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OK, this "DogMen" dude performs probably the most pathetic dating request ever seen :'( Spotted at DoD.

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Picture of darrylg13 achievements

+9 1. darrylg commented 13 years ago

Shame on you for posting this video! This guy looks to be sincere in his video. Just because you have problems finding a date, doesnt mean you must bash the videos that you find on that site.
Picture of Daybreak9 achievements

+8 2. Daybreak commented 13 years ago

It's is a really sad video and I think very unnecessary. I feel for the guy. You can tell he's an emotional wreck and just needs some love.

Who hasn't had trouble finding a good person to spend their life with? It's a pathetic world, people finding joy in others sadness...
Picture of DressU4Less1 achievements

+2 3. DressU4Less commented 13 years ago

He wants a women who is VERY ATTRACTIVE then says he wants someone who wants "Me who I am For". This is my main problem with these kinds of guys. They want VERY ATTRACTIVE or they'll be about 50 years old who post looking for a women 18-25. Just not realistic. They understand (sometimes) their own short comings or faults yet (Like this guy) He wants VERY ATTRACTIVE, Dresses well. nice body, nice hair, nice smile. Don't they get it, Their dream women is a Barbie Doll who wants them for who they are'. Unrealistic and immature
On a TV show I heard this the other night, "Want to get hurt less,
Lower your expectations of others, while you raise them in yourself"
Picture of NMY20 achievements

+3 4. NMY commented 13 years ago

It's not pathetic it's reality.
Picture of Tackleberry6 achievements

-1 5. Tackleberry commented 13 years ago

this guy needs to wipe the happiness off his face.
Picture of Pathos3115 achievements

0 6. Pathos311 commented 13 years ago

I belive he is reatared. Lot of slower people do mow lawns. That beaing said you go boi get you some.
Picture of yourmum35 achievements

+5 7. yourmum commented 13 years ago

What's so wrong with your life that you need to make fun of this guy?
Picture of Moron_Detector4 achievements

+4 8. Moron_Detector commented 13 years ago

Im with everyone else. Dont find this funny at all. Its just some bloke doing the best he can. Shame on you SNOTR
Picture of foobar661 achievements

+4 9. foobar66 commented 13 years ago

One more. This is not funny. The guy is cutting grass for a living and you expect him to be what exactly? Phd smart? to look like a procter&gamble advertisement actor? It's just a guy who probably doesn't have a very easy life (how much can you earn mowing lawn exactly??) who wants a girlfriend.

For the little I've heard, he talked of dinner and flower, it was kinda naive and cute. Sure he wants a pretty one, who doesn't. If I had to go ask for it on the web I would ask for melrose bickerstaff, it always better to ask for the top at first, then you negotiate.. :)

snotr editorial team: You suck on that one, remove it! :|
Picture of lexa197912 achievements

+2 10. lexa1979 commented 13 years ago

guys... Someday, watch a movie called "Being John Malkovich", with... John Malkovich...

just a hint...
Picture of coldboy26 achievements

+2 11. coldboy commented 13 years ago

Is this for real?
Picture of mulberryinfinity4 achievements

+4 12. mulberryinfinity commented 13 years ago

reality is pathetic, what you talking about?
Picture of savagebeef2 achievements

+4 13. savagebeef commented 13 years ago

I literally just registered with this site so I could say how horrible I think this video is. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, there's no reason people should find this funny.
Picture of maven1016 achievements

+4 14. maven101 commented 13 years ago

I hope he finds someone...they say there is someone for everyone...we all want to share our lives with someone that loves and respects us...very heart-felt and honest video.
Picture of kyanox2 achievements

+1 15. kyanox commented 13 years ago


Still you gotta wonder, theres a reason someone is using a dating service and not married.

GET OUT, get up, get off the computer, go to the grocery store and pick up a chic.
Picture of Ambrosius2 achievements

+4 16. Ambrosius commented 13 years ago

ok the guy is a bit slow.

still, he seems sincere.

there is no need to make fun of people like this.

i feel this video should not be here.
Picture of kaje232 achievements

+4 17. kaje23 commented 13 years ago

I registered on this site just to say how awesome people are on here for not flaming this vid. Great to see compassionate, understanding, accepting people on here making comments. I have a feeling if this vid is on youtube, there've probably been some mean things said about this guy. Kudos to everyone who've commented that this guy is sincere and not someone to laugh at. To those that think this guy is pathetic, please examine yourself to see why you may receive some sort of joy demeaning this person. I must admit that as I was watching the vid I was expecting something a bit more outrageous and kind of looking forward to lauging at some total kook. He isn't, but reading the positive comments forced me to check myself and realize I have some growing to do. Once again thanks to all you nice folks out there!! :)
Picture of theKonstapeln5 achievements

+3 18. theKonstapeln commented 13 years ago

maybe a little shy, but its nothing i laugh to. Dating films are similiar to this so, whats wrong?
Picture of Mom1 achievements

+3 19. Mom commented 13 years ago

Shame on SNOTR for leaving this video on here. It is crude, insensitive and in extremely poor taste on your part.
Picture of Alien1 achievements

+3 20. Alien commented 12 years ago

Cheers people! Nice to see that there really are some sensible people still living in this world, God bless you and Danny for being real, wish you luck mate! ;)

Go Humanity Go!
Picture of orionslion9 achievements

+1 21. orionslion commented 11 years ago

ahahahaha i don't care what you people think. he may be a nice guy but this video is pathetic and so is reality. nothing is sacred and you might as well laugh while you still can. besides would any of you ladies volunteer and few weeks for trying to date this poor schmuck. i thought not.
Picture of jillzzy1 achievements

-2 22. jillzzy commented 11 years ago

jesus christ, who let dahmer out of prison?!
Picture of Hellion198238 achievements

+2 23. Hellion1982 commented 10 years ago

Making fun of a guy for wanting something badly in life is not just cruel, it's singularly despicable. I'm marking this video down & also asking Snotr's Editorial team to delete this video. Give this guy some dignity people, we've trampled on it long enough.