented 13 years ago

#7 You're right in that those 3 traits were evolutionary beneficial. Now, however, they're not. Which is why the best thing we could do for the future of our species and our world is to abdicate power to women. Women would do much better at running this place. That should be obvious to all but chauvinists.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+2 14. Sizzlik (admin) commented 13 years ago

lol #12 seems you got a doctors degree in porn =D is "handy" :P
Picture of etplayer35 achievements

+4 15. etplayer commented 13 years ago

The problem right now is that men have lost their role in society, which was as a provider, and it shows, look at the way we are portrayed in todays media.

Men are constantly ridiculed for being lumbering stupid beasts who do nothing but give in to their base instincts and are incapable of doing anything right. Look at any sitcom in the last 10-15 years, the stupid character is *always* a man. Women are portrayed as being able to clean the house, cook a 5 course meal, go to work and have an amazing career where the guy is lucky if they portray him as being able to properly dress himself and half the time even thats not the case. The reasoning for this is again, we've lost our traditional role in society, aside from sperm donor, women simply don't need us anymore.

The *only* thing that will correct this is when women loose their role in traditional society as well. IE caregiver and/or sex mate. Which means robots become lifelike enough to a guy that he doesn't care, OR the matrix becomes a reality and the 'girl in the red dress' becomes a real option for any man.
Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements

+2 16. Highmeadow commented 13 years ago

I don't know that anything has changed that much. Many societies had separate male and female residences, and I don't think sex was all that romantic in the past. Think "Boat full of Vikings on a raping and pillaging outing". I think all this "romantic love" stuff was actually a recent fabrication from around the late 1800's and isn't actually representative of the largest part of human history. :*