Mega bass

40000 watt rms in a car...

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Picture of 13PhiL3732 achievements

+22 1. 13PhiL37 commented 8 years ago

hahaha wtf! is it legal to drive such a car? :x
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements
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-6 2. gouranga4ever commented 8 years ago

F***ing Hell!! That is epic.. There's a massive spider on my floor
Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements

+2 3. Chrisofskjern commented 8 years ago

Pump up the bass!
Picture of I-Need-Money51 achievements

+2 4. I-Need-Money commented 8 years ago

I wouldnt take a ride in that car... This could kill you :S
here s a vid of 2000 watt in your desk :D :
and thats just a twentieth of the car 8-)
Picture of gadgetfreak41 achievements

+48 5. gadgetfreak commented 8 years ago

i don't think holding her hands on her ears is enough to not get deaf... :O
Picture of armageddon36 achievements

+8 6. armageddon commented 8 years ago

how long can you drive this car before you pass out???
Picture of moon-trial21 achievements
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-6 7. moon-trial commented 8 years ago

-"Hey you, hey you
Devil's little sister
Listening to your
Twisted transistor

Hold it between your legs
Turn it up, turn it up
The wind is coming through
Can't get enough

Music do, music do
Music do, music do
Music do, music do

Because the music do
And then it's reaching
Inside you
Forever preaching

Your scream's a whisper
Hang on you
Twisted transistor

Hey you, hey you
Finally you get it
The world ain't fair
Eat you if you let it

And as your tears fall on
Your breasts, your dress
Vibrations coming through
You're in a mess"

Picture of Tidge27 achievements

+15 8. Tidge commented 8 years ago

Looks like my Mrs hair when I fart :D
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+5 9. irishgek commented 8 years ago

I used to like this kind of stuff , big systems , party's etc etc , now im 29 and my left ear is -60db starting at around 750hz , in other words I hear nothing but bass in my left ear now ....great.

Even once with such a system can create permanent damage , so always wear ear buds/protection when attempting something so stupid , fingers do not work!
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+3 10. Sizzlik (admin) commented 8 years ago

#1 #(removed comment) Those cars are made for DB Drag ..winner is the car wich is the loudest.
Picture of paolo34 achievements

+4 11. paolo commented 8 years ago

It would be great for dry hair :D 8-)
Picture of Guss44 achievements

-1 12. Guss commented 8 years ago

what is use to? ...
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

-2 13. WildMonkey commented 8 years ago

Why? And "just because" is not really an answer an adult should give.
Picture of Illuminati31 achievements

+3 14. Illuminati commented 8 years ago

She's soo happy...
Picture of Vaithan29 achievements

+18 15. Vaithan commented 8 years ago

#14 Yep, it's not just her hair that's vibrating :P
Picture of sgtstone536 achievements
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-7 16. sgtstone5 commented 8 years ago

looks photo shoped to me :|
Picture of Teqskater32 achievements

-3 17. Teqskater commented 8 years ago

pfff 40000 watt rms. I dont believe this crap videos. That's 40 KW and that's just a heck of a lot power. Im an electrician and im very skeptical bout that. I also have a real 2400 watt powerfull sound system (as a pro dj): (a review in dutch i did a while ago) and the system delivers a sound pressure from about 133 dB (SPL) and its good enough for an audience of 200-250 people. So. if this system in the video uses that power it very inefficient i think. I just think that's impossible.
Picture of loadme33 achievements

-2 18. loadme commented 8 years ago

His car is known as the "Üütcüs külüfüü hülününü" mobile. At least this is whats written on it.

Try to read that, if it shakes you like her

btw for every sound lover: if you ever stood right besides a REAL hard sound system, you could feel it right in your stomache vibrating.

i really doubt, that this is like 20 times harder, and the girl is still able to sit there.

some türkü maybe did the math wrong here.

"dude just add another zero. 40.000 looks way more awesome than 4.000!!!"
Picture of Teqskater32 achievements

-1 19. Teqskater commented 8 years ago

#18 You're right. I think its a zero to much. 4000 is possible but i still don't know if you can get that much power out of a car's system
Picture of krillemaster46 achievements

+1 20. krillemaster commented 8 years ago

The song is Bass I Love You- Basstronics
Picture of Namron724 achievements

0 21. Namron7 commented 8 years ago

Point the speakers backwards for some extra thrust >:)
Picture of got_milk30 achievements

0 22. got_milk commented 8 years ago

#9 Jea thats basicly what i hope will happen to all the douchebags in my street having such loud speakers in their cars... still i feel sorry for you now ;)
Picture of LQoQK44 achievements

0 23. LQoQK commented 8 years ago

even for a blonde this is really dumb to do
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

0 24. loadrunner commented 8 years ago

You dont have to worry about pedestrians not noticing you driving towards them when crossing the road.
Picture of LB18743 achievements

0 25. LB187 commented 8 years ago

I've been to "crank it up contests" that the judges wouldn't let anyone, including the contestant, closer than 100 ft to the competing vehicle because there was a fear that the sound pressure from some of the "pro comp" participants could stop a beating heart. I don't know that it has ever happened but all the competitors were required to use wired remote controls.
Picture of Gattaiolato32 achievements

+1 26. Gattaiolato commented 8 years ago

I can do the same, using my personal b...ass and some beans! :D
Picture of Premtm36 achievements

+1 27. Premtm commented 8 years ago

Pretty girl......I damn care 40000 watts RMS.