Dawn of the Dead

Opening morning on an electronics store sales-off.

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Picture of spynode40 achievements

+58 1. spynode commented 12 years ago

Is it 99.9% off?
Picture of VQAZ7628 achievements

+10 2. VQAZ76 commented 12 years ago

Sorry for my french but FUC_K me dead
Picture of 13PhiL3732 achievements

+5 3. 13PhiL37 commented 12 years ago

hahaha omg, crazy people :x
Picture of Glubok44 achievements

+44 4. Glubok commented 12 years ago

Consumer zombies !
Picture of Darkrotiv23 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 5. Darkrotiv commented 12 years ago

Brazilian people :P
Picture of draxenn31 achievements

+125 6. draxenn commented 12 years ago

Am i the only one disgusted by this?
Picture of esona23 achievements

+7 7. esona commented 12 years ago

"I mean,com'on.... SERIOUSLY!!" LMFAO :D
on a serious note though
I REALLY REALLY pitty those store clerks.I'd have to get kitted up like a rugby player myself sod just a yellow tea shirt.
In fact no,I think a sick day would be in order for this one :D
Picture of Hamba30 achievements

+3 8. Hamba commented 12 years ago

Looks like they need to hire more sales staff :P
Picture of librabooks40 achievements

+4 9. librabooks commented 12 years ago

The store should now charge triple the original price to cover the cost of the damages.
Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements

+7 10. c0mmanderKeen commented 12 years ago

In more then one way "BRAAAAIIIIINS" comes to mind :P
Picture of prekazi36 achievements

+3 11. prekazi commented 12 years ago

Tirana East gate - Trade center opening

Picture of herrkaleun28 achievements

+12 12. herrkaleun commented 12 years ago

Really apart from all great humanity I have inside of me, i would really really blow this building up including ALL those people.
If they behave like this in a situation like that, they can only do harm to the world.

Picture of Gorf35 achievements

+6 13. Gorf commented 12 years ago

#6 I'm guessing by the thumbs up that you're getting, the answer to your question is "no"
Picture of z81070736 achievements

+4 14. z810707 commented 12 years ago

People are F£$% idiots!!
Picture of archis51 achievements

+5 15. archis commented 12 years ago

hmm, I think I could sell a battering ram to those people besides electronics.
Picture of huldu34 achievements

-3 16. huldu commented 12 years ago

Was it some sort of theme park?
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

+10 17. WildMonkey commented 12 years ago

Filthy animals. They do these things everywhere, not thinking of the damage they might do to property or others. Just a bunch of selfish self-serving dumb animals that saving a few measly dollars in a crappy TV will be worth throwing away a day of their lives.
Picture of xiaobert27 achievements

+4 18. xiaobert commented 12 years ago

deploy spike strips!
Picture of daz22319 achievements

+4 19. daz223 commented 12 years ago

0:40. love how they called on the larger more superior man to come help and he was useless
Picture of WickedOne1423 achievements

+5 20. WickedOne14 commented 12 years ago

Now herd them into one room and cut loose with permanent dye guns to forever mark them as dumb asses.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+5 21. irishgek commented 12 years ago

And capitalism works so great ....greed and violence is all its brought us , money and shit is all that matters to people these days ..
Picture of Mafu36 achievements

+2 22. Mafu commented 12 years ago

What.The.Fuck ??! :D
Picture of cosminb37 achievements

+3 23. cosminb commented 12 years ago

So... You didn't give us one piece of information: how many of them died?
I mean, looking at how they enter the store, some of them may get stomped on to death. Can you say "natural selection"? :)
Picture of peacinu34 achievements

+6 24. peacinu commented 12 years ago

Typical human greed. :|
Picture of lerpo30 achievements

+3 25. lerpo commented 12 years ago

Iphone 4 users buy their Iphone 5 O:)
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+3 26. loadrunner commented 12 years ago

the first 25 customers buying more then $350, got a free LED television. even people had wares pulled out of their hands when walking out of the store. it was an ultimate greed bonanza.
Picture of Oddi50 achievements

-3 27. Oddi commented 12 years ago

#11 and #21 exactly these 2 points
Picture of SupremeNomNom19 achievements

+7 28. SupremeNomNom commented 12 years ago

I found this video extremely disturbing.
Picture of Spartan11832 achievements

+3 29. Spartan118 commented 12 years ago

unless everything was like 90% off their was no reason for that, they broke the damn security shutters for crying out load!!
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+5 30. Noobeater commented 12 years ago

They should have had some turrets set up to keep them at bay while unloading with shotguns from the sides.
Picture of marrcim22 achievements

-2 31. marrcim commented 12 years ago

This is just abnormal! Why would anyone let this happen? I mean get proper fucking doors! This is not 500 BC! Get civilized!!
Picture of JumpingT3 achievements

0 32. JumpingT commented 12 years ago

Just what the Devil wants Greedy People >:)
Picture of Pizzathehutt2633 achievements

+4 33. Pizzathehutt26 commented 12 years ago

This is actually how people get seriously injured or even killed, because when someone trips or falls there is no getting up. It has happened before. Greed at the worst. That is why they have online shopping, lol.
Picture of loadme33 achievements

-2 34. loadme commented 12 years ago

#21 how stupid are you btw?
its like saying "i hate that people invented medzin. it only brings us side effects"

think and then type
Picture of Namron724 achievements

+1 35. Namron7 commented 12 years ago

They might think they are getting a bargain, but the stores increase the prices in the run up to a sale, then reduce them back to their original pice so pople think they are getting a bargain. And what's more, ALL the stores fix their sales prices with each other to fool the barain hunters.
Picture of RealMan1 achievements

+3 36. RealMan commented 12 years ago

There is NOTHING in that store that is worth the actions of these people. If you watch the video, age makes no difference. You would think the older people would have just a little more common sense then that. If you think this is bad, wait until these people line up for food, and that time is rapidly approaching. We ain't seen nothing yet.
Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements

+1 37. mydixiewrecked commented 12 years ago

The day Skyrim came out?
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

+1 38. makbeth commented 12 years ago

yuck. This doesnt seem like the US judging by accents but it sure looks like they have a similar people = cattle attitude.
Picture of corampublico18 achievements

+1 39. corampublico commented 12 years ago

Even if 100% off... NO!
Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements

0 40. cyberdevil commented 12 years ago

Holy cow herd... what are those people thinking? :O