A Bridge Too Far

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Picture of N3R3Z49 achievements

+15 1. N3R3Z commented 13 years ago

they're so fast! :x nice work
Picture of Acquiesce36 achievements

+9 2. Acquiesce commented 13 years ago

Quite impressive :O
Picture of j000z1132 achievements

+40 3. j000z11 commented 13 years ago

I live in America and from experience, that would've taken about 2 years in here. :'(
Picture of N3R3Z49 achievements

+47 4. N3R3Z commented 13 years ago

#3 come to central and/or eastern europe... not just it would take forever to finish it but it would be done so crappy, that you wouldn't notice a difference between old and new :D :D
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+22 5. Sizzlik (admin) commented 13 years ago

Coordination at its best :)
Picture of 9grovere31 achievements

+16 6. 9grovere commented 13 years ago

quality practical joke
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+7 7. irishgek commented 13 years ago

You know what , That is the FIRST time EVER I have seen them work like this as over here they build motorways and 2 days later they block one lane off for "road works" on a Brand new road.

Or even better they close roads to cut down some tree's at 4pm right as rush hour traffic starts threw the town ....

I'd love to send this to ever council road worker and planner in Ireland to show them this is how you do it!
Picture of esona23 achievements

+12 8. esona commented 13 years ago

NA surely its gotta be fake...Everytime I see these guys there just looking down a hole smoking a fag.lol :D
Picture of LQoQK44 achievements

+6 9. LQoQK commented 13 years ago

I am sure there was a bridge here some where?

just make a U-turn dumb-ass we must have missed it
Picture of loadme33 achievements

+3 10. loadme commented 13 years ago

Look! Ants!

Quiet a lot!
Picture of Gattaiolato32 achievements

+4 11. Gattaiolato commented 13 years ago

Very nice video.
I having some problems since Snotr get HD videos. The time I need to download the video is enormous and I've started to google the title of the video to watch it elsewhere (in this case vimeo).
Am I the only who experience this problem?
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+5 12. Sizzlik (admin) commented 13 years ago

#11 Videos didnt switched to HD..just enhanced quality. Just some vids turn out in HD quality. And the download time for it didnt changed that much, since by time the enhanced quality started we also switched to new servers with more bandwith. And i can tell you that even on a crapy 2005 notebook on a 3mb copper line in a public hotspot i have no problem. (And it makes no difference if admin or not)
If this issue is reported by many users the programmers here will surely take a look to fix it. I just can assure you that even on an old pc on a crap line i dont got any issues. Maybe you got something else running in the background that uses your line.
Picture of bountyhunter5326 achievements

+6 13. bountyhunter53 commented 13 years ago

This is what we British are good at!
Picture of murdoc37 achievements

+4 14. murdoc commented 13 years ago

#3 and #4 come to India and check the shoddy work done here. You'll forget all about yourselves
Picture of leolazer38 achievements

+2 15. leolazer commented 13 years ago

Less than 24 hrs!
I love time lapse.
Btw - what is the light at 0:24 then repeating again slightly - going down in the sky from the mid of the frame?
Picture of Gattaiolato32 achievements

+4 16. Gattaiolato commented 13 years ago

#12 ok! I suppose there is a problem with my pc but... on the other site I hadn't the same problem, I don't want to complain, I'd know if it's a my or a pubblic problem.
Anyway thanks, I'll check my PC and my line
Picture of etplayer35 achievements

+4 17. etplayer commented 13 years ago

Give me a couple of bricks of C4, I could have done that much quicker and with 10x more style :D
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+1 18. Sizzlik (admin) commented 13 years ago

#16 no problem. If people got problems we are glad if anyone reports them so they can be fixed. But right now there seems to be no problem in buffering speed.
Picture of Nifen34 achievements

+3 19. Nifen commented 13 years ago

This Was NOT produced in Australia. In Australia they would spend a 2 months creating a new road for deverting traffic, then another 2 months removing the old bridge, before spending another 1 removing the temp road again. While doing the work they will destroy the road under the bridge, causing pot holes and then patching it which will cause it to be super bumpy.

Top it off, At any point of time that it started to rain, they would stop working.
If it got to hot, they would stop working and if it got to 5 PM they would go home.

Though don't forget about the smoking breaks.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 20. sux2bu commented 13 years ago

#3 You must live in an area where they use all union workers or State employees. A private contractor works as quickly as possible to get the job done,they don't milk it like union slobs.
#15 That is the moon.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+1 21. Sizzlik (admin) commented 13 years ago

#19 so what do you want to say? That its a well made fake or that its filmed somewhere else?
Picture of GJJACKSON196822 achievements

+1 22. GJJACKSON1968 commented 13 years ago

That was brilliant to watch. Reminded me of an ant colony! Thanks for posting.
Picture of peacinu34 achievements

+4 23. peacinu commented 13 years ago

#3 Then you should come in Romania. Add 5 more years to the ones of yours. Imagine that we had to make a few hundred miles of highway and it has passed over 8 years and what we made was BARELY 25 miles. Imagine that. If you ever (as if) come to this country, bring one of your monster trucks and you'll be ok. For those who disagree, well... you should get out more. It's a fact. The only almost perfect road that we have is the Transfagarasan road. Yes, it's a road.
Picture of cretia27 achievements

+1 24. cretia commented 13 years ago

if that was Australia it would have cost the rate payer 6 billion dollars for that demolition and when the new one is built they would put a toll on it regardless that we pay money in our registration for infrastructure
Picture of mduggy28 achievements

+2 25. mduggy commented 13 years ago

its definitely uk, the lorry at 1:58 is just up the road from us in spalding, lincolnshire
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

0 26. buckleg08 commented 3 years ago

many crew just standing around...:D
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

0 27. Judge-Jake commented 3 years ago

I wonder how much you would need to slow it down to watch it completed at normal speed. 8-)