Changing Education Paradigms

A video by RSA Animate.

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Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+13 1. Geekster (admin) commented 10 years ago

Despite the fact that it's a long video, sure was worth to watch ! :) I believe that in most countries, the government should invest much more in education. A lot of children are no longer interested in studying, like for example, in America, there are a lot of fat kids full of Mc'Donalds crap playing with Pokemans and stuff ... and poor kids in India who are pretty inteligent, but have no conditions to study because of the poverty... :)
Picture of Cloe41 achievements

0 2. Cloe commented 10 years ago

so true .i wish that all school systems to be inspired by this video... agree with #1 on poor kids are have in general better gredes because they don't lose time with internet and tv.(from first class to my 8th grade i was one of thouse children ..then my dad got a better job and we buyed ouer first computer ..and now i don't get strait 10's.)
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+2 3. loadrunner commented 10 years ago

Yes, but it does not guarantee that a educated person straight from school does the work better then someone who left school early, and learned everything on the job. A bit dishonest. but I better hire someone who has worked 7 years, then someone who knows better and has no working experience at all
Picture of Oxydous38 achievements

+3 4. Oxydous commented 10 years ago

Point of the video is... Education has taken the wrong course.. It's no longer ''in search of intellectuality'' rather a ''search for employment'' orientated. If we don't change the course its taking we will have highly trained but narrow minded schmucks who only know their private agendas. Zero culture, zero collective thinking.. zero progress cause that type of person doesn't like to share so much as to promote his own work as the finest.
Picture of rootkit32 achievements

+3 5. rootkit commented 10 years ago

These divergent tests are quite amazing. During my academic studies I was lucky that I could attend a seminar with social skills background. The lector too did some of these tests with us.
E.g.: "How can you measure the height of any given tower or building with a barometer?"
The first few answers were quite technical, but if you get to the point where you start thinking out-of-box and in a more divergent/creative way, the answers just wouldn't stop. It is also notable that we were given the opportunity to "solve" those assignments in groups. So we pushed each other more and more.

Just an amazing experience. As of today I still think back to that seminar if I have to solve heavy obstacles.
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+6 6. dushan commented 10 years ago

that guy from washington ( 3:29 ) looks soooo familiar :D
Picture of GJJACKSON196822 achievements

+6 7. GJJACKSON1968 commented 10 years ago

My goodness that artist can draw quickly can't he? lol.
Picture of huldu34 achievements

-1 8. huldu commented 10 years ago

Even if everyone was "educated" there would not be "jobs" for them all. Our world doesn't work in a "group" way it's always about the individual who made it. Nobody cares about the children who failed at school, they are forgotten. We're always talking about right now and we just ignore the ones who fell through the net. What kind of example are we setting for our children by doing this?

School for me(back in the late 80s to late 90s) was terrible. I liked school for the social aspect but the learning methods were ancient. I got bored very often, i didn't do any homework and i was an average student. Very few teachers actually got to me, but those that did gave me top grades. They actually got me interested in what i were doing. I grew up when computers started getting used, we got internet and all those modern things.

I don't regret a moment of what i did in school because i am a person that live in the moment. I am only worried because i know how society looks on people that "failed" school. They don't even exist according to them. How can you teach the children of tomorrow when you ignored their parents?
Picture of Thanos34 achievements

+3 9. Thanos commented 10 years ago

Great animation as always, RSA Animate did previously very good animations (my recommendations) like The Secret Powers of Time, Drive, and many more which are worth watching. =)

Concerning this animation in particular, I'd like to point out that there is (and has been for a long time) an opinion, that US education system is very bad, with some exceptions in form of universities which are one of the best in the world {MIT, Harvard, Stanford, CalTech, Berkeley, etc} - we probably all know this one... but the thing is, by mixture of culture and education, children who are failing due to the system are diagnosed some peculiar disorders so that school can say "we are not a bad school, we just have many 'special' kids". Scary thought, right?

Notice that in europe, when there is a kid who is falling behind, he is not sedated, but: In good schools - he gets some extra attention to help him understand the matter and then, more often than not, succeeds (other stuff - if he does not succeed - is the same as in a bad school). In bad schools - he is left to repeat a year or is recommended to some easier school (or school focused on something he is good at), where he has better chances at succeeding. And when a kid in fact is diagnosed to have some disorder such as ADHD or something similar... doping him with medicaments is the last option parants or school consider.

NOTE: I knew one mother who didn't consider other solutions... the notable part is that few months later, she herself was diagnosed as a mentally unstable and had to be medicated, whereas her son is battling his disorders by running for a local track team...

Once again, I got carried away and wrote and wrote and wrote... Hope nobody minds. ^^
Picture of binksy17 achievements

+2 10. binksy commented 10 years ago

This is an amazing presentation and should really be shown to people who could change the way the education process occurs.
I agree copmletley with everything that he said, I learn much better in a group debate with freedom etc. Instead of the read this book, this is right/wrong etc.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

0 11. snotraddict commented 10 years ago

Root problem is two fold, government run and unions. The system (as least the US system) is designed by adults for adults. The children are just pawns and a ways to the means of lifelong employment for the adults until retirement. There are some great and good teachers, but the system overall is not customer (ie the children) focused. People have a tendency to demand more when they pay for things directly.
Picture of jaaaan14 achievements

+1 13. jaaaan commented 10 years ago

nice idea.. but the system does not want common people to be educated in any way - old one or new one. the system wants easy to control slaves who do not count properly, do not think for themselves - just go to work, watch tv, play games, read about celebs.. - anaesthetized sheep.
Picture of pennyblack1 achievements

0 14. pennyblack commented 3 years ago

It's very good that teachers become more advanced and believe that developing is good and modern technologies can't damage the educational process. When i was studying in college i had some teachers who thinked like that. And it was very difficult to persuade them that there are a lot of new methods to learn their subjects. I had to use to do my papers and homework because i had no wish to do it myself.
Picture of nikki071 achievements

0 15. nikki07 commented 3 years ago

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Picture of singaporeassignm1 achievements

0 16. singaporeassignm commented 3 years ago

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Picture of thutrangctp3 achievements

0 17. thutrangctp commented 2 years ago

I took the time to read and think about what you came up with. It seems really necessary for me. And now I'm playing happy wheels, a physics-based obstacle course.
Picture of KatrineShher2 achievements

0 18. KatrineShher commented 230 days ago

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