AA-12: world's deadliest shotgun

Check out this item from Discovery, showing the AA-12 automatic shotgun. More videos here.

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Picture of bamibal3 achievements

+6 1. bamibal commented 16 years ago

Oh Cool.

It's so great to kill people!!!
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+2 2. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago

Audio a little bit out of sync?
But still.. Post more of these video clips.. :)
Picture of dave919145 achievements

+4 3. dave9191 commented 16 years ago

damn, thats one gun i don't want to be on the wrong side of.
Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements

+4 4. AL7AIR commented 16 years ago

Oookay ... the automatic 20 or 32 round drum was scary enough, but when they added the three mini warheads to the mix you'd better be on the side using the AA-12 :O
Picture of Atkinc08819 achievements

+2 5. Atkinc088 commented 16 years ago

I'll take two! >:)
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

-1 6. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

Uh, I actually feel bad for those terrorist. :D
Picture of Jos34 achievements

+3 7. Jos (admin) commented 16 years ago

@Aliquantulus: Audio was indeed 0.5 second out of sync. Fixed now.
Picture of Napper32 achievements

0 8. Napper commented 16 years ago

:f omg. Now I jsut hope I'll see those weapons from a 500 meter away, so I can shoot them with sniper rifle :I
Picture of Master_kush1 achievements

+2 9. Master_kush commented 16 years ago

Battlefield3unlockmaybe?:D &Iunderbed >:)
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

0 10. Noobeater commented 16 years ago

Wow! I am so happy that these are in the hands of the triggerhappy paid murderers at Blackwater.
Picture of Jett1 achievements

-1 11. Jett commented 16 years ago

Noobeater,good one ;) But still ,id love to have one just to shoot around and destroy things.
Picture of Mithros4 achievements

0 12. Mithros commented 16 years ago

When and where can I get one? I bet they are a bit pricey!
Picture of noizeuk1 achievements

+2 13. noizeuk commented 16 years ago

umm, this just means more soldiers will be killed at one time through blue on blue attacks lol.
Picture of amnydhrreew2 achievements

+4 14. amnydhrreew commented 16 years ago

Okay, the only person in that video who wasn't COMPLETELY F$CKING SCARY was the inventory of the gun. He seemed to sort of understand what he'd invented.
Picture of amnydhrreew2 achievements

+2 15. amnydhrreew commented 16 years ago

what is the tv show, anyway?
Picture of Saberhagen657 achievements

0 16. Saberhagen65 commented 16 years ago

Picture of Cerulean1 achievements

+2 17. Cerulean commented 16 years ago

To #15

The show is Future Weapons... Discovery channel FTW
Picture of Happyfish992 achievements

+3 18. Happyfish99 commented 16 years ago

ROFL, im surprised they let them in an assasin company. One owned by Dick Cheney none the less.
Picture of jerbs231 achievements

+1 19. jerbs23 commented 16 years ago

>:) great for private persons
Picture of Borateen2 achievements

-1 20. Borateen commented 16 years ago

Well put Noobeater. What do you expect when you give tools like these to a private security company, and then put them in a warzone? They're going to kill, murder, and maim all kinds of people, innocent or not.
Picture of DeadMix2 achievements

+3 21. DeadMix commented 16 years ago

This gun scares me, I'm not gonna lie. At first I was like...cool! But then I got to thinking...automatic...grenade launcher? Brrr!

And the bald guy will haunt my dreams forever. He enjoys describing the destruction capable of this gun with WAY too much pleasure.
Picture of bangman1 achievements

-2 22. bangman commented 16 years ago

I will place money that all of these extremely wise and profound comments are from a regrettably all too familiar breed of armchair experts who have never worn a military uniform and never will wear one. Their unmistakable understanding of firearms technology and need to provide our own troops with the very best possible tactical advantage clearly shows through with such mature views and comments.

If it was up to these f***kwits our troops would still be armed with bows and arrows (blunt of course). I'd like to see just one of them experience a contact in Iraq/Afghanistan and then say we don't need to look at anything, including auto shotguns, that will give our troops any edge they can get.

The term 'REMF pussies' springs to mind, but I guess 'civilian gobshite' may be nearer the mark. Must be hell in those armchairs.....
Picture of happyjackslade3 achievements

-1 23. happyjackslade commented 16 years ago

I want 6 :)
Picture of Hdizzinyawg4 achievements

0 24. Hdizzinyawg commented 16 years ago

Shut the fuck up bamibal. Pussy
Picture of jkf3981 achievements

+1 25. jkf398 commented 16 years ago

That ought to knock a few rags off a few heads!
Picture of phantom111 achievements

-1 26. phantom1 commented 16 years ago

I wants it!!! :D
Picture of Nutsicle3 achievements

+3 27. Nutsicle commented 16 years ago

imagine 4 team members hitting a house w/these. slugs, shredders, and the grenade round! this is ridiculous... :| shake your head and wonder if humanity will make it.
Picture of dawgdoc11 achievements

-2 28. dawgdoc1 commented 16 years ago

For all of you who have not been to Iraq yet,
Let me say that I wish that I had this weapon while I was there. I F----ng guarantee that I would have introduced those Towel Headed Donkey Lovers to their virgins much easier than I did with my M-4. I don't mind helping those who want to be helped, but I really take it personally when I get shot. This weapon would have made it a sure thing to help the insurgents to meet their promised after life. If I had the grenade round, I expect that my confirmed kills would have been greater than 173.
US Army Soldier
Picture of astro662 achievements

+2 29. astro66 commented 16 years ago

Great, more ways to kill each other. But impressive weapon.
Picture of goingdigital4you13 achievements

-2 30. goingdigital4you commented 16 years ago

I wish we never had the freedom to bare arms...I swear, were out to destroy ourselves?? So sad! :(
Picture of sselfless13 achievements

-1 31. sselfless commented 16 years ago

Frightening, I can't wait for this thing to be aimed at myself and/or my loved ones.
Picture of cdall19772 achievements

+1 32. cdall1977 commented 15 years ago

would clear a path.... very nice.
Picture of Cvejic44 achievements

-1 33. Cvejic commented 15 years ago

Yeah, yeah, they're made to fight terrorists but every now and then few of those end up in some high school.
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+1 34. imagic commented 14 years ago

he made 200 changes to make it the most powerfull gun in the world,
please put it in your mouth and show that your changes did the job
Picture of Hellion198238 achievements

+1 35. Hellion1982 commented 14 years ago

Useless in a Hostage situation, will seriously mess up your day in any other scenario. You can stop a car with it.