Self propelled robot walks only by using its own weight

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Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

-2 1. loadrunner commented 11 years ago

Perpetuum Mobile ?
Picture of MakeTnotWar38 achievements

+29 2. MakeTnotWar commented 11 years ago

Great technology. They could develop a chair from it that makes it possible to sit on a treadmill.
Picture of Btt-X30 achievements

+2 3. Btt-X commented 11 years ago

Great technology.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+13 4. Sizzlik (admin) commented 11 years ago

#1 be one it needs to start walking without the energy of gravity and its own weight (and work forever plus do a work or produce useable energy without getting energy from external source) if i remember correct. But its somewhat close to one..there are many constuctions that (once given a push) claim to run forever.
Picture of lerpo30 achievements

+8 5. lerpo commented 11 years ago

a wheel is much more efficient
Picture of Gorf35 achievements

+7 6. Gorf commented 11 years ago

"Its only source of power is potential energy"
"we think it's very environmentally friendly"

Just like a range rover, if you let it roll downhill in neutral.
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

-1 7. nomaddaf commented 11 years ago

Simpler is better. Slinky's have been doing this for years.
Picture of mmmendal46 achievements

+4 8. mmmendal commented 11 years ago

walking golf drives
Picture of Thanny37 achievements

+2 9. Thanny commented 11 years ago

Hope where you want to go is downhill. Always. Otherwise, this thing is entirely useless. Scratch that. It's useless, period, since you can roll downhill in your choice of wheeled vehicle.

I really don't get it.
Picture of master_shake36 achievements

+2 10. master_shake commented 11 years ago

Would probably be better than a "walker" older people currently use, and far more range of motion=control
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

+3 11. silly_sy commented 11 years ago

not really a robot now is it
Picture of Siruss21 achievements

+2 12. Siruss commented 11 years ago

#9 I don't either get it. It is walking downhill which means it is not accomplishing anything of value.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+4 13. Sizzlik (admin) commented 11 years ago

#9 #12 Its not walking uses its own weight and gravity to walk on a flat surface forward. 1 degree upwards and it stops, 1 degree down and it runs faster, 0 degree it might run forever. Why you guys always say its "useless" ? Its science..its testing. Why do you think you can use a computer right now? Someone made a switch that can turn on and you got pc's. Was that useless?
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+5 14. sux2bu commented 11 years ago

#13 You need to watch and read again. They clearly say @ 0:24 it is walking down a slope and to my way of thinking the treadmill moving under it is actually giving it the power to keep going. The technology is cool but I do not see it as any new advance in self-sustaining motion.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+2 15. Sizzlik (admin) commented 11 years ago

#14 Ok..true..missed that point. But that would be fixed with a little more weight on its front and it would run a flat surface on its own. Of course that is nothing super new, but still reasonable to keep on reseaching in future. Maybe it becomes like a segway for old people...lean forward and you walk =) Who knows what time brings.
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

+4 16. nomaddaf commented 11 years ago

WOW most of you have less than no understanding of physics!This this is about as revolutionary as a ball rolling down a hill. And it was done in the 1800's.They might as well have made a pin wheel and said one day these will cool our homes under their own power!
Picture of huldu34 achievements

0 17. huldu commented 11 years ago

Doubt we'll see anything worthwhile during our lifetime anyway.
Picture of plurft46 achievements

+4 18. plurft commented 11 years ago

#15 Of course it won't even run on a flat surface. Where would the energy come from?
Picture of Gorf35 achievements

+1 19. Gorf commented 11 years ago

If you listen to it without reading the subtitles, it sounds like he's talking about Godzilla
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 20. sux2bu commented 11 years ago

#15 You are talking about perpetual motion which cannot happen where there is friction involved,like at every hinge on that contraption. This is just a treadmill powered toy that needs a slope to function. It will need some kind of imput of power to keep going.
Picture of Sebastien45 achievements

+1 21. Sebastien commented 11 years ago

It does look at first like one of those phony perpetual motion devices with a very ovious trick in this case: the slope/treadmill. But it doesn't actually claim that, it's just a clever way of having a "robot" move its own weight (and more) with apparently very little energy and no electronics at all.
I'm not saying it's revolutionary but neither are they BTW.
Picture of Siruss21 achievements

-2 22. Siruss commented 11 years ago

Perpetual motion does exist, it exists in space. So it is possible to create machines that once set in motion will theoretically run forever, but not on planet Earth. :)
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

+2 23. nomaddaf commented 11 years ago

#22 that is completely false and no physicist living or dead would back you up on that.