Kenya & Somalia: Why do we have to wait for a crisis?

By Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

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Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+1 1. ringmaster commented 13 years ago

Because the authorities are narrow minded. Please, educate! Teach them how to fish, not only catch the fish for them...
Picture of badasspuppy23 achievements

+7 2. badasspuppy commented 13 years ago

The poor help these people get is proof of the world governments' hypocrisy. If they had oil, the UN would be all over the place.
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+27 3. imagic commented 13 years ago

#2 the US.. not the UN would be all over them......
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+7 4. banzemanga commented 13 years ago

#1 That is half correct. It is true that by sending them food the problem won't be solved. But the real cause is not that they won't go out in search of food but that the environment they live in doesn't have food. The solution they really need is a way to solve the droughts that are going on the terrains.
Picture of ilysian21 achievements

+6 5. ilysian commented 13 years ago

Live simple so others may simply!
Picture of chronic39 achievements

+13 6. chronic commented 13 years ago

#1 Fishing off the coast of Somalia is extremely dangerous because of the amount of toxic and radioactive waste that's been dumped there. Corrupt officials are being paid by companies, from as little as $8 per tonne, to allow this practice.

Here's where the pirates come in. Some of these pirates have been trying to discourage other ships from overfishing and dumping waste in the area. I say some because the rest are there only to profit from the MASSIVE ransom that's being paid for these ships. What the news doesn't tell you is what they were doing there in the first place.

There are sooooooo many problems afflicting the Horn of Africa but i believe that if you solve the problem at the very TOP, the government VS the rebels, that the rest can be solved much more efficiently and quickly.
Picture of JesperA8624 achievements

+10 7. JesperA86 commented 13 years ago

Send all the food you will, send all your money you got, the problem will not be solved, it´s their own fault that they are in this mess, especially Somalia, yeah i know that i sound like a motherfucking asshole right now but seriously, do you guys wanna solve the problem or not?

Also, the reason none is saying what i am about to say is like 80% the "anti racists" groups that is driven by a PC agendas fault, the world cant save the Somalia if the one that is trying to solve the problem get called "racist inhumane bastards" all the time by people that doesnt grip the scale of the problem, and oh, its not about racism, its about being synical, so here we go:

They have limited resources, they have limited food supply, they have limited water, so what is the sollution? Stop getting so much kids, seriously, its not inhumane or anything, actually it is the other way around, the most humane thing they could do is to stop getting so much kid, i get mad everytime FN or Red Cross have a billboard saying "XXX cant feed her 6 kids, please donate to our good cause", yeah sorry but guess what? If you live in a country with limited resources you CANT get 6 kids, if the Somalia goverment hade said 15-20 years ago that "hey, we must have a law saying you cant get more than 1-2 kids per family", they wouldnt be in this big of a mess today.........

It worked in Kina, so god damn i hate those antiracist groups calling everyone a racist when they are just synical and NOT even talking about racial stuff, EVERYTHING ISNT RACIST, GET are just fueling the problem with your hatred towards people trying to help.......
Picture of GJJACKSON196822 achievements

0 8. GJJACKSON1968 commented 13 years ago

....because Kenyans and Somalians have no oil to sell to the west.
Picture of mike_nazz30 achievements

+4 9. mike_nazz commented 13 years ago

well said #7. that's a good idea.
Picture of badasspuppy23 achievements

+4 10. badasspuppy commented 13 years ago

#7 - People f**k, period. If you'd have the level of education, family planning and contraceptives Somalis have, which is none, you'd do it too and you'd have 6 kids too. Their world is completely different from yours and you can't blame them for having kids in the only world they know.

Go into remote parts of the U.S. and you see women churning out one baby after another, inbreeding and all sorts of weird s**t. Look at poor areas in the the U.K. and you find the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe. I could go on and on.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 11. sux2bu commented 13 years ago

#3 Screw you. What did all those boxes of food say on them? USA , not the friggin Nederlands. No one is pumping oil in Kenya or Somalia that I know of; and if they were the Chinese or Brits would be fighting for the oil rights,just like in Iraq and Libya.
Picture of fixento232 achievements

+2 12. fixento2 commented 13 years ago

Their government is corrupt that begs for world assistance of which damn little reaches the people in the most need. The people need the agricultural tools to adapt to the drought and food assistance until they can recover but their political, economic and social conditions will never let that happen. I'm all for feeding the population but under controlled distribution. The sad reality is that the children will never reach their potential under the present political and economic climate and this country is not immune to that problem.
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+2 13. huldu commented 13 years ago

One problem that arise in the distance is... *if* you feed such a large population they will most likely survive. That is true. However what happens when they the children grow up and have 5-10+ children of their own? You aren't really solving anything. You are only delaying the inevitable.

Unless they can take care of themselves you're not helping them at all. You're just making it worse. They need to put down a strict rule, 1-2 children at most. No more. It's for their own good. Overpopulated bad areas doesn't help. I am sure most of them know how to fish already but it's not like they live next to an ocean in most cases. The earth is very hard to manage, living in the desert... what did you expect? The land is not meant to support such a huge amount of animals/humans etc.

You think it's all about giving food and money. Why does that help exactly? It doesn't. You're back at square one in a generation, and you've probably made it worse due to there being even more people that time around. Another problem in many of these countries is the government itself. You give them money, they take it to raise their armies.

They live in another time than we do. We were the same hundreds of years ago. War, rebels, diseases, famine... you name it they got it.

Overpopulation, that needs to be solved or there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Period.
Picture of metataggers41 achievements

+3 14. metataggers commented 13 years ago

Wow. Great, passionate, smart dialog. Thanks everyone.
Picture of K1R21 achievements

+2 15. K1R commented 13 years ago

Just strongly agree with #7. Giving food and receiving more children to fed in a few years?
Saving their life just because you feel pity for them is not the right choice! At least in a land than cannot support such a huge population of humans who are not willing even to prepare their food! Have you ever thought what can we 7 billion people do to earth? and why these population is centered in poor countries?
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

+3 16. Burimi commented 13 years ago

#15 what to do? to let them die? to let the children die? Helping them wont cause you damage or poverty. Where is humanity?
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+4 17. loadrunner commented 13 years ago

It is bad, that i'm not that rich to go there and realy help.
If I send in a dollar 0.98 of that dollar disappears into the "company". and only 10 grains of rice get to one kid overthere.
Picture of cretia27 achievements

+2 18. cretia commented 13 years ago

too right #17 a very small percentage of donations actually reach people in need .The sad thing is some say our population is going to be double in 30 years we currently have 7 billion people can you imagine another 7 billion ?
Thats two of everything to la city new york Mexico cities ect ect ect and much less resources twice as much pollution ...
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

+1 19. silly_sy commented 13 years ago

i agree with #7 i also think the population of the whole world is rising to fast and we all will end up in a mess. nature is will find some way to slow us humans down.
Picture of rubi46 achievements

+5 20. rubi commented 13 years ago

Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

0 21. Natan_el_Tigre commented 13 years ago

Every month or so this topic resurfaces on here. So again, there's nothing wrong with showing empathy. And Médecins Sans Frontières' purpose is no doubt more worthy than others (#20, ha-ha!), but always remember the root problem:

The "natural" solution:

"Mother Nature's" solution:

And the reason why this problem persists:

"If it's true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?" Believers in the supernatural and the ignorant aside, each of us is response-able for the answer.
Picture of RandurSource56 achievements

+6 22. RandurSource commented 13 years ago

I always wonder where those children keep coming from... people keep making 'love' no matter the circumstances.

Give them free condoms
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+1 23. ringmaster commented 13 years ago

#4, #6, you are correct. The moment after the video I signed up at and I strongly encourage you to do the same. I only talked about the fish because it's the most common story about self sustain. Don't take that too literally please.
Picture of cretia27 achievements

+1 24. cretia commented 13 years ago

educate them