Hardest game ever?

A very frustrating Japanese Mario-like game. The game can be downloaded here.

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Picture of Friendlysoul42 achievements

+9 1. Friendlysoul commented 16 years ago


I am downloading it now....
I will have my cousin play :P
Picture of dave919145 achievements

+2 2. dave9191 commented 16 years ago

that is great !
Picture of smizzle5 achievements

+2 3. smizzle commented 16 years ago

Picture of -chuo-2 achievements

+5 4. -chuo- commented 16 years ago

this is freaking awesome! >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:)
Picture of gregf17 achievements

+8 5. gregf commented 16 years ago

I love how they allow your lives to be in the negatives. Funny!
Picture of missybo6 achievements

+2 6. missybo commented 16 years ago

lol :D :D :'( :'( :D :D
Picture of renthgil7 achievements

+2 7. renthgil commented 16 years ago


Picture of Jake131 achievements

+3 8. Jake13 commented 16 years ago

Rofl! xD I love you for this. >_>
Picture of Foerumokaz1 achievements

+2 9. Foerumokaz commented 16 years ago

This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard, m stuck and dont know what to do, im on the level past the underground level. plz help
Picture of melpop041 achievements

+3 10. melpop04 commented 16 years ago

to beat the second level (underground) you need to go into the bottom part of the backwards L tunnel at the end of the level. (be sure to jump over onto the actual tunnel as the floor will fall out). When it brings you to the next section, use the first flagpole (with the blue top) to jump OVER the second flagpole. then come back (as in the first level) and get the yellow flagpole. good luck!! In only took like 104 lives to figure out ;)
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+2 11. LightAng3l commented 16 years ago

Sick man !! >:)
Picture of Tedrell2 achievements

+2 12. Tedrell commented 16 years ago

Hey does anyone know (think its the last level) if theres a way to beat the castle level? I can beat the clone like guy, but you have to pick up a sword to continue and then you instantly die from a guy standing in your way, is there something im missing?
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+2 13. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

Must be very aggravating to play.
Picture of Rinaldo5 achievements

+2 14. Rinaldo commented 16 years ago

Picture of adamyoeyo1 achievements

+2 15. adamyoeyo commented 16 years ago

how do you download this game? which link do i click on or what website and what do i do next?
Picture of dacman1 achievements

+2 16. dacman commented 16 years ago

hey ppl i am stuck on 4th level (-215 lives) and i don't know where to go...i get to the part where i walk on a pipe and i have to avoid the falling celling, and when it falls, the pipe falls very soon after it and on the other side of the pipe there is a cat and a sword and that cat takes the sword and i have no where to go but tu jump on the cat or jump in the fire...HELP
Picture of dacman1 achievements

+1 17. dacman commented 16 years ago

Picture of Tedrell2 achievements

+1 18. Tedrell commented 16 years ago

"and that cat takes the sword and i have no where to go but tu jump on the cat or jump in the fire" Well the boxes in front of it the one on the far right summons a guy that throw people/things, one on the left summons a mushroom, hit them so the guy throws the mushroom onto the bridge then inch your way onto the bridge till the guy dies from eating the mushroom, now your stuck where i am
Picture of bruce1 achievements

+1 19. bruce commented 16 years ago

Does anyone know how to beat the level 3. I'm stuck at the beginning. Got no idea how to jump on those two yellow bridges or whatever they are
Picture of Kilroy86753092 achievements

+2 20. Kilroy8675309 commented 16 years ago

You have to activate the green !. Avoid the stars by jumping on the ? block, then hit the invisible thing over the pit that makes you fall onto the Music Notes at the bottom of the pit (obviously, don't hit the notes). Then you'll notice it's a nice clear path up there. Jump on the second yellow bridge, then go for the other side (everything else will cause your death.)

Now that I've put some good karma into the world, I need some back: the END of level three is killing me. I could really use some assistance.
Picture of Ravis131 achievements

+2 21. Ravis13 commented 16 years ago

The end of the third level: Jump onto the info block then to the right and the blocks will fall. Fall to the right and bounce on the floating enemy to land on the bottom row of blocks. Jump up and break the right hand block while the turtle is walking to the left. Jump up and the lasers will shoot and miss you. Then jump on the turtle and send him to the right and jump and grab the flag. The shell will kill the enemy after the flag.

Now I'm stuck at the end of the 4th level as a few others are :)
Picture of Ravis131 achievements

+2 22. Ravis13 commented 16 years ago

Woot! I figured it out! :) You don't want to use the mushroom at all. Hit the right ? in the 3 to pop up the enemy and follow him over to the spring to the left. Just as he gets shot up in the air jump on him and you get tossed to the right. Game over. Yay!
Picture of lilangelbuddie2 achievements

+1 23. lilangelbuddie commented 16 years ago

hahahaha...omg...i don't think i would want to play this. i think it's more enjoyable to watch others play it.

good luck to those that are playing the game!!!
Picture of brio11 achievements

+1 24. brio commented 16 years ago

yey done!

took me a class or two to finish but I did it :D
Picture of Durkin5 achievements

+1 25. Durkin commented 16 years ago

took me about 4hrs :|

top game though, i liked it! :D
Picture of SilVerWolF1 achievements

+2 26. SilVerWolF commented 16 years ago

3 hours, 35 cigarettes, 274 lives and 8 seizures later i have completed it!! HOORAR! If I ever meet whoever made this i will shake his hand, then rip it off and beat him with the bloody end of it for the frustration lmao X-D

Now to send this to all my m8's! >:)

(If you haven't played this don't start because it will ruin your life, maybe friendships as well...... BE WARNED!!)

And have fun:P
Picture of dad5 achievements

-2 27. dad commented 16 years ago

Picture of mulberryinfinity4 achievements

-1 28. mulberryinfinity commented 16 years ago

just admit it.. you have met the devil.. and it is this game.. lol
Picture of FloggingMollyLA3 achievements

+1 29. FloggingMollyLA commented 16 years ago

i lost it at 2:28....LOLOLOL
Picture of ROFLMFAO2 achievements

+1 30. ROFLMFAO commented 16 years ago

Lolz i downloaded this game and beat the game :D ....and it only took 250+ lives to beat it :O
Picture of hagard4208 achievements

+1 31. hagard420 commented 16 years ago

i love how he just gives up and falls into pit lol this game is awsome he finaly get to the end and dies thinking he was safe lolololol :'( >:) 8-) O:) :O ;)
Picture of kingMethos1 achievements

+3 32. kingMethos commented 16 years ago

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I finished it...it can be appeare an idiot game..but it's very difficult @_@
Picture of Tefkros17 achievements

+2 33. Tefkros commented 16 years ago

my advice, keep a high ground!
Picture of OHaiGuise2 achievements

+2 34. OHaiGuise commented 16 years ago

I might download that now. I could imagine deleting it after a few minutes after furstration. :D
Picture of twinturboz1 achievements

+2 35. twinturboz commented 16 years ago

passed it.. -138 took about 45 min
Picture of _Bo75 achievements

+2 36. _Bo7 commented 16 years ago

wtf XD
#34 lol
Picture of Dark_Leaf18 achievements

+1 37. Dark_Leaf commented 16 years ago

haha ^^ this game reminds me of the mario frustration one
Picture of Ezotyo26 achievements

+2 38. Ezotyo commented 15 years ago

How can it be finished?

I stuck in the challenge with the sword.
Picture of Humes17 achievements

+2 39. Humes commented 15 years ago


omg, best thing ever!! :D
Picture of jereerermey1 achievements

+2 40. jereerermey commented 15 years ago

damn yall suck at this game, i finished with -8 lives
listen to #22's way to beat it
thats the real way

Picture of mikkel951 achievements

+2 41. mikkel95 commented 15 years ago

cat marios nothing, if you want a hard game you should try "i wanna be the guy (IWBTG) its got less traps than this, but its alot harder :)
Picture of Jordanthebest2 achievements

+2 42. Jordanthebest commented 15 years ago

0 now, getting better
Picture of PowerpuffM9 achievements

+2 43. PowerpuffM commented 14 years ago

I played the game ! :)) I thought I`m gonna have white hair ! :))
I like the life thing :))
we start with 2 lives and continue to infinity :))
Picture of fombels44 achievements

+1 44. fombels commented 14 years ago

boekmark Hardest game ever
Picture of InfiniteBoredom19 achievements

+2 45. InfiniteBoredom commented 14 years ago

Lol Its got no ending. It was probably way more fun watching you suffer playing it than it was for you to play. I don't get why you recorded yourself playing it though. thx anyway
Picture of Lucica1 achievements

+1 46. Lucica commented 14 years ago

i can't downlad:(
Picture of Bream7333 achievements

+2 47. Bream73 commented 13 years ago

I would not last long with this game
Picture of momococobobo2 achievements

+1 48. momococobobo commented 13 years ago

this is halairius hahahaha <3 :D :D :D :D
Picture of EliWhitney3141 achievements

+1 49. EliWhitney314 commented 11 years ago

I joined this site just to say this, so I hope you meditate deeply on these words. You sir have never played Contra III.
Picture of milsinanin2 achievements

0 50. milsinanin commented 6 years ago

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Picture of maaz231 achievements

0 51. maaz23 commented 1 year ago

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