Organic Food Myths

Don't be fooled by bad sience and marketing retoric.

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Picture of MajorIdea45 achievements

-1 1. MajorIdea commented 11 years ago

yeayeayea... but do you have to move your head so much?
Picture of krillemaster46 achievements

+34 2. krillemaster commented 11 years ago

this clip was sponsored by? :P
Picture of SheikhDjibouti10 achievements

+22 3. SheikhDjibouti commented 11 years ago

Somewhat biased presentation ...

- Pesticides bio-accumulate in the body and can cause cancer, infertility, etc.

- We don't know the long term effects of genetically-modified foods

- Tinkering with genetics and chemicals is refered to as "modern" and "innovative," organic is "old-fashioned"

He has a point in saying watch out for overpriced food, but there is something to be said for eating healthy, knowing where your food comes from and how it's grown.
Picture of johannsommer29 achievements

0 4. johannsommer commented 11 years ago

impressing "facts" - or are they more opinions?
Or is it even more marketing from conventional producers?
I didn't hear real facts in this little show, but some unlined statements.

A little side note showed the difference between bio and not bio in Germany.
A report about food scandals told, that the food departments are not allowed to make the huge number of hygienic infringements public. But it was reported, that bio-food was completely excluded from those disgusting infringements.
If you have a bio-scandal, you get in few cases conventional food instead.
If you have a conventional food-scandal, you get food, you don't want to imagine, what is in it.

Who knows how often an conventional apple is poisoned before it gets to the market and what else is use in conventional food production, knows also, that the state, there wouldn't be a difference between bio and conventional food, is a pure lie.
Picture of spynode40 achievements

0 5. spynode commented 11 years ago

Well really organic or non-organic is not that big of an issue. What is pretty dangerous in my opinion is genetically modified crops or GMO crops. GMO scientists do pretty morbid things to make plants resistant to various hazards to help improve crops. For example they inject viruses in plants to modify their DNA. Viruses RNA is then forever in the plant. Also they grow tumors in plants and do other "weird science" stuff which is pretty scary. We as consumers won't know the risks connected to these kind of practices for years. People might be getting all kind of cancers and auto immune diseases from GMO food already. Nobody really knows. So my advice to all of you - try to stay away from GMO food as far as you can.
Picture of dushan56 achievements

-1 6. dushan commented 11 years ago

you can't tell the difference between organic and conventional? yeah right, only if you don't have sense of taste and smell, because that's how i know, organic = rich taste and aroma, conventional, in most cases you can't tell the difference between "conventional" grown vegetables and print paper taste
not to mention impact on your health :|
Picture of hafa33 achievements

+6 7. hafa commented 11 years ago

but I prefer to eat organic chickens, porks and beefs

modern foods are grown, not raised thats why there is a need for Organic
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

0 8. banzemanga commented 11 years ago

Well, it is quite a dilemma.

The two main concerns of plantation are Fertilizers and Pests:

-The soil will loose nutrients the more plantation is done onto it; which is also referred as over-plantation in underdeveloped countries that do not know how to fertilize the soil. Since ancient times, fertilizers have been used to re-supply the soil with nutrients. A very good example is how farmers used collected human feces for plantation.

-And then there are the insects and other crop pests which eat away a great deal of the plantation. Sometimes, pests that invade food are not detected until the food is brought onto the table. And there are even some pests leave residues that are bad for health.

This is where pesticides come into place. Chemical engineers try to make pesticides that are made into the fertilizers or sprayed on top of the plants to conserve the food supply by killing pests. Although it may seem good at first (because it also kill pests that may leave bad residues); chemicals that are strong enough to kill pests, we don't know what it might do to the human body. It could be that the amount is completely unnoticeable to us by eating a few inorganic foods but we can't tell what will happen if we continuously eat them in our life-time.
Picture of dopsy35 achievements

+15 9. dopsy commented 11 years ago

I used to live in Romania, and there food (organic) has taste, noone from the hish developed countries is able to get in contact with real organic food. but if you go in romania, or any other country and you buy from the countryside vegetables, eggs, meat you'll see the difference. the most expensive shop in luxembourg don't have the tomatos with taste even close to the 0.03 eur/kg tomatos in romania. that's a FACT mr organic myth.
Picture of Sebastien45 achievements

+4 10. Sebastien commented 11 years ago

#2 The website is called "inFact with Brian Dunning"
It is viewer supported.
Picture of Havix25 achievements

0 11. Havix commented 11 years ago

You need to also know that if is says it was free range chicken or what ever. It is still fead all kinds of good things. It just means that it can walk around and that dose not mean outside buy any means.
Picture of prekazi36 achievements

+2 12. prekazi commented 11 years ago

World's most expensive tea to be made from panda excrement

Chinese biologist An Yashi intends to establish the production of the new kind of tea, made on the base of panda excrement. The scientist plans to sell his product at $36,000 per pound.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+8 13. irishgek commented 11 years ago

Eco terrorist #1 "Save the planet feed the hungry"

Eco Terrorist #2 "But dont mess with food and make it bigger and better its not natural"
Picture of AntiAnti26 achievements

+1 14. AntiAnti commented 11 years ago

Well i really think that the only way u can get organic food is by making it by ur selft.... any1 can put a label on any food that says "ORGANIC" and just for that single word u will pay like $3 more.
Picture of blackd37 achievements

0 15. blackd commented 11 years ago

I don't know about yours organic vegetables but here there is a big difference in taste between organic and non organic when the particular vegetable is out of season and no difference at all when the vegetable is in season.
Picture of utalok30 achievements

-1 16. utalok commented 11 years ago

i loved when he told people cant make difference in taste of organic and non-organic food. Try put some lead or arsenic into your meal. I bet you wont feel the difference in taste but those are not so healthy ingridients.
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

-3 17. gouranga4ever commented 11 years ago

#12 Well said, I love you.
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

-3 18. WildMonkey commented 11 years ago

Here's a fact. Without modern agricultural techniques there would be over a Billion more people starving. Fact 2: Idiots don't care as long as it says "organic" on their label. Who's the real monster?
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

+2 19. Natan_el_Tigre commented 11 years ago

Well played, Monsanto, well played. At least Trader Joe's got some free advertising, yay!
Picture of spynode40 achievements

-1 20. spynode commented 11 years ago

Looks like Food Inc shills are having quite a field day rating down the comments on this video.
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

-2 21. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 11 years ago

the background music calms me down & the way he wears that dress shirt with no tie reassures me that he is hip and with it! :x
Picture of cosminb37 achievements

-1 22. cosminb commented 11 years ago

#8 so true... I still live in Romania, but it is getting harder and harder to find organic food. There is a big difference in taste between the two, I'm not sure what this guy has been drinking...
Picture of medicino30 achievements

+1 23. medicino commented 11 years ago

Most likely organic food does not have more nutrients, does not taste better and it requires more land, which comes out of scientific studies that failed to find and statistic difference, just like vitamin supplements and antioxidants, the only difference is in your mind and in your pocket...they wanna pay more for an apple, fine by me...but how I wish they'd keep all that BS to themselves.
Picture of smodd23 achievements

-2 24. smodd commented 11 years ago

Monsanto ruin many lives when they choose their crops over natural grow ...

Even they sue you bacause the seeds that belong a farmer miles away from you and paid for their seeds travels to your land and naturally grows in your soil, not matter if your inncocent they take it like you steal their seeds and charge you for that...

Organic food is expensive but its safer, i have tasted real food directly from the farm and its beyond any taste you can get from any supermaket is like 3 times better at least but you need to clean the food, when an enterprise cleans the food from bacterias they also take all the flavor at the same time, they need a better way take away micro-organisms without taking the flavor apart...

Pesticides gives cancer , hell even some supermarkets i know put the meat with some radioactive products in order the meat last longer... which for me is unthinkable but they dont give a shit they care about profits nothing else...we will have to go backwards in order to survive the future ...
Picture of tinynet30 achievements

+2 25. tinynet commented 11 years ago

Two times a month I order a box of organic vegs and fruits.
They taste REALLY different, they ARE better.
My taste is a fact for me and feeling after eating something good.

Broccolli has it's own taste even without spices.
Same as potatoes and eggs.

I know where this food is from, who is taking care of it.
I'd rather eat less but better, than more but worse.

Picture of ComentAtor48 achievements

-1 26. ComentAtor commented 11 years ago

Picture of johannsommer29 achievements

+1 27. johannsommer commented 11 years ago

#5, #6, #16, #20:
Who rates those comments down?
normal or payd snotr-users? (same question as #20)
Picture of michaelbelt3 achievements

0 28. michaelbelt commented 11 years ago

No thanks, I'll keep eating my non-frankenfood.